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Erica Weiland: You Have Already Been Drafted

ou have already been drafted. Now, will you resist the draft, or cooperate?

Kathy Kelly: Stop the Killing

The Islamic State is the echo of the last war the U.S. waged in Iraq, the so-called “Shock and Awe” bombing and invasion. The emergency is not the Islamic State but war

Joe Emersberger: Left Responses to the West’s Perpetual Wars

They should be very careful not to be used, as some Leftists inevitably are, to provide niche marketing for perpetual war

Joy First: What Happens When You Talk With Americans About Drone Murders

We were there in solidarity with others around the country as part of “Keep Space for Peace Week” and global days of actions against drones

Medea Benjamin: The Fourth Estate in Flames

Smoldering in the detritus of war is also the fourth estate

David Swanson: Operation Odysseus’ Butcher Shop

War propaganda maintains that the other side only speaks the language of violence

David Swanson: When We’re All Musteites

I had people tell me I was a Musteite when I had at best the vaguest notion of who A.J. Muste had been. I could tell it was a compliment, and from the context I took it to mean that I was someone who wanted to end war

David Swanson: Imagine There Are No Countries

The U.S. peace movement is currently drenched in nationalism, uses “we” to mean the U.S. military, and thinks of “global citizen” as a bit of silly childishness. That needs to change. And fast

David Swanson: A Good End Date for the New War Is Today

We’ve been so strategic over the past decade that everybody in the United States knows the war on Iraq cost U.S. lives and money, but most have only the vaguest idea of how it destroyed Iraq

Joel Jaeger: Arms Trade Treaty Gains Momentum with 50th Ratification

With state support moving at an unprecedented pace, the Arms Trade Treaty will enter into force on Dec. 24, 2014, only 18 months after it was opened for signature

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