Category: Multiculturalism

Immanuel Wallerstein: Multiculturalism and Its Dilemmas

Can we in effect support the inevitable and desirable form of multiculturalism that is the basis of a fruitful peaceful interchange of cultural values? Or will we succumb to xenophobic ethnic cleansings across the world?

Satya Mohanty: Why Diversity Is Not A Luxury: An Interview with Nancy Cantor

Interview on the educational value of diversity and the social responsibility of universities

Rafia Zakaria: The Death Of Multiculturalism in Quebec

Set against a royal blue background and hung under an arch of gilded gold-leafed boughs, the crucifix at the Quebec National Assembly is a focal point of the majestic room where Quebec lawmakers do their legislative business.  would bar all public employees in Quebec from wearing a “hijab, turban, kippa, large visible crucifix”, or other “ostentatious Read more…

Mina Khanlarzadeh: Brown Skin, White Masks

By Hamid Dabashi; 2011, Pluto Press, 224 pp. Frantz Fanon was (probably) compelled to write Black Skin, White Masks in 1952 after the publication of Mayote Capecia’s I am a Martinican Woman (1948). Hamid Dabashi was compelled to publish his Brown Skin, White Masks in 2011 after the publication of Azar Nafisi’s Reading Lolita In Read more…

Anil Eklavya: The Hemingway (or Pilar) Argument for Diversity

Innumerable arguments can be given in favor (favour for the non-dominant party) of diversity. That is, diversity of all kinds: cultural, ecological, linguistic etc. But in this post I present a particularly good one. It’s from Hemingway’s ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’, which I am reading right now: … ‘Then calm yourself. There is much Read more…

Anil Eklavya: The Elite Strikes Back, Fetishiously

From right after the transfer of power from the British to the local English Elite (the Babus in the broadest sense), one recurrent theme in the Indian ‘National’ press, which translates as the English press, has been to come down like a 16 ton weight on anyone who so much as mentioned the case of Read more…

Michael Albert: 11 / Through Nationalism To Parculture

This is a draft of Chapter Eleven – not for quotation, please. It appears on ZNet, for the ZGroup providing feedback on the book in progress, Fanfare for the Future. As we discussed in developing our overall conceptual toolbox, humans tend to create diverse communities bound by shared cultures that differ from one another in Read more…

Collin Harris: Groundation

Alternative currents in the United States are in need of more creative and constructive tactics, projects, and forms of expression, broader and more inclusive cultures of resistance, and spaces for experimentation with new ways of living. Music and the arts can work to disrupt the flow of information, subvert existing systems, and inspire others. Music Read more…

Len Arthur: Fighting racism in the UK: thoughts after being in NZ

Immigration and the rise of the extreme right: resisting in the UK and Europe I've just read in the NZ Wellington daily paper about the electoral success of the neo-fascist party in Sweden. The article details another 10 European countries where the extreme right is resurgent around the linked issues of racism and immigration. Distance and a Read more…

C: Propagating Popular Resistance

The caravan of buses is miles long, draped with banners, painted with political slogans, filled with people from the poorest and most distant corners of Mexico—people the color of the earth, as they say—but also filled with people from dozens of other countries who find common cause here. The roads are lined with crowds, cheering, Read more…

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