Category: Labor Activism

Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer: What the AFL-CIO Did Not Say About Raising Wages

Were the AFL-CIO to join the fight for $15, the movement could experience an explosion in growth

Jonathan Rosenblum: ‘Solidarity Forever’ Written 100 Years Ago, Today

On a windblown, gray Chicago day 100 years ago, January 17, 1915, Ralph Chaplin left his home on the South Side for a raucous, poor person’s rally at the city’s famous women’s center, Hull House

Mark Evans: Outlawing Institutionalised Classism

What follows is a first sketch of a campaign proposal that is designed to bring to an end a form of discrimination referred to here as institutionalised classism

Clement Papazian: Why 2,600 Kaiser Mental Health Workers Are On Strike

Kaiser workers have already held several short strikes over unsafe staffing, most recently this April 23, 2014, one-day strike by mental health clinicians. But since then the problems have only gotten worse

Samantha Winslow: Virtual Teaching, Real Organizing

Turning the usual rivalries upside down, “virtual teachers” in an online charter school system in California are pushing to unionize

Dick Meister: MLK Was A Working-Class Hero

“The coalition that can have the greatest impact in the struggle for human dignity here in America is that of the blacks and forces of labor, because their fortunes are so closely intertwined”

Diane Krauthamer: Hands Up, Fast Food!

The Fight for $15

Ann Robertson: The Strategic Significance of the Fight for $15

The fight for $15 is a battle actually unfolding before us, the kind of battle we have not witnessed for decades

Jenny Brown: Review of 2014: Deep Trouble But Stirring Troublemaking

The year had a spirited and determined feel. Every time we turned around there was another sit-in or strike, ingenious job action or raucous flash mob

Steve Early: Sounding the Alarm about Union Decline

Two new books lament the current state of working class organization and suggest various methods of resuscitation

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