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Daniel Johnson: Workers in the New Turkey

Already a country hostile to workers, Turkey has now effectively banned the strike

Immanuel Wallerstein: A Possible Agreement Between Turkey and the Kurds

If the deal goes through, the Kurds will have achieved linguistic and cultural rights. It remains to be seen how much the economic situation of the ordinary Kurds will improve.

Taylan Tosun: A Multi-Faceted Crisis Surrounding Turkey

There is a growing crisis on the political scene, i.e., concerning the classical political parties and representative system in Turkey

Vijay Prashad: The Kurdish Front

Unity in action against the IS is the spur for Kurdish unity

Joris Leverink: Dangerous Jokes and Back-Door Censorship in Turkey

Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu attended a Paris march to defend free speech, but had the dubious honour of being the leader of a country that frequently jails journalists

Joris Leverink: 26A cafe: resisting capitalism one tea at a time

In the consumerist Valhalla of central Istanbul, the 26A collective provides a glimmer of hope that there is still an alternative to capitalist society

Binnaz Saktanber: ‘Cease and censor’ in Turkey’s war on social media

Turkey has a track record of ruthlessly cracking down on social media users, and both Twitter and Facebook appear happy to play ball with the censors

Joris Leverink: Bonzai epidemic hits Turkey: new drug, old story

As long as governments require a sedated, pacified population in order to push through unpopular redevelopment plans, to prevent the unification of the populace and to be able to effectively silence all voices that dare to question authority, there will always be a new bonzai

Taylan Tosun: The Rise of Islamo-Fascism in Turkey

Reactions of the “Islamist” Media to The Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Bruno Jäntti: Erdogan Unmasks Turkey

For decades, Turkey has portrayed itself as a torchbearer in the ever-venerable ‘war on terrorism’

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