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Dr. Hakim: Afghan girl, Sakina, buries toy gun and says…

After burying the toy guns, surrounded by the evergreen and poplar trees which they had planted, the youth shed their black coats and donned sky-blue scarves

Kathy Kelly: An Interview with Kathy Kelly

Earlier this year, the Plymouth Institute for Peace Research (PIPR) interviewed the recently released peace activist, Kathy Kelly

David Swanson: The Rise of the Permanent Prisoners of War

A gradual change over the past half-century that has resulted in the police going to war against people they were supposed to serve

David Swanson: When $8.5 Trillion is Chump Change

Military spending diverts public funds into increasingly privatized industries through the least accountable public enterprise

David Swanson: Most Disgusting Game Ever

Tossing lives around on playing cards and making more points the more you murder is a well-established path to empathy

Marjorie Cohn: From Japan to Vietnam, Radiation and Agent Orange Survivors Deserve Justice From the US

We must hold our leaders accountable for their crimes in Japan and Vietnam, and ensure that such atrocities never happen again

Tom Engelhardt: Where Did the Antiwar Movement Go?

War, Sunny Side Up, and the Summer of Slaughter (Vietnam and Today)

Rev. John Dear: Bob Dylan and America’s 70-Year Nuclear Nightmare

If we speak out for the abolition of nuclear weapons and organize a new global grassroots movement of nonviolence, perhaps we can create a new climate for disarmament and justice

David Swanson: Which U.S. Senators Want War on Iran

Don’t just urge the right vote while pushing the propaganda. Oppose the propaganda as well

Jonathan Michael Feldman: The Charleston Shootings and Mainstream Society’s Complicity in Murder

The under-regulation of guns is a conscious political project of the NRA

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