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Joris Leverink: Water Politics in the Land of Two Rivers

Source of life, cause for conflict

Taylan Tosun: Turkey: Attacks on Pro-Kurdish Party Offices Prior to Elections

Violent attacks against HDP could continue until election day

Bruno Jäntti: Spring in Rojava, winter in Rojhelat

Rojava, the Kurdish area in northern Syria, is undergoing (and possibly cementing) a revolution

Joris Leverink: Kazova workers claim historic victory in Turkey

Their ultimate aim is to become a role model for others: autonomous and independent

Taylan Tosun: Turkish Military Returning to the Stage… Just Before the Elections

Recent history has made it clear that every time the Turkish military increased its sphere of influence, any attempt to a lasting peaceful solution to the Kurdish had been doomed to fail

Joris Leverink: Turkey’s century-old denial still going strong. But for how long?

The Turkish government says it will not accept that genocide took place one hundred years ago, despite that 1.5 million of a total 2 million were killed during the fall of the Ottoman Empire one hundred years ago

Joris Leverink: Worker rights in Turkey: the union is dead, long live the cooperative?

The only option to bring about real change workers are left with is to take matters into their own hands

Richard Falk: Armenians 1915: The Genocide Controversy

Of the many current concerns associated with historic wrongs, none is more salient these days than the long simmering tensions between modern Turkey and the Armenian diaspora

Daniel Johnson: Workers in the New Turkey

Already a country hostile to workers, Turkey has now effectively banned the strike

Immanuel Wallerstein: A Possible Agreement Between Turkey and the Kurds

If the deal goes through, the Kurds will have achieved linguistic and cultural rights. It remains to be seen how much the economic situation of the ordinary Kurds will improve.

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