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Hassane Zerrouky: Kurds Accuse the Turkish Military Of Supporting DAESH

The offensive launched by DAESH Jihadists against Syrian Kurds is said to be supported by the Turkish military

Vijay Prashad: Turkish-Syrian Border “The Great Hole” in Obama’s UN Speech

Obama’s comments at the UN on enforcing international norms have no credibility with most people around the world and are aimed at appeasing liberal unease

Baris Kaaragaac: What Role Is Turkey Playing in the War against ISIS?

Fighting between IS and various armed groups has brought about 140,000 Syrian Kurdish refugees across the border into Turkey

Binoy Kampmark: The Kurdish-Islamic State Problem

The Turkish authorities are finding it problematic – Kurdish refugees are fleeing in their tens of thousands in the wake of an Islamic State offensive against Kobani

Richard Falk: Ahmet Davutoğlu as Turkish Foreign Minister, and Now Prime Minister

Turkey is poised to play a crucial role as a force for peace and justice in the roiled waters of the Middle East, in surrounding regions and sub-regions, and even in the world Turkey PM slams Israel for ‘Hitler-like fascism’

In its military campaign in Gaza and genocide against Palestinians, Israel is demonstrating a “Hitler-like fascism,” Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan stated in one of the strongest-worded attacks on the Israeli state

Ali Bektas: Rojova: A Struggle Against Borders and for Autonomy

The Kurdish aspiration to destroy these borders is reaching its peak today on the boundary that separates Turkey and Syria

Richard Falk: A Tale of Two Cities: Istanbul and Rome

It is no wonder that Istanbul and Rome are rated the first and second favorite cities in the world

Ipek Demirsu: The securitisation of dissent and the spectre of Gezi

Police fired teargas at demonstrators in Istanbul, attempting to enter Taksim Square to mark the anniversary of the Gezi Park protests

Joris Leverink: ‘Today we Resist’

One year since the start of the Gezi protests, and with a major debt crisis in the making, the resistance to Erdoğan’s embattled government continues

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