Category: Racism

Vijay Prashad: Fault line of race

Black Lives Matter” is a cry from the heart of the frustrated black population. A white population in despair takes refuge in the toxic language of racism

Bridget Anderson: The fear of ‘not enough to go round’

Global inequality lies at the root of our anxiety over migrants

Henriette Johansen: Europe’s colonial amnesia and its repercussions for the migrant and refugee crisis

The daily updates I receive from volunteers working in Calais and on the Greek islands of Lesvos and Chios are heart-breaking. As I sat to write this, a volunteer nurse from Denmark described her night shift to me, driving up and down the coast of Chios, turning off all lights with the other volunteers in Read more…

William Barber: The Strange Career of James Crow, Esquire

After the Supreme Court razed the Voting Rights Act in 2013, Jim Crow came skulking back to the South

Aviva Chomsky: All the News That’s Fit to Print

How the Media Hide Undocumented Workers

Paul Mason: Europe’s refugee story has hardly begun

With a million new refugees expected in Europe this year, Greece faces a diplomatic onslaught and an existential crisis

Juan Cole: Obama Condems hatred of Muslim-Americans, Affirms their Importance to Nation

President Obama spoke Wednesday at a Baltimore mosque in an explicit pushback against the hatred for Muslims being promoted by billionaire real estate developer Donald J. Trump and others among the Republican presidential candidates. Trump has scapegoated all Muslim-Americans for the violence committed by a tiny fringe. He has called for Muslims to be excluded Read more…

Amanda Girard: Black Lives Shattered: How the Clintons Built Their Legacy on White Supremacy

Even over 200 years later, Hillary Clinton seems to have had the same colonialist attitude toward Haiti as her predecessors

Erica Chenoweth: Seeing Flight as a Non-violent Option: One Way to Change the Discourse about the World’s 60 Million Refugees

This is a situation that calls for policies that embody compassion, respect, protection, and welcome—not fear, dehumanization, exclusion, or revulsion

Adolf Alzuphar: Leftwing Haitian singer Emerantes De Pradines

Understanding De Pradines’s importance begins with Haiti’s social history

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