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Tariq Ali: ‘It didn’t need to be done’

In the week following the atrocities, a wave of moral hysteria swept France. ‘Je suis Charlie’ became almost obligatory. The Hollande/Valls message was simple: either you were for the magazine or for the terrorists

Vijay Prashad: Good Islamists, bad Islamists and the playthings of power

People in power are playing very treacherous games. Consideration of the chaos that they spin does not bother them. The cost is borne elsewhere than in the halls of power

Badri Raina: Obama: he came, he saw, he gave advice

Obama spent three whole days in India. He was welcomed like one of our own, complete with huggy hugs and the intimacy of first naming, even if one-sided, the erudite Indian Chief Executive going even to the extent of telling him the meaning of his first name, Barack, which now we know means “the one Read more…

Walden Bello: The Real Threat in Europe

The real threat is the repression of migrant communities by national security states with the backing of a significant segment of the majority population mobilized by right wing forces

Yasmin Ahmed: Hypocrisy of Free Speech

If we are against discrimination we should be against all types of discrimination

Richard Falk: Pope Francis, Salman Rushdie, and Charlie Hebdo

Enlarging the context in which the Charlie Hebdo events are understood beyond a highlight film clip in ‘the war on terror’

Taylan Tosun: The Rise of Islamo-Fascism in Turkey

Reactions of the “Islamist” Media to The Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Norman Finkelstein: Norman Finkelstein: Charlie Hebdo is sadism, not satire

“But when somebody is down and out, desperate, destitute, when you mock them, when you mock a homeless person, that is not satire”

Uri Avnery: Reflections on the recent Paris Massacre and Zionism

After a crime, the first question is “cui bono”, who benefits?

Seth Ackerman: Community Standards

The Right is trying to essentialize Muslims. The Left should not fall into the same trap

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