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Robert Fisk: President Erdogan knows that visa-free travel for Turkey could solve his ‘Kurdish problem’

Europe’s growing Kurdish diaspora would be vastly increased if the crushed and war-suffering masses of Diyarbakir could find their way to Germany, Denmark and Sweden

Richard Falk: Assessing Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s Departure from Government

These issues of leadership and constitutional structure, although serious, are clearly secondary to the great challenges facing the Turkish nation

Olivia Rose Walton: From Immunity to Impunity

Erdoğan’s government is laying the legal groundwork to arrest Kurds and other dissidents in parliament

Patrick Cockburn: Sir Richard Dearlove is right, visa waivers for Turks are dangerous

There is something bizarre about EU policy when it comes to migration from this part of the world

Stephen Zunes: Turkey’s Creeping Authoritarianism: Is the Resistance Enough?

The forces of reaction are gaining strength in Turkey, but so is the democratic resistance

Tariq Ali: Joker Rules: the Crackdown on Press Freedom in Turkey

Onur Erem the journalist interviewing Tariq Ali has already been charged in court with insulting the leaders of the state,

Juan Cole: Turkey’s Erdogan exports Press crackdown to US as his guards manhandle Journalists in DC

There are over 50 Turkish journalists in jail

Tariq Ali: Human Landscapes: Turkey’s Secret Trials of Journalists

The secret trial of two Turkish journalists from the liberal mainstream daily CUMHURIYET—its Chief Editor Can Dundar and Erdem Gul—began this. They are charged with high treason for publishing material on a sensitive subject: Turkey’s collusion with ISIS and the US in the Syrian war. Confronted with the human landscapes of contemporary Turkey, what might the Read more…

Juan Cole: Dear Trump & Cruz: Muslim Turkey arrested Brussels Terrorist & Gave him to European Authorities

Ripping up the Bill of Rights is an odd platform for “conservative” candidates. What is it that they want to conserve if not the Constitution?

Kevin Donegan: The EU-Turkey refugee deal is shameful, and mostly on the EU side: key takeaways

The deal will probably result in an even a bigger disaster for the Syrian people

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