Category: Labor Activism

Jenny Brown: Taking a Bite Out Of Overtime Abuse

Contract provisions and laws can help. But those only get enforced if workers get organized and do it themselves

Jack Rasmus: American Labor At Strategic Impasse: Part 1: Dimensions of the Crisis

The trade union movement in the USA today is on the road to nowhere. The decline, in progress for more than three decades, is now accelerating

Hilary Wainwright: Workers as Agents of Economic Change

What if workers began thinking of themselves not as helpless casualties of forces beyond their control but as the source of the creativity needed to find solutions

Amanda Holpuch: Fast-food Workers Vote for Civil Disobedience

More than 1,000 fast-food workers gathered outside Chicago for a two-day convention which aimed to celebrate recent successes in the campaign for better workers’ rights

Ewan Robertson: Workers in Venezuelan State Companies Demand Improved Pay & Conditions

Workers in state run steel and electricity companies are demanding improved wages and conditions, and have issued criticisms over the management of their respective industries

Kevin Zeese: People Are Mobilizing

The people of the United States no longer support war and the people of the world are rebelling against US rule

Carl Finamore: San Francisco Workers Aim High

There can be no doubt that protest movements have successfully placed on the national agenda the idea of giving American workers a raise

Decca Muldowney: Low-Wage Struggles in UK

The sentiment that labor struggles should shift away from top-down organizing methods like massive, symbolic one-day strikes, has been growing in the United Kingdom

Jack Rasmus: New York City Railroad Workers & Future of American Labor

Jack Rasmus invites guest, Chris Silvera, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 808 in New York City, to discuss the current struggle of New York City’s Long Island railroad (LIRR) workers for decent wages and benefits and their possible strike on July 20

Alexandra Bradbury: California Port Truckers Strike Closes Three Terminals

On strike again, port truckers organizing with the Teamsters in Los Angeles and Long Beach are showing their growing leverage

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