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Edward S. Herman: Double Standards and/or Hypocrisy?

The mainstream media’s treatment of two cases of alleged aggression illustrates perfectly the propaganda role and service of the dominant media

Don Fitz: Rat Gives Monsanto the Run-Around

The company must be feeling international heat if it has half a dozen local cops chase a rat across the front lawn of Monsanto World Headquarters

Norman Finkelstein: Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Apartheid

Finkelstein comments (pp. 891-92)  As was the case in apartheid South Africa–where “executive detention” was employed but on a lesser scale–measures pursued by the state in denial of the rights to live and liberty of person[s] of a particular group are implemented primarily to eliminate dissent or resistance to Israeli rule. (p. 895)  It bears Read more…

Justin Podur: The Ossington Circle: Episode 3, Suzy Harris-Brandts on Architecture, Occupation, and Resistance
Amira Hass: Otherwise Occupied: It Takes An Army To Trample The Law

Last week, the Israel Defense Forces proved once again how it spares no resources or manpower to defend the Jewish people from any danger lying in wait. This time the glory belongs to the military prosecution, particularly the chief military advocate for Judaea and Samaria, Lt. Col. Morris Hirsch. Eyewitnesses describe how, at the Ofer Read more…

Jenna Bereld: Israel Orders Removal Of EU-Funded Solar Cells In Al-Khalil

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) ordered the removal of solar cell panels providing a Palestinian community east of Yatta town in Al-Khalil with electric power. Local sources reported that the occupation civil administration handed on Friday notices to the residents of Umm Al-Kharouba area near Yatta stating that the solar panels they use to generate Read more…

Amira Hass: Otherwise Occupied: The Conscientious Objector’s Easy Way Out

The conscientious objector Natan Blanc is taking the easy way out. Blanc, who is 19 years old, has refused five consecutive times to be drafted into the army, and just two weeks ago was sent for another 20-day lockup in a military prison. He has already been incarcerated for 74 days, and there is no Read more…

Daniel Bre: The new expropriation regime in the West Bank

The new expropriation regime in the West Bank Week 2362 of Occupation Daniel Breslau Israel’s takeover of West Bank lands for settlement construction has proceeded without interruption since 1967. But the legal strategies for carrying out land acquisition and legitimating it in the eyes of the Israeli public and the international community have evolved over Read more…

Jonathan Cook: The Myth of Israel’s Liberal Supreme Court Exposed

Little more than a decade ago, in a brief interlude of heady optimism about the prospects of regional peace, the Israeli Supreme Court issued two landmark rulings that, it was widely assumed, heralded the advent of a new, post-Zionist era for Israel. But with two more watershed judgments handed down over the winter of 2011-2012 Read more…

Richard Falk: Saving Khader Adnan’s Life Is Saving Our Own Soul

The world watches as tragedy unfolds beneath its gaze. Khader Adnan is entering his 61st day as a hunger striker in an Israeli prison, being held under an administrative detention order without trial, charges, or any indication of the evidence against him. From the outset of his brutal arrest in the middle of the night Read more…

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