Category: Religion

James Kassaga Arinaitwe: How US Evangelicals Are Shaping Development In Uganda

Foreign faith-based, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are shaping many aspects of my country’s development to suit their religious agenda

Juan Cole: Mosul w/out Christians for First time in 1,900 Years

For the first time in nearly 2000 years, there are virtually no Christians in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq

Asma Afsaruddin: The Pretender-Caliph and Islamic History

The truth about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Jon Queally: World Council of Churches to Divest from World’s Dirty Fuels

Representing more than half a billion people, the decision is called ‘major victory’ for global movement calling for transition away from oil, coal, and gas

Milan Rai: Christian Terrorism?

Double standards and faith-based violence

Pepe Escobar: Arab Spring, Jihad Summer

Now there’s IS. And we start all over again, not in the Hindu Kush, but in the Levant. With a new Osama

Charity R. Carney: The Troubling World of Corporate Christianity

Can Americans tell the difference between religion and consumption?

Nikos Raptis: Greece: The ‘Unbelievable” and Hope [?]

I shout loudly: Wake up all of you, wake up at last you the people of God, before it is too late…

Nicola Nasser: Pope’s Unbalanced Neutrality in Holy Land

Pope Francis’ “”pilgrimage” to the Holy Land last week proved to be an unbalanced impossible mission

Robert Richter: ‘Labor Priests’ Reviving Social Justice Teachings—and Action

Labor priests are once again gaining numbers (100 at last count) who share their vision that to diminish workers is to rob them of their God-given vocation

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