Category: Anti-war

David Swanson: How Is a Prison Like a War?

The similarities between mass incarceration and mass murder have been haunting me for a while

David Swanson: The World Gets the Wars Americans Deserve

Nobody with the easy ability to do something about it cares. The people under the bombs care

Eric Mann: Veterans: Your Only Real Friend is the Anti-War Movement

We have to cut down U.S. invasions by 100 percent, close down U.S. military bases by 100 percent, and reduce the U.S. military budget for aggressive interventions by 100 percent

Bruno Jäntti: No Apologies: U.S. Aggression Against Vietnam

What does the general picture on U.S. aggression look like?

David Swanson: War Is Not for Soldiers

It should go without saying that we wish the troops well. That’s one of the main reasons we don’t want them pointlessly killing and dying

Richard Falk: Looking Back on World War I

The current global war on terror is inscribed in public consciousness in accordance with the kind of moralizing self-assurance that guided the peacemakers at Versailles

Eugene Debs: The Exploitation of Veterans Day

How should we observe Veterans Day? By working to eradicate war and the economic system that helps produce it

Matthew Hoh: A Former Soldier Speaks Out on Hidden Costs of War

Twenty-two U.S. veterans commit suicide every day, a toll that has surpassed the number of soldiers killed in combat

Vincent Emanuele: All of My Friends are Dying

Meanwhile, my friends continue to die—my Iraqi friends, my Afghan friends, my Syrian friends, my Libyan friends, my Pakistani friends, my Palestinian friends, my Somalian friends, my veteran friends…

David Swanson: Free College or Another New War

What does the United States spend its money on that these other countries do not?

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