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Andy Piascik: The Northern Student Movement

Tens of thousands of young Americans were inspired by the lunch counter sit-ins that began in Greensboro, North Carolina and spread throughout the South. NSM Students at Yale University were no exception and some of them got together in the Fall of 1961 to form the NSM.

Satya Mohanty: Why Diversity Is Not A Luxury: An Interview with Nancy Cantor

Interview on the educational value of diversity and the social responsibility of universities

Stephen Bergstein: Supreme Court to Hear Educational Diversity Case

The U.S. Supreme Court is taking up the issue of affirmative action in public education. The Court has not ventured into this territory in nearly 10 years. The Court might use this case to wipe out race-based admissions in higher education for good. The case, Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, will be decided Read more…

Simon Kaiwai: “MIC CHECK” How to beat censorship where it counts

Solidarity just found a new expression: “Mic check messages” a way for truth to be heard on any stage. It takes balls to stand up and speak out in defense of right especially in a meeting arranged by those who have an agenda that does not unite humanity or respect nature. But what do you Read more…

Simon Kaiwai: Organised economic disincentive to commercial exploitation

THIS IS A SHORT ARTICLE ON SOMETHING THAT I BELIEVE IS A VERY EFFECTIVE METHOD TO COUNTER COMMERCIAL EXPLOITATION In our present corporatised society much of the social and environmental injustices of today are a direct result of commercial interests. Therefore, perhaps the most effective tool we have to prevent exploitation is to reduce the Read more…

Simon Kaiwai: Democracy is not the problem: pure representation is!

  TAU PARAPARA (proverb) Hutia te rito o te harakeke (if u take the centre shoot out of the flax) Kei hia te komako e ko (where would the bell bird go?) Ki mai ki ahau (If you were to ask me) He aha te mea nui o tenei ao (what is the most important Read more…

Anil Eklavya: The Elite Strikes Back, Fetishiously

From right after the transfer of power from the British to the local English Elite (the Babus in the broadest sense), one recurrent theme in the Indian ‘National’ press, which translates as the English press, has been to come down like a 16 ton weight on anyone who so much as mentioned the case of Read more…

: Affirmative Action: The Unforgiveable Assault on White Supremacy

Affirmative Action: The Unforgivable Assault on White Supremacy   by Joseph Waters   Affirmative action, although much maligned by the reactionary right-wing, is a good faith effort to redress legitimate grievances and correct a history of discrimination. It seeks to provide equal opportunity for historically disenfranchised groups. The evidence of past (and present) discrimination is Read more…

David Peterson: An Open Letter to the 265 Individuals Who Endorsed Akbar Ganji’s Open Letter

Noticing that the August 12 "Open Letter to the UN Secretary General" by the Iranian expatriate Akbar Ganji was joined by at least 264 endorsers, I can’t help but wonder what percentage of these 265 individuals would endorse an open letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that made a similar series of strong operative demands as Read more…

Jesse Jackson: High Court Ignores the Greater Good

(June 30, 2009) — New Haven, Conn., is a city in which African Americans and Hispanics account for nearly 60 percent of the population; yet, by order of the U.S. Supreme Court, the city must be served –"as it was in the days of undisguised discrimination — by a fire department in which members of Read more…

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