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Adam Szetela: Beyoncé’s “Formation” and the Boutique Activism of the Left

“Formation” does, in the end, embody the meaningful intervention that identity politics can stage. It is, for many black Americans, empowering

Auset Marian Lewis: Hip-hop: Revolution or Revulsion

Hip-hop in America has not liberated us from college debt, police brutality, prison infamy, Clarence Thomas, Donald Trump or the one percent

David Swanson: The Killer Drone Lovers Have Their Movie

This is Obama’s dream eulogy when the first drone warrior king is finally laid to rest

George Lakey: Michael Moore gives a comedic boost to the US learning curve

The film “Where to Invade Next” gives me hope that human beings are not a species condemned to ignorance and cruelty

Margot Pepper: Living with Trumbo Under the Blacklist

If any movie deserves an Oscar this February 28, it is “Trumbo” with Bryan Cranston as best actor

Dave Zirin: Beyoncé Wins the Super Bowl

Viewers witnessed one of the most political halftime shows in Super Bowl history

Noam Chomsky: Super Bowl Special & Cam Newton: The Bridge to Somewhere

Noam Chomsky talks about the gladiatorial spectacle before us, re-lives his early love affair with baseball, talks about the phenomena of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, and his Super Bowl pick

Andrew Stewart: Why the Oscars Don’t Deserve People of Color

When one understands that the Oscars were founded as pro-capitalist, then a certain disparity becomes obvious

Rick Perlstein: The Secret to Trump’s Ratings

Finding Donald Trump’s appeal through “The Apprentice”

Paul Street: American Mass Shootings are Sadly Unsurprising

Policymakers are quite willing to endanger American lives in pursuit of their petro-imperial and geo-strategic objectives in the Middle East, Africa, and Southwest Asia

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