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Ashley Smith: The Austerity Backlash

The Liberal government in Quebec’s attempt to impose austerity has instead galvanized thousands against it

Pete Dolack: Québec Fights Back Against Austerity

A series of rolling strikes by public-sector employees and students throughout 2015 appear to be headed toward a provincial general strike in December

Ashley Smith: Quebec’s strike wave rolls toward a showdown

A new round of public-sector strikes begins in Montreal

Immanuel Wallerstein: The Global Importance of the Canadian Election Results

By voting Harper out of office, Canada was rejecting the entire conservative movement in the United States

Eriel Deranger: The fight against tar sands is about more than the environment

Over the past half century a social justice revolution has unfolded and contributed to the realisation that environmental movements have serious shortcomings, including the role they play in the continued oppression of others

Avi Lewis: Trudeau Is Less Liberal Than You Think

Many environmentalists rejoiced when Stephen Harper’s government was thrown out of office in Canada. But Justin Trudeau is no savior

Nigel Kinney: Stephen Harper’s Environmental Record: Death by a Thousand Cuts

The Harper government’s record is not merely poor, it is historically miserable

Pamela D. Palmater: Canada Is in a Crisis of Epic Proportions

Indigenous peoples, the environment and basic human rights and freedoms have all been sacrificed under Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government

Lauren McCauley: Will Voters Turn Out for Political and Climate Revolution in Canada?

“Another term of Harper’s Conservatives is a guarantee that Canada’s pattern of climate vandalism will pass the point of no return”

Harsha Walia: Three Things About Canada’s Election and Immigration

Courting the immigrant vote in Canada has been a winning election strategy. But what is really happening with Canadian immigration?

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