Category: Labor Activism

Todd Cherkis: Spotlight on Baltimore

“What is needed is for all of us to take a step towards each other, and come to terms with the crisis of inequality that has brought our city to this moment”

Steve Early: Campaigning With Bernie, Then and Now

Why Labor Should Give Sanders Strong Primary Election Support

David Bacon: 3 thoughts on “Justice for Janitors: A Misunderstood Success”

A response to Justice for Janitors: A Misunderstood Success

Samantha Winslow: Stolen Election?

Reformers in Hawaii Fight to Take Office

Deirdre Fulton: ‘We Will Win’

McDonald’s Worker Protests

Peter Olney: Justice for Janitors: A Misunderstood Success

Part two of a series looking back on the 20th anniversary the AFL-CIO’s New Voice movement John Sweeney, his officers, and their staff team came into office with high expectations and great optimism. A good part of their inspiration was drawn from SEIU’s Justice for Janitors campaign that many had directly participated in or saw Read more…

Mike Treen: How Unite Took On The Fast Food Companies Over Zero Hour Contracts And Won

Workers also needed solidarity outside their stores to encourage and embolden them to take action wherever possible

Chiara Milan: For Bosnia’s workers, the struggle is far from over

A year after a popular uprising took Bosnia and Herzegovina by force, the remaining workers of the DITA factory are still struggling to avoid bankruptcy

Jeremy Brecher: How Climate Protection Has Become Today’s Labor Solidarity

Union action on climate change has proliferated across the country

Staughton Lynd: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Modern American Revolutionary

Review of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Modern American Revolutionary, by Lara Vapnek

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