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Sukhdev Sandhu: Made of labour, by labour, for labour

Sixty years ago a team of radical, blacklisted filmmakers made Salt of the Earth, a powerful representation of the agency of US workers

Jordan Flaherty: Treme Rewrites Post-Katrina History

Treme will eventually be seen as a successful storytelling experiment, taking television somewhere it hasn’t really been

John Pilger: It’s The Other Oscars — And Yet Again The Winner Slips Away

The nominees for the Celebrity Oscars

John Pilger: Open-Air Premiere Of Utopia

Utopia had its premiere in the urban heart of indigenous Australia

Jordan Flaherty: Race, History, and Revolution Take Starring Roles in the Year’s Best Films

The most powerful films of the year were personal visions that explored themes of racism, imperialism, prisons, and revolution

Danny Schechter: Will the Mandela Movie Even Win an Oscar Nomination?

If Mandela Long Walk To Freedom is not on the Oscar list, it will be gone from theaters quickly

Costa-Gavras: Taking on Capitalism, U.S. Torture & Dictatorships, Costa-Gavras on Decades of Political Filmmaking

  Costa-Gavras joins us for the hour to discuss a nearly 50-year career that has earned him the reputation as one of the world’s greatest living political filmmakers. Born in Greece in 1933, the 80-year-old has won two Academy Awards for his films “Z” and “Missing.” Other acclaimed films include, “State of Siege,” “Amen,” “Music Read more…

Justin Podur: Waiting for 2014 in Afghanistan
Richard Greeman: Schindler’s List or E.T. goes to Auschwitz

Good intentions don't necessarily make good movies. Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List was inspired by the director's revulsion at ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and other forms of racism. His highly acclaimed film about the fate of Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland couldn't have come at a better time what with so-called “revisionist” historians denying the reality of the Read more…

Catherine Anne Fosl: Film Details Braden Fight For Rights

Most people think of our country’s long struggle for racial justice as a “black thing.” The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks are among the few civil rights heroes and sheroes who make it into high school social studies textbooks. The names we know best are African-American, and that is as it should Read more…

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