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Raul Zibechi: The “Citizen’s Revolution” vs Social Movements

The intent of Rafael Correa’s government to evict the principal indigenous organization from its building shows the contradictions of the “citizen’s revolution”

Michael Yates: The Achievements of Native Hawai’ians

One of the achievements of all of these currents and agitations has been the gradual demolition of the worldview of the colonizers and imperialists

Levi Gahman: Locked Arms and Open Hearts – Students in the Okanagan Valley Mobilize for Ayotzinapa, against Neoliberalism

Students in the unceded Syilx territories of the Okanagan Valley mobilize to share their tears and rage with Ayotzinapa, and to speak out against ongoing colonial violence and the traumas of neoliberalism.

Hannah Fair: Kayaks versus coal ships

Climate Warriors are taking direct action against the fossil fuels industry

Vincent Emanuele: Earth at Risk: Reflections

The Earth at Risk Conference not only provided a platform for radical views, but also a vital organizing space

Milagros Salazar: “Indigenous Peoples Are the Owners of the Land”

The clamor of indigenous peoples for recognition of their ancestral lands resounded among the delegates of 195 countries at the climate summit taking place, COP20

Z. C. Dutka: Pemon Indigenous Occupy Airport in Venezuela

“We Have Had Enough of Broken Promises”

Marina Sitrin: Against Thanksgiving

There was never a giving and there should be no thanks

Owen Mccormack: Columbus Day and the Sanitization of History

Upon arrival, the sheer magnitude of gold, which was readily available, set into motion a relentless wave of murder, rape, pillaging, and slavery that would forever alter the course of human history.

Cory Fischer-hoffman: Honoring Indigenous Resistance Day in Venezuela, the Struggle Continues

The framework of decolonizing is a growing theme throughout the Americas

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