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Dave Zirin: Serena Williams Is Today’s Muhammad Ali

After her Wimbledon victory, Serena Williams was asked which athlete she admired the most. She said that it was Muhammad Ali. Not for his boxing but for “what he stood for” outside the ring

Justin Podur: Israel’s Battles in Sports, Law and Science

Only when people start thinking of Palestinians as human beings deserving of rights will a just resolution of the conflict with equal rights for everyone be possible

Preeti Kaur: Baku 2015: The Censored Games

Do large international sports events exacerbate repression? In Azerbaijan, unequivocally, they do.

Diana Johnstone: Playing Hard Ball With Soft Power

The United States insists on imposing a system of global “free enterprise” that inevitably breeds all kinds of unmanageable corruption, but then tries to make it look good by cracking down selectively on corruption

Dave Zirin: The Politics of David Blatt and the Passion of Steve Kerr’s Father

Steve Kerr, without fanfare and without a bullhorn, walks in the path of the late Dr. Malcolm Kerr. It’s a path that sees peace as arriving only through education, empathy, and justice

Dave Zirin: Apartheid Games

Baltimore, Urban America, and Camden Yards

Dave Zirin: Gentrification Is the Real Scandal Surrounding Jackie Robinson West

The public funds for the infrastructure that baseball demands simply do not exist, but the land required for diamonds are the crown jewels of urban real estate

Michael Albert: Sick or Psychotic?

We aren’t a “sick” society. It is too tame an adjective

Steve Almond: We are all amoral football hypocrites

Brain injuries, billionaire tax breaks and our indefensible Super Bowl parties

Dave Zirin: Deflated Balls for Some, Miniature American Flags for Others!

We can only work with the world we’re given, and it’s a place where the trust in institutions of power is more deflated that any damn balls

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