Category: Labor Activism

Isaiah Poole: Walmart Worker Victory Shows What We Can Win If We Keep Fighting

American workers have just scored a run in the middle innings of a battle for economic justice and dignity

Staughton Lynd: American Exceptionalism, Working-Class Wars, and Working-Class Peace Movements

Review of American Reckoning: The Vietnam War and Our National Identity, by Christian Appy

Marina Sitrin: Solidarity and Accompaniment

From recuperated workplaces to defense of the land

Steve Early: Spirit of Tony Mazzocchi Haunts Oil Industry Again

What better place to make blue-green alliance building more real than rhetorical, among labor and community partners long pitted against each other by companies like Chevron and Shell?

Jenny Brown: Servers, Not Servants

While unions and others tried to outlaw tipping in the early days, restaurant employers saw it as free money

Sam Mitrani: The Origins of Modern Policing

Before the 19th century, there were no police forces that we would recognize as such anywhere in the world

Eva Shoufi: Domestic Workers in Lebanon Establish Unprecedented Labor Union

A historic event in the struggle of male and female workers in Lebanon happened on January 25

Cal Winslow: California Labor’s Civil Wars Continue

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Gabriel Bristow: The Next Front Against Austerity

Austerity came late to Belgium. Now that it’s arrived, the battles to come will be an important test for both the Left and the European Union

Chris Williams: Can Bolivia Chart a Sustainable Path Away From Capitalism?

The number of conflicts over natural resource extraction and refining, road building and pipeline construction, and forest and water use have all steadily grown under Morales

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