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David Bacon: California Court Ruling Could Make It Nearly Impossible for Farmworkers To Win Union Contracts

On May 18 in Fresno, California, the state’s Court of Appeals for the 5th District ruled that a key provision of the state’s unique labor law for field workers is unconstitutional. Should it be upheld by the state’s supreme court, this decision will profoundly affect the ability of California farm workers to gain union contracts. Read more…

Staughton Lynd: American Ghandi

American Gandhi: A.J. Muste and the History of Radicalism in the Twentieth Century is particularly valuable in its treatment of the years that Muste devoted to building a labor movement—1919 to 1936

Various Contributors: Statement of The Committee of Concerned Alumni, Students, Faculty and Staff of Brooklyn College

Please join the movement to save worker education at CUNY

Labor for Bernie: Over 1,000 local union leaders and members back Bernie Sanders for President

Grassroots labor initiative urges Democratic primary support for Sanders by AFL-CIO and national unions

Pete Dolack: Building workplace organizations anew

Once we realize we don’t need capitalists to make decisions for us, and learn to organize collective self-defense, getting rid of bosses and running enterprises ourselves enters our imagination

Steve Early: What’s the Matter With Indiana?

Winning Hearts And Minds For Labor in Hoosier-Land

Mark Bergfeld: The Upsurge in Germany

Germany’s economic model hasn’t delivered on its promises of social justice. Does the recent strike wave pose a threat to “social partnership”?

Ellen Meyers: Inequality fight moves beyond wages

Chipotle will offer hourly employees benefits such as sick pay and tuition reimbursements starting July 1

Steve Early: What’s The Matter With Indiana?

Winning Hearts And Minds For Labor in Hoosier-Land

Carl Finamore: The New Colonialism

Selling Free Trade

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