Category: Anti-war

Nikos Raptis: Cultural Resistance

Running a classic ZNet article to honor the birthday of Mikis Theodorakis, who is 90 today.

David Swanson: Panem et Presidential Elections

As president I will reward whistleblowers, end unconstitutional mass surveillance, forbid the transfer of war weaponry to local police departments, and appoint a Secretary of Peace

David Swanson: War Acceptance 101

If you are going to support some wars, how do you pick which wars not to support?

Glenn Greenwald: The Chattanooga Shootings: Can Attacking Military Sites of a Nation at War be “Terrorism”?

The U.S. Government, its allies and their apologists constantly propagate standards that have no purpose other than to legitimize all of their violence

David Swanson: Yall Are Talking About War Wrong

You cannot participate in mass murder and be a hero

Kathy Kelly: Pushing for the Dismantling of Anti-Climate, Pro-War Economies

Corruption of the global environment and compulsively frantic destruction of irreplaceable resources is an equally sure, if more delayed, manner of imposing chaos and death on a mass scale

Emanuel Pastreich: Call for Sanity on Sixtieth Anniversary of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto

Sixty years after Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell issued their manifesto about the growing threat of world war, the globe continues to face the prospect of nuclear annihilation — coupled with the looming threat of climate change

David Swanson: Secret Document Shows CIA Reaction to Finding No WMD in Iraq

The U.S. government invaded Iraq, devastated a society, killed upwards of a million people, wounded, traumatized, and displaced millions more

David Swanson: Killing Crabs and Arabs

There has to be a last time we tolerate war

Alice Lynd: Moral Injury And Conscientious Objection: Saying No To Military Service

There appears to be a link between suicide and guilt for having killed, or failing to prevent death or injury

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