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Samantha Winslow: Teachers Arrested Protesting Police Brutality in the Twin Cities

With 3,000 teachers gathered in Minneapolis for the American Federation of Teachers convention, the two Twin Cities teachers unions led a march to protest the recent police killing of an African American man, Philando Castile, at a traffic stop. Educators want to link their struggle for resources for public schools with the wider need for Read more…

Emily Keppler: Popular Uprising Backs Striking Teachers in Southern Mexico

The ongoing blockade in San Cristóbal has become a living example of the popular labor movement that’s spreading across Mexico

Jack Rasmus: Labor Uprising in France

Massive labor actions have been roiling France, as unions protest the policies of the nominally Socialist government

Kim Scipes: For Those Who Know Little or Nothing about Labor: Building Global Labor Solidarity Today

Earlier this year, a collection of papers was published under the title of Building Global Labor Solidarity in a Time of Accelerating Globalization (Scipes, ed., 2016).  It was a strong effort by seven labor activists and scholars from different parts of the world to think out how workers today can support each other globally; initially Read more…

Lucas Koerner: Venezuela Backs Worker Takeover of Kimberley Clark as Citibank Moves to Close BCV Account

Venezuela’s Labor Ministry approved Monday a workers’ request to occupy a plant owned by the US consumer products giant Kimberly-Clark

Peter Knowlton: How to Take the Initiative in Health Care Bargaining

A system where you make workers pay more and more of their incomes for insurance every year isn’t sustainable

Shane Burley: Portland fast-food workers fighting for their $15

The Burgerville Worker Union is one of many local unions formed across the US that have become the face of twenty-first century grassroots labor organizing

Kim Scipes: Open Letter to the Chicago Teachers Union

The purpose of a union is to give workers’ power at their workplace. From there, a strong and progressive union will expand its concerns into the community and fight for social justice

Jane Slaughter: Three Recent Wins Prove Old-Fashioned Union Power Isn’t Dead Yet

Unions should use this power. That’s how you build the kind of movement that can inspire more workers to join

Immanuel Ness: Working-Class Militancy in the Global South

A profound movement is emerging among workers in developing countries, demanding radical action on grievances outside the system of established unions

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