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Alexandra Bradbury: Chrysler Workers Vote 2 to 1 to Reject Two-Tier Pact

In local after local, auto workers voted down their union’s national deal with Chrysler, aiming to force their bargainers back to the table to do better. Some call the two-tiered contract a “bridge to nowhere.” Photo: Alex Smith. This story has been updated from the original version published September 28. Auto workers have overwhelmingly voted Read more…

Michael Billeaux: Resisting the Corporate University

Few forces are better positioned to fight the corporate university than graduate student workers

Peter Bohmer: Connecting $15 an Hour Movement to other Social Movements

Connecting issues and social movements and organizations to each other has the potential to build a powerful movement of movements that is stronger than any of its individual parts

Dan La Botz: The Agony of Mexican Labor Today

For the last year and a half, tens of thousands of Mexican teachers have been involved in demonstrations, weeks-long strikes, seizure of highway toll booths and government buildings, and violent confrontations with the police and the army. These teachers, in the southern and western states of Chiapas, Oaxaca, Guerrero, and Michoacán, oppose the education reform Read more…

David Bacon: The Radical Roots of the Great Grape Strike

This is an expanded version of an article in the Insight section of the San Francisco Chronicle: Fifty years ago the great grape strike started in Delano, when Filipino pickers walked out of the fields on September 8, 1965.  Mexican workers joined them two weeks later.  The strike went on for five years, until Read more…

David Moberg: OUR Walmart Relaunches Its Campaign To Beat the World Retail Giant

“As you build organizations and workers learn the importance of organization and how to fight, they’ll never give that up”

Samantha Winslow: Seattle Teachers Reach Settlement after Five-Day Strike

After a five-day strike, Seattle teachers returned to work today as they reviewed their tentative agreement. While some members were disappointed that wage increases were not higher, they won on other important issues, including evaluations. When the agreement was reached yesterday morning, said bargaining team member Andy Russell, chanting from supporters outside the building gave Read more…

David Crouch: Sweden experiments with six-hour working day

A trial of shorter days for nurses at a Gothenburg care home is inspiring others across Scandinavia to cut back

Sam Gindin: Less Work, More Power

The struggle against overwork can unite workers and help rebuild the labor movement

Dick Meister: Labor’s Day — And Yours

Labor Day. Time again for politicians and union adherents to praise organized labor. Time again for others to pontificate about the supposed decline and growing irrelevance of unions as they continue to lose members and continue to argue among themselves over the future direction of the labor movement. Time again for most other people to Read more…

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