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Vijay Prashad: The tragedy of Yemen is not a marginal one

In a month, the Saudi-led bombing of Yemen will be a year old

Marjorie Cohn: Saudi Arabia Is Killing Civilians with US Bombs

Saudi Arabia is bombing civilians with U.S.-made bombs, which violates both U.S. and international law

William Boardman: Waist Deep in the Big Muddy, Again

The Paris attacks make further escalations harder to resist, if not politically inevitable and politically all but impossible to oppose. But opposition must arise from somewhere if we are ever to break out of this spiral of violence that has led only downward for more than a decade.

Medea Benjamin: Yemen: 1 More Reason to Re-evaluate Toxic US-Saudi Alliance

The U.S. involvement in the Yemen crisis can be summed up in four words: allegiance to Saudi Arabia

Sarah Lazare: Rights Group Says Disregard for Civilian Life by US and Saudi Arabia Is ‘Appalling’

Human Rights Watch blasts Saudi-led coalition for apparent war crimes and failure to investigate

Medea Benjamin: Yemen Crisis: One More Reason to Re-evaluate the Toxic U.S.-Saudi Alliance

Saudi Arabia’s involvement in Yemen has only destroyed lives and created a state of total chaos, and the U.S. government is complicit in the carnage

Robert Fisk: Why is Indonesia not in the Saudi-led Sunni coalition against terror?

So the real figures behind this extraordinary military force is not how many countries plan to participate, but how many millions – or billions – of dollars Saudi Arabia plans to pay them for their fraternal military assistance

Iona Craig: The Agony of Saada

U.S. and Saudi Bombs Target Yemen’s Ancient Heritage

Florian Zollmann: Yemen in the Crosshairs

Saudi-Arabia’s onslaught on Yemen could not proceed without US and UK support

Nicola Nasser: Time for UN to shift mission in Yemen

Peace in Yemen will continue to be elusive unless the United Nations shifts its mission from sponsoring an inter-Yemeni dialogue to mediating ceasefire negotiations between the actual warring parties, namely Saudi Arabia & allies and the de facto representatives of Yemenis who are fighting to defend their country’s territorial integrity and independent free will, i.e. Read more…

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