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Richard Falk: A Tale of Two Cities: Istanbul and Rome

It is no wonder that Istanbul and Rome are rated the first and second favorite cities in the world

Ipek Demirsu: The securitisation of dissent and the spectre of Gezi

Police fired teargas at demonstrators in Istanbul, attempting to enter Taksim Square to mark the anniversary of the Gezi Park protests

Joris Leverink: ‘Today we Resist’

One year since the start of the Gezi protests, and with a major debt crisis in the making, the resistance to Erdoğan’s embattled government continues

Joris Leverink: #DirenKazova: The Turkish Factory Under Workers’ Control

On the eve of the first anniversary of the Gezi uprising, a small group of textile workers explores a radical alternative: occupy, resist, produce!

Pieter Verstraete: Turkey Coalmine Disaster: Accident or Murder?

The explosion that killed hundreds of coalminers in Turkey was not a random accident; it was the direct consequence of a decade of neoliberalization

Constanze Letsch: Turkey Mine Disaster

Locals had complained about haphazard practices at the mine, whose owners are linked to Erdoğan’s governing Justice and Development party

Richard Falk: Armenian Grievances, Turkey, United States and 1915

The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee gave its approval to Resolution 410 calling upon Turkey to acknowledge that the massacres of Armenians in 1915,

Richard Falk: After Turkey’s March 30th Local Elections

Never in the history of the Turkish republic have municipal elections of the mayors of cities and towns meant so much to the political life of the country

Seymour Hersh: The Red Line and the Rat Line

On Obama, Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels

Abby Martin: Turkey’s False Flag Plot

Abby Martin talks about a leaked conversation between Turkish officials discussing a planned false flag operation to justify starting a war with Syria

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