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Stathis Kouvelakis: Europe’s Border Guards

Syriza’s capitulation to the troika has made the plight of refugees even worse

Yanis Varoufakis: Europe’s “Hot Spot” Refugee Registration Centers are “Concentration Camps”

Interview on the refugee crisis in Europe, and so-called hot spots that are registration centers for refugees in his country

Robert Fisk: When we mourn the passing of Prince but not 500 migrants, we have to ask: have we lost all sense of perspective?

Has something gone adrift within the moral compass of our ‘news’ reporting?  In the past week, 64 Afghans have been killed in the largest bomb to have exploded in Kabul in 15 years.  At least 340 were wounded.  The Taliban set off their explosives at the very wall of the ‘elite’ security force – watch Read more…

Roberto Savio: Wake Up! We Need Statesman and Values but We Get Selfish Politicians and Cynicism

A total indifference has accompanied the number of refugees injured by Macedonian police in Idomeni

Robert Fisk: The ‘one for one’ refugee policy means we’re picking and choosing among desperate people

As the journalist Wolfgang Bauer reminds us, the Syrian people witness the horrors of the Paris and Brussels attacks every single day

Michael Lesher: Mall shootings, fear, and the blindness of privilege

In a society where racism and neoliberalism are fashioning increasingly desperate environments for more and more working people, ignorance is too costly a luxury

Maya Evans: “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” Abandoned for Forced Asylum

The Jungle is an impressive example of how people from different nationalities and ethnicities can live together in relative harmony, despite oppressive hardship

Ken Jones: Walking the Migrant Trail

I had a sense of the danger our Mexican and Central American brothers and sisters must feel as I stumbled through the uneven and gravelly scrub full of mesquite, yucca, cactus and other spiny vegetation

Tanya Golash-Boza: Day of the Demagogue

Trumpian Deportation Fantasies and American Realities

Arianna Schindle: Immigrant Workers in NYC Unmask a New Movement

Omar Trinidad pulls off a mask as he speaks to a room of restaurant, retail, day labor, street vendor and domestic workers from across New York City. “Being a day-laborer does not make me invisible, it makes me indispensable. Being a street vendor does not make anyone less worthy, it makes us unstoppable. To build Read more…

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