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Paul Street: The Chicago Blackhawks, Indian Logos, and the U.S. Empire

In the United States, however, American Indian names and logos—appropriated from indigenous people the U.S. military and white settlers largely exterminated in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries—persist in professional, collegiate, and high school athletics and also in the military

Marina Sitrin: Against Thanksgiving

There was never a giving and there should be no thanks

Husna Haq: Sioux tribe calls Keystone XL approval ‘act of war.’

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe is not alone in its opposition to the pipeline

Winona La Duke: Activism On and Off the Reservation

David Barsamian interviews Winona La Duke on “Being Left”: “They talk about the fact that what occurred in the Great Plains in terms of the whole rise and fall of the farming culture there is the result of the largest economic and ecological miscalculation in American history. What America has done to the Great Plains is what America has done to the continent.”

Tom Finn: Will Climate Change Wash Away Louisiana’s Remaining Tribes?

The effects of global warming. The Biloxi-Chitimacha stand on the frontlines of this ecological transformation.

Zoltan Grossman: Building Bridges to Protect the Land

The Cowboy Indian Alliance

Gloria Romero: Toxic Legacy

Ever since Manifest Destiny infested this green planet, Native Americans fought against the severe exploitation and horrific genocide that powered it. The struggle continues as Indian nations fight to ban uranium mining in their precious homelands. Uranium mining mushroomed after the launching of the nuclear age. It provides the fuel for the reactors of nuclear Read more…

David Swanson: Past Wars on Indians Aren’t Even Past

Hammer in hand, one sees nails everywhere. Successful unpunished genocide at home in hand, the Pentagon sees Indian Country on six continents. But don't imagine the U.S. military is finished with the original Indian Country yet, including Native American reservations and territories, and including the places where the rest of us now live. Compare and Read more…

Paul Street: Stepping on History: Justin Bieber’s Two-Holocaust Year

People ignorant of history and an informed sense of themselves as historical actors and agents are often a danger both to themselves and others. They are cut off from key lessons – both positive and negative – on how to interact with their fellow human and sentient beings, other living things, nature and the world. Read more…

Tory Field: Putting the Culture Back in Agriculture: Reviving Native Food and Farming Traditions

"At one point 'agriculture' was about the culture of food. Losing that culture, in favor of an American cultural monocrop, joined with an agricultural monocrop, puts us in a perilous state…" says food and Native activist Winona LaDuke.[i] Her lament is an agribusiness executive's dream. The CEO of the H.J. Heinz Company said, "Once television Read more…

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