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Decca Muldowney: Low-Wage Struggles in UK

The sentiment that labor struggles should shift away from top-down organizing methods like massive, symbolic one-day strikes, has been growing in the United Kingdom

George Monbiot: Highland Spring?

Whether it’s neoliberal economics, tax avoidance, coal burning, farm subsidies or the House of Lords, somehow the crooked system creeps along.

Evan Whitton: Why White Collar Criminals Love Judges

Since 1792, judges have invented five rules which hide evidence and make it difficult to charge – let alone convict – white collar and other rich criminals

Paul Mason: The Economics of Revolt

Interview is the second in a series of interviews conducted at the Global Uprisings conference in Amsterdam, NL

John Pilger: ‘Is The Media Now Just Another Word For Control?’

Imagine if the lies of governments had been properly challenged and exposed as they secretly prepared to invade Iraq – perhaps a million people would be alive today

Maïa Pal: The University in Turmoil: Occupations, Strikes and the Search for More

The tipping point for Britain’s university system could be very near. The list of problems it faces is long: fees, cuts, privatisation and pressure to change curricula to ever-more-narrow ideas of employability. There has been large-scale (mis)management of the student loan budget meaning a hole of £570m, and last week saw the privatisation of the student loan Read more…

George Monbiot: Why Andrew Sells Is The Wrong Choice For Natural England

You want to appoint a new chairman for Natural England, the government body responsible for protecting nature. Do you look for: a. someone with a background in ecology and a track record of interest in the natural world? Or b. A Tory donor with a background in accountancy, investment banking and house building? Doh! b. Read more…

William James: British News Staff May Face Terrorism Charges Over Snowden Leaks

British police are examining whether Guardian newspaper staff should be investigated for terrorism offences over their handling of data leaked by Edward Snowden, Britain's senior counter-terrorism officer said on Tuesday. The disclosure came after Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, summoned to give evidence at a parliamentary inquiry, was accused by lawmakers of helping terrorists by making Read more…

Nick Hopkins: Guardian Will Not Be Intimidated Over NSA Leaks, Alan Rusbridger Tells Mps

The Guardian has come under concerted pressure and intimidation designed to stop it from publishing stories of huge public interest that have revealed the "staggering" scale of Britain's and America's secret surveillance programmes, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper has said. Giving evidence to a parliamentary committee about stories based on the National Security Agency leaks Read more…

Richard Seymour: Left Unity: A Report from the Founding Conference

We built it. Will they come?  Based on the votes, I would estimate that somewhat over 400 people gathered in Bloomsbury on Saturday to launch the new left party first suggested by Ken Loach some months ago. The attendees were disproportionately veterans of the Left, older and white, but there were a lot of them. is a Read more…

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