Category: Labor Activism

Shamus Cooke: Fight “Right to Work”

In Oregon, Democrats dominate all branches of politics. Yet the labor unions are still terrified. There is justifiable dread that anti-union “Right to Work” laws will be purchased into existence by out-of-state billionaires

Joris Leverink: Worker rights in Turkey: the union is dead, long live the cooperative?

The only option to bring about real change workers are left with is to take matters into their own hands

Steve Early: Vermont Activists Battle Democratic Governor for Single-Payer Health Care

While continuing to assist private and public sector workers involved in strikes and contract fights, the Vermont Workers Center plans to do more grassroots organizing around the shortcomings of Vermont Health Connect coverage

Michelle Gunderson: Teachers Compare Notes

Locals and caucuses in the network consider themselves social justice unionists, balancing bread-and-butter issues with working to create equity and keep public schools in the hands of communities rather than private enterprises

David Moberg: Fast Food Workers in 236 Cities Pull Off Largest Strikes Yet

“We’re all leaders in this fight”. “We are all committed to change our lives”

Vincent Emanuele: Fight for $15: Moving Beyond Self-Interest

We must continue to support our brothers and sisters as they fight for $15, but we should also remain critical when discussing how these campaigns fit into a broader vision for the future

Eric Lerner: Greek Workers’ Only Real Hope is Fearless Action

For Greece to succeed in freeing itself from the troika and the banks, it will need the active support of workers organizations across Europe

Justin Miller: Faculty Join Fast Food in the Fight for $15

On campuses across the country, adjunct professors are starting to organize against rock-bottom pay and tenuous job security

Shamus Cooke: How a $15 Minimum Helps All Workers

By winning $15 for everyone, unions will be less vulnerable to the rhetoric of the “overpaid” union worker, since lower wage workers will see a boost in their pay due to the work of a union-led campaign

Sonia Singh: Fight for 15 Inspires Bold Demands

From school support staff to UPS part-timers, Fight for 15 is raising the confidence of unions to put bold demands on the bargaining table

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