Category: Anti-war

David Swanson: Nuclear Madness and Resistance

The Jeffrey Sterling trial is a bit disheartening for anyone who’d rather humanity paid a bit of attention to avoiding nuclear apocalypse

Auset Marian Lewis: Je Suis Hungry

What are you going to do?

Rory Fanning: Letter to a Young Army Ranger (From an Old One)

Why the War on Terror Shouldn’t Be Your Battle

Abby Martin: The Order to “Support the Troops” is Killing Veterans

The only heroes of today’s wars are those who resist them

David Swanson: Renaming Afghan War, Renaming Murder

The U.S.-led NATO war on Afghanistan has lasted so long they’ve decided to rename it, declare the old war over, and announce a brand new war they’re just sure you’re going to love

Bruno Jäntti: U.S. Aggression Against Vietnam

The total amount of U.S. bombings during the Vietnam War was more than twice the size of all the bombings in WWII.

Twelve million acres of forest and twenty-five million acres of farmland, at the bare minimum, were destroyed by U.S. saturation bombing. The U.S. also sprayed over 70 million liters of herbicidal agents on Vietnam.

Patrick Kennelly: The Unspeakable in Afghanistan

If energies were focused on peacemaking, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding, perhaps people could acknowledge the reality of the situation and create a true transformation of the Afghan state

Zoltan Grossman: The War at Home Meets the Wars Abroad

Things will not always stay the same, and old patterns do not have to be repeated. If social movements remain brave and unpredictable, they can move mountains

Ted Glick: Disruption and Sacrifice

Yes, we can make a new world if we’re willing to undertake the kinds of action called for, actions that become a major component of the new normal of social justice and climate activism in this decisive teens decade

David Swanson: Torture “Architect” Mistaken in Claim Nobody’s Punished for Drone Murders

He’s wrong that no one is punished for drone murders. The protesters are.

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