Category: Racism

Randall Kennedy: Black America’s Promised Land

Not so long ago, black Americans were giddy witnesses to what many regarded as a miracle. Election night, November 4, 2008, seemed to be a millennial turning point as a majority of Americans entrusted an African American with the nation’s highest office and greatest powers. “If there is anyone out there who still doubts that Read more…

Maya Schenwar: Why prisons don’t work and how we can do better

A conversation with Maya Schenwar

Tony Messenger: On edge about the Ferguson grand jury decision

What does justice look like?

Dave Zirin: How Sports Disseminates the Burdens of Racism

The crimes of white athletes are seen as the moral failings of an individual, while the crimes of black athletes are processed by the media as a collective commentary on everyone who both happens to play sports and have black skin

Airan Bahmani: On Western Racism, Islamophobia

Since the beginning of the rise of ISIS, the danger of an increase in anti-Muslim racism has become an unfortunate reality in the Western world

Juan Cole: Ferguson & Israel?

Stripping citizenship is forbidden by the International Declaration of Human Rights and other UN instruments and treaties

Christopher Patz: Parasite Europe creates its own “illegal” migrants

Germany and Europe’s new borders are fast becoming more heavily militarized than ever

Liliana Segura: No, We Don’t Need a Law Against Catcalling

It would be hard to imagine a more sweeping way to invite and reinforce racist notions of criminality than by telling people that every unwanted intrusion in public is a potential crime

Rebecca Burns: They’re Still Redlining

Wall Street has developed new forms of housing discrimination to profit off communities of color

Maia Williams: The Other Side of Ebola: Ooga Booga Journalism

In the social imagination of white supremacist cultures, such as in the U.S. and Europe, Blackness stands as a visual marker of difference, of other, of threat

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