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Sam Law: In defense of the Grayzone: between ISIS and the West

The targets of the Paris attacks were not primarily the civilians killed but the world they inhabited — one not yet divided into two civilizations

Laurie Penny: If the West closes its borders, the terrorists will have won

The two most dangerous words in politics are “us” and “them”. At times of great national tragedy, we should open our hearts – and we not close our borders

Badri Raina: Just Some Questions on Obamaspeak

Why, just why, do the overwhelming majority of the world’s Muslims—those that live in peace in the democratic cultures of India, or Indonesia, or Malaysia, or those in Europe and America—have to say “mea culpa”

Ramzy Baroud: Rohingya and the Burmese Generals: How to Forge a Democracy and Get Away with It

The most recent elections have been, by far, the most successful of the generals’ democracy schemes in recent years

Badri Raina: Preparing for that Make-over?

The conflict to be between the tolerant and the intolerant among all religions

Linda Gordon: The Pope, Patriarchy, and Saving the World

People who care about preserving our world and ending violence need to keep demanding that the Catholic Church align itself with sex equality

Marwan Jabbar: The Young Iraqis Promoting Darwinism and Rationalism To Save Iraq

One of the more unusual, grass roots groups in Iraq today is Real Sciences. They are young Iraqis who translate scientific articles into Arabic, believing that a little more of this could combat violence. In the midst of the conflicts that Baghdad in particular, and the rest of Iraq in general, has suffered through over Read more…

Ezequiel Adamovsky: The Pope as World Leader

Despite his reputation of unorthodox reformer, most of Francis’ stances are in tune with Catholic traditions. Yet, his views on the environment are truly remarkable

Medea Benjamin: Is the Pope a Man of the Left?

Interview on how the Pope is a powerful voice of the South

Phyllis Bennis: Standing Before Congress, Pope Francis Calls Out the ‘Industry of Death’

“To imitate the hatred and violence of tyrants and murderers is the best way to take their place”

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