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Michael Stewart: Teacher Strikes Make British Columbia Better

My whole life I watched my parents deal with insults about their vocation — from the media, from neighbours, from family members — lazy, glorified babysitters

Jenny Brown: Toronto Strikers Bump Up Boycott Tactics

Steelworkers are holding the line against two-tier wages and pensions at a can plant in Toronto

Alan Sears: Austerity U: Preparing students for precarious lives

The key to fighting the austerity agenda for the universities will be our ability to remake campus politics from below, to challenge the restructuring from above

Justin Podur: Science and Liberation

Science as human curiosity, as authority, and as business

Yves Engler: Oil Sands Fever

Environmentalists and union activists should be making common cause by explaining how tar sands profits that go to the rich and powerful cost Canadian workers hundreds of thousands of jobs

Jim Stanford: Why The Wealthy Are Not Like Us: Capital Gains, Wealth And Income Distribution

They are the major owners and top managers of the profit-driven businesses which are the major driving force of our economy U.S. Monitored World Leaders Communications At Toronto G20 Summit And Canadian Officials Approved It
Andrew Loewen: From the Ground Up

  Dave Bleakney is a member of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. René Charest is a Montreal-based community organizer, a long-time union activist in la Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN), and a political activist in Québec solidaire. Sam Gindin is the former research director of the Canadian Auto Workers union. He held the Visiting Packer Chair in Read more…

Yves Engler: The Real Purpose of International Aid to Haiti

Step one for everyone trying to make the world a better place should be listening to those they wish to help. This is certainly true in the case of Haiti, a longtime target of Canadian ‘aid’. But, while Haitians continue to criticize Ottawa’s role in their country, few Canadians bother to pay attention. After Uruguay Read more…

Yves Engler: The “N” in NDP Now Stands for Neoliberal

This past week may come to be seen as a watershed moment in the NDP's capitulation to neoliberal capitalism. The nominally social democratic party effectively supported a major corporate trade accord all the while opposing an International Monetary Fund call for a more progressive tax code. Last week the NDP basically endorsed the Comprehensive Economic Read more…

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