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Cory Fischer-hoffman: Honoring Indigenous Resistance Day in Venezuela, the Struggle Continues

The framework of decolonizing is a growing theme throughout the Americas

Satya Sagar: The Natives Play No Football

The biggest losers in this battle historically have been indigenous people, who remain the poorest and the most abused people in the country

Jessica Davies: Women Lead Struggles to Transform the World

The women of El Barrio and the Zapatista women of La Realidad are two examples of how women in struggle all over the world are coming together to inspire and learn from each other

Winona La Duke: Activism On and Off the Reservation

David Barsamian interviews Winona La Duke on “Being Left”: “They talk about the fact that what occurred in the Great Plains in terms of the whole rise and fall of the farming culture there is the result of the largest economic and ecological miscalculation in American history. What America has done to the Great Plains is what America has done to the continent.”

Dave Zirin: Indigenous People Fight to Be Seen

By branding Natives with invisibility, they have provided the most damning possible evidence of both the persistence of anti-Native racism and the power of a new hemispheric-wide movement for indigenous rights

Levi Gahman: Death of a Zapatista – Neoliberalism’s Assault on Indigenous Autonomy

The Zapatista struggle continues …Subcomandante Marcos ceases to exist …Galeano lives

Ben Dangl: The Politics of Pachamama

Natural resource extraction vs. Indigenous rights and the environment in Latin America

John Pilger: Once Again, Australia Is Stealing Its Indigenous Children

It is happening across Australia in a scandalous and largely unrecognised abuse of human rights that evokes the infamous Stolen Generation of the last century

Agustin del Castillo: Indigenous Group Defends Water, Land

The Cora community refuses to accept the artificial reservoir in the San Pedro Mezquital River

Cyril Mychalejko: The Politics of Extractivism in Peru

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala has ambitious plans to transform the country into an energy hub, but his desire to diversify the nation’s energy industry depends on drilling for natural gas in a protected reserve in the Peruvian Amazon. Critics say such drilling could wipe out isolated indigenous tribes living in the area.  “It’s very bizarre Read more…

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