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Noam Chomsky: Super Bowl Special & Cam Newton: The Bridge to Somewhere

Noam Chomsky talks about the gladiatorial spectacle before us, re-lives his early love affair with baseball, talks about the phenomena of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, and his Super Bowl pick

Andrew Stewart: Why the Oscars Don’t Deserve People of Color

When one understands that the Oscars were founded as pro-capitalist, then a certain disparity becomes obvious

Rick Perlstein: The Secret to Trump’s Ratings

Finding Donald Trump’s appeal through “The Apprentice”

Paul Street: American Mass Shootings are Sadly Unsurprising

Policymakers are quite willing to endanger American lives in pursuit of their petro-imperial and geo-strategic objectives in the Middle East, Africa, and Southwest Asia

Cynthia Peters: Sticks, Stones, Words

Words may not be violent, but they exhaust us and help internalize our oppression. Fight back with solidarity

Juan Cole: In ‘Spectre,’ James Bond becomes Edward Snowden

The latest entry in the Daniel Craig reboot of the James Bond film franchise, Spectre , turns Bond into more muscular version of Edward Snowden, as he takes down a vast 9-nation attempt at electronic surveillance and information-sharing that would also benefit a criminal cartel. Tooling around the reviews, it strikes me as remarkable that Read more…

Kathleen Wallace: The Id(iots) Emerge

The escalating rhetoric of the crazies is very concerning

Eugene Nulman: A Cancelled Exploration of Capitalism’s Ills: TV’s HAPPYish

“You gotta hand it to Stalin…When he wanted to control you, he threw you in the Gulag…. Nowadays, they give you a 30-year mortgage.”

Nikos Raptis: Cultural Resistance

Running a classic ZNet article to honor the birthday of Mikis Theodorakis, who is 90 today.

Badri Raina: Greatness

Is it so impossible to marry great purpose to a lived ordinariness?

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