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Jane Slaughter: In Push for Education Reforms, Mexican Government Kills Teachers in the Street

Teachers said they would hold “demonstrations, protests, blockages, marches, and rallies, till we have something definite from the government”

Shane Burley: Historic Justice for Janitors campaign inspires a new generation of janitorial organizing

With SEIU’s Raise America campaign, which looks to raise the standards for union janitors across the country, the Justice for Janitors legacy holds critical lessons for how public campaigns win concessions

Alexandra Bradbury: Allina Nurses Go All In

Sometimes solidarity comes shaped like a popsicle. That’s what one nursing assistant, on her way in for the evening shift at United Hospital in St. Paul, delivered to nurses picketing in blazing 95-degree heat. Five thousand members of the Minnesota Nurses (MNA) walked out June 19, kicking off a weeklong strike at five Allina hospitals Read more…

Alex Gourevitch: From Strike to Shop Floor

From resisting new management attacks to organizing wireless employees, Verizon workers still have a lot to mobilize for

Robert Schwartz: Permanent Replacements? Not So Fast, Labor Board Says

A game-changing interpretation from the Obama-appointed National Labor Relations Board

Will Evans: Growing temp industry shuts out black workers, exploits Latinos

It’s a dynamic playing out in cities across the country, as some employers choose Latinos for jobs black workers once often had

Dawn Tefft: Strikes Sweep France, Opposing Labor Law Rollbacks

Just as the tourist season is starting in France, strikes are preventing half the trains from running. Fuel is in short supply, as workers blockade oil refineries. The news is full of riots, burning tires, and police attacking protesters. Strikes across multiple industries are shutting down transportation across France, as workers protest a labor reform Read more…

Mary Anne Trasciatti: The Fighting Tradition

The Verizon strike recaptured some of the uncompromising militancy of the early American labor movement

Alan Maass: Why They Won

The Verizon workers’ campaign for union democracy set the stage for a successful strike

Dan DiMaggio: Verizon Strike Shows Corporate Giants Can Be Beat

“Walking into work the first day back chanting ‘one day longer, one day stronger’ was the best morning I’ve ever had at Verizon”

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