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Paul Street: Beyond Manufacturing Consent

US movies (like US television sit-coms and dramas and video games) are loaded with richly “Orwellian” political and ideological content

Bruno Jäntti: American anti-Arab and anti-Muslim Racism

It seems that Hollywood knows no limits when it comes to dehumanizing Middle Eastern peoples and adherents of Islam

Peter Maass: ‘Citizenfour’ Wins Academy Award

Laura Poitras, a founding editor of The Intercept, won an Academy Award for her documentary “Citizenfour,” an inside look at Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency whistleblower

Tom Hayden: Citizenfour and Kill the Messenger

These are outstanding films for anyone engaged in confronting the global surveillance state

Radha Surya: Haider and the Conflict in Kashmir

Vishal Bharadwaj has simultaneously shown the way forward and created an enabling environment for filmmakers of conscience

Sukhdev Sandhu: Made of labour, by labour, for labour

Sixty years ago a team of radical, blacklisted filmmakers made Salt of the Earth, a powerful representation of the agency of US workers

Jordan Flaherty: Treme Rewrites Post-Katrina History

Treme will eventually be seen as a successful storytelling experiment, taking television somewhere it hasn’t really been

John Pilger: It’s The Other Oscars — And Yet Again The Winner Slips Away

The nominees for the Celebrity Oscars

John Pilger: Open-Air Premiere Of Utopia

Utopia had its premiere in the urban heart of indigenous Australia

Jordan Flaherty: Race, History, and Revolution Take Starring Roles in the Year’s Best Films

The most powerful films of the year were personal visions that explored themes of racism, imperialism, prisons, and revolution

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