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Mairead Maguire: From Violence To Nonviolence – From War To Peace

It was a joy for me to join eighty people from around the World meeting in Rome ll/12th April, 2016

Dan Kovalik: The Rise and Fall of Liberation Theology in Latin America

The retreat of Liberation Theology due to American policies and the Vatican has been a great loss to the world. I do hope that this spirit and vision will be reclaimed

Ken Butigan: Historic Vatican conference calls for nonviolence and ‘just peace’

The “Nonviolence and Just Peace Conference” was an astonishing experience, and we hope that it will bear great fruit in the Catholic Church and the larger world

Erica Chenoweth: Did the Vatican Just Throw Out Its Just War Doctrine?

Among the arguments Pope Francis used to encourage the conference participants was the dramatic rise in the effectiveness of nonviolent resistance over the past century

Juan Cole: Arab Youth view ISIL as major Mideast Obstacle, want less Religion

Overwhelming majorities of youth want their national leaders to expand personal freedom and human rights for women

Eleanor Bader: Christian Universities Increasingly Apply for Exemptions From Anti-Discrimination Rules

Since 2013, 56 religiously affiliated colleges and universities in 26 states have been granted Title IX exemptions, and more applicants are in the pipeline

Rev. William E. Alberts: An Easter Message on Building Walls or Opening Tombs

Being “a good Christian” is not about saying “Merry Christmas” during the holidays. It is about Christians creating “good will” and “peace” among all men and women and children

Badri Raina: In Hope and Trembling

This day brings Hope beyond Mere hope, joy beyond gladness, But what if we have not ministered To the sick and hungry, dispatched The little ones with the lash rather Than with love, sown our portion Of the seed in the battlefield, And watered the neighborhood With the blood of bigotry, not Loved our neighbor, Read more…

Chase Madar: The Attack on American Muslims

The US government uses the guise of counter-terrorism to squelch the rights of American Muslims

Michael Albert: Spotlight

What the movie clarifies is that more often than not the basis for silence prevailing was obedience easily as much as fear or greed

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