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George Monbiot: Freedom Is Something To Use Or Lose – We Must Fight The Antisocial Behaviour Bill

Consumerism’s petty liberties have made us inhumanly passive. We’ve forgotten what freedom is, and how easily it is lost

George Monbiot: Drowning in Money: The Untold Story Of The Crazy Public Spending That Makes Flooding Inevitable

Every year billions are spent in Britain and Europe on policies that wreck homes and lives through flooding

: England v Serbia Racism & European football

At a recent under 21 football match between Serbia and England Serbian supporters racially abused black England players. UEFA – European footballs governing body – are looking into what happened but it seems that tacling racism in football is not a priority. The  racist abuse directed at England's under 21 footballers should come as no surprise. Read more…

Wail Qasim: Londoners Organize As The Olympics Swallow Up Their Communities

An increasingly familiar sight in London are posters on public transit that invite residents and workers to “Get ahead of the Games.” The message is that the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games are happening, like it or not, but life for the average Londoner should continue as normal — or at least as normal Read more…

George Monbiot: Britain’s Shadow Government: Unelected, Unbalanced and Unaccountable

“From any single perspective”, Bertrand Russell said, “power always seems to be elsewhere”(1). This article is about one of those elsewheres. It is about the network of unelected committees, boards and commissions, operating below the public radar, through which governments pursue the aims which weren’t disclosed in their manifestos. The people they appoint are an Read more…

Dave Zirin: UK Labor Leader Threatens Strikes During the London Olympics

If you were part of the 99 percent in the United Kingdom, you’d be forgiven for being somewhat befuddled at the moment. Deep spending cuts, austerity and privatization plans are the political agenda in Parliament, yet the country also is preparing full-blast for a little trifle called the Olympic Games. The games’ pricetag has exploded Read more…

Richard Dawkins: Atheist in Memory Lapse and Slavery Shock

Following a week of attacks, the evolutionary biologist responds to his critics – and argues Britain must not make policy by following “Census Christians” who can’t name the first book of the New Testament. Some years ago a colleague was admitted to hospital and a nurse came over to her bedside to fill in a Read more…

T.J. Coles: Britain Threatens Nuclear Attack on Argentina: How Little Islands Are Causing Big Problems…Again

Editor's Comment: The English, joined at the hip with the United States have been pushing the imperial agenda with their warships in Las Islas Malvinas just off the coast of Argentina – again – and they're drilling oil there. Argentine President Cristina Fernandez imposed controls on shipping in the waters around the islands, stating that any ship travelling to or Read more…

Patrick Ward: Occupy London Evicted—Activists Vow To Continue

Occupy London’s camp at St Paul’s cathedral was cleared by police and bailiffs in the early hours of this morning, Tuesday. Hundreds of occupiers and their supporters turned out to resist the destruction of the camp, which has been an unofficial landmark in the capital since it began on 15 October last year. The occupiers Read more…

Siobhan Courtney: Where are the Role Models for British Girls?

London, United Kingdom – Lucy Vixen, a 22-year-old from Warwick, is ecstatic. "I just can't believe it, I can't believe everyone voted for me." She then tells me excitedly: "I went out the other night and I got attacked (not in a bad way, she hastens to explain) by all these gorgeous girls. They were saying Read more…

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