Category: Anti-war

David Swanson: Limits of Liberal War Opposition

Sure it’s good for liberal commentators to point out some of war’s downsides. But depicting them as acceptable and inevitable doesn’t help

Milan Rai: Marching from Despair to Power

How the global anti-war movement nearly stopped the Iraq war – and how the Feb. 15 march shook the British government

Vijay Prashad: We are in pitiless times

After Paris, macho language about “pitiless war” defines the contours of leadership. Little else is on offer. It is red meat to our emotions

Vincent Emanuele: The Antiwar Movement is Missing in the 2016 US Elections

What happened to the U.S. antiwar movement?

Sam Husseini: The Left and Right Must Stop the Establishment’s Perpetual War Machine

Perpetual war will mean you can’t march against climate change — or anything else

David Swanson: 5 Things to Do About ISIS, or Can an American Without a Gun “Do Something”?

I would use the weapon that eliminates enemies by turning them into something other than enemies

Jonah Birch: Turning Tragedy Into War

The tragic attacks in Paris call for a politics of international solidarity and antiracism — not a new wave of war and repression

Laura Gottesdiener: One Night in Kunduz, One Morning in New York

Two Versions of the U.S. Destruction of a Hospital in Afghanistan

David Swanson: Bernie Sanders Mentioned the Military Budget

If U.S. President were not a mythical position but a serious job, the job interview would include asking the candidates their basic plans of action. This would start with, “What will you encourage Congress to spend a couple of trillion dollars on each year?” At the moment, about half of federal discretionary spending is spent Read more…

Jonathan Cook: Outrage at Paris attacks masks our racism

If we want to stop the attacks, and avoid turning our own societies into the oppressive dictatorships we have supported across much of the rest of the globe, then we need to stop interfering, pillaging, manipulating and abusing

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