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Gilbert Achcar: Banners of protest

Christian liberation theology and Islamic fundamentalism both protest and contest social and political conditions in their host societies. But they don’t want the same changes

Kathy Kelly: Before the Dawn

For now, it remains a blessing to work alongside people awake together, even in darkness, working to face burdens with kindness, ready to join with kindred spirits near and far, faces aglow with precious glimmers of a coming day

Joao Pedro Stedile: Pope Francis and popular movements

Pope Francis, from the outset of his Pontificate, has pleasantly surprised militants of people’s movements around the world, in contrast with his two predecessors

Sister Eugenia Russia: “Here There is a State That Respects Human Rights”

Liberation Theology entails the transformation of the human being towards unity and harmony with Earth and all other human beings

Jon Queally: Pope Francis Calls for Justice on Warming Planet

Leader of Catholic Church says the richest owe the poorest a ‘great social debt’ for creating the climate crisis, ignoring warnings of its dangers, and refusing to act

Tom Hayden: Praised Be

Today’s papal encyclical, “Praised Be”, may be the most important religious teaching to be released in decades

Steffen Böhm: Pope’s climate letter is a radical attack on the logic of the market

The Pope openly and unashamedly goes against the grain of dominant social, economic and environment policies

Saroop Ijaz: Textbook Killing

Fake degrees are bad and people wilfully obtaining them are untrustworthy. There is a lot being said about the issue and much of it is necessary and obvious. What about real degrees and degree holders? If law-enforcement authorities are to be believed, the killers of Sabeen Mahmud and those responsible for the Safoora Goth massacre Read more…

Ramzy Baroud: Beyond the Middle East: The Rohingya Genocide

While tens of thousands of Rohingya are being ethnically cleansed, having their villages torched, forced into concentration camps and some into slavery, Burma is being celebrated by various western and Asian powers as a success story of a military junta-turned democracy

Justin Podur: We are all Farkhunda

What occurred was a sustained mobilization exponentially larger and more powerful than the gang of misogynists who murdered her

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