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Binnaz Saktanber: ‘Cease and censor’ in Turkey’s war on social media

Turkey has a track record of ruthlessly cracking down on social media users, and both Twitter and Facebook appear happy to play ball with the censors

Joris Leverink: Bonzai epidemic hits Turkey: new drug, old story

As long as governments require a sedated, pacified population in order to push through unpopular redevelopment plans, to prevent the unification of the populace and to be able to effectively silence all voices that dare to question authority, there will always be a new bonzai

Taylan Tosun: The Rise of Islamo-Fascism in Turkey

Reactions of the “Islamist” Media to The Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Bruno Jäntti: Erdogan Unmasks Turkey

For decades, Turkey has portrayed itself as a torchbearer in the ever-venerable ‘war on terrorism’

Ayşan Sönmez: The Middle East War and Displaced Yazidis

The Çınar Camp in Diyarbakır and the Bus Terminal Camp in Mardin – The Yazidis Return Home

Erdağ Göknar: Turkey again goes down Path of the One-Party State

The AKP not only has a vision to maintain its hold on power until 2023, the centennial of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, it actually has an advertising campaign that promotes this vision

Iskender Doğu: Latest ISIS attack on Kobanê implicates Turkey once more

While Turkish complicity in the attack is hard to prove, the events raises some important questions

Juan Cole: Putin, Blocked by Europe, turns to Turkey for Gas Pipeline

The Russian annexation of Crimea and heavy interference in the Ukraine has had a significant consequence for its hydrocarbon industry

Erica Weiland: You Have Already Been Drafted

Rich and powerful people will always find a way to profit from, rather than pay in any manner for, wars. Furthermore, I want to point out that we are already making great sacrifices for our current war. We have already been drafted and we are already paying war taxes. According to the War Resisters League, for the 2015 fiscal year, approximately 45 percent of every income tax dollar paid to the U.S. government will end up being spent on war

Ajamu Baraka: ISIS, Double Standards, and the Fight for Kobani

The difference and the reason why the Kurds of Kobani are to be sacrificed stems from the fact that they are the wrong kind of Kurds

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