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Dave Zirin: Meet Two Women Tackling Misogyny in Sports Journalism

Women don’t want white knights to ride and and defend us. We just want a voice to defend ourselves

Chris Lamb: How politics played a major role in the signing of Jackie Robinson

The desegregation of baseball came after a decade-long campaign by black and left wing journalists and activists

Dave Zirin: Kevin Turner Dies From ALS, the NFL Does Not Give a Damn

Kevin Turner played in pro football for eight years, but when he died, the NFL said nothing. They could start by apologizing

Dave Zirin: Beyoncé Wins the Super Bowl

Viewers witnessed one of the most political halftime shows in Super Bowl history

Noam Chomsky: Super Bowl Special & Cam Newton: The Bridge to Somewhere

Noam Chomsky talks about the gladiatorial spectacle before us, re-lives his early love affair with baseball, talks about the phenomena of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, and his Super Bowl pick

Dave Zirin: Brazil in Peril: The World Cup, the Olympics, and the Zika Virus

The legacy of the 2016 Brazil Olympics could be the spreading of the Zika virus across the hemisphere’s most vulnerable populations

Dave Zirin: How Black Football Players at University of Missouri Changed the Game on Racism

“The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team truly believe ‘Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere'”

Dave Zirin: Why Does Anybody Play Football Anymore?

Football has never been more popular. And it has never felt less like a game.

Kim Katrin Milan: Serena & Venus: Creating Mirrors

Serena and Venus reflect back entirely new possibilities for the future of sports and of black girls

Jere Longman: High School Football Inc.

The latest experiment in prep football is taking root

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