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Dave Zirin: The Importance of the Activist Athlete

Activist athletes have the power to reach people who are completely alienated from politics

Dave Zirin: Athletes Speaking Out

Each of these actions has the effect of amplifying the impact of a new struggle for human dignity in the face of racism

Dave Zirin: How Sports Disseminates the Burdens of Racism

The crimes of white athletes are seen as the moral failings of an individual, while the crimes of black athletes are processed by the media as a collective commentary on everyone who both happens to play sports and have black skin

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: College Athletes of the World, Unite

A basketball legend on the exploitation of college athletes

Sean Dinces: Fanfare Without the Fans

Luxury suites in modern stadiums are reminders that capitalist society values elite consumption over public enjoyment

Dave Zirin: #FergusonOctober Comes to Monday Night Football

As long as some people in the United States cannot escape the fear of police violence, the escapism of sports is a bubble well worth popping

Dave Zirin: Israel’s War on Gaza is Not a Game

Scenes from the NBA preseason protest

Vincent Emanuele: The NFL and VA: Violence, Corruption and Institutions

Powerful institutions routinely deflect criticism by blaming the middle man, or, even more commonly, the occasional bad apple

Noam Chomsky: Why Americans Know So Much About Sports

The following is a short excerpt from a classic, The Chomsky Reader, which offers a unique insight on a question worth asking

Dave Zirin: On the Little League World Series, Jackie Robinson West and Michael Brown

If only the real Jackie Robinson were alive today, he would undoubtedly say that there is nothing post-racial about a world where two black people are killed on average by police every week

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