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Dave Zirin: Apartheid Games

Baltimore, Urban America, and Camden Yards

Dave Zirin: Gentrification Is the Real Scandal Surrounding Jackie Robinson West

The public funds for the infrastructure that baseball demands simply do not exist, but the land required for diamonds are the crown jewels of urban real estate

Michael Albert: Sick or Psychotic?

We aren’t a “sick” society. It is too tame an adjective

Steve Almond: We are all amoral football hypocrites

Brain injuries, billionaire tax breaks and our indefensible Super Bowl parties

Dave Zirin: Deflated Balls for Some, Miniature American Flags for Others!

We can only work with the world we’re given, and it’s a place where the trust in institutions of power is more deflated that any damn balls

Paul Street: The Chicago Blackhawks and the American Empire

The legacy of past US ethnic cleansing and asymmetric conquest is evident in deep poverty and despair that is shamefully mocked by the “proud” Indian names and logos deployed by US sports teams and the military at home and abroad

Neil Demause: The Case for Buying Sports Teams, Not Stadiums

If the goal of fronting cash for new sports venues is to keep team owners from using their monopoly-given right to skip town and leave fans with no one to root for, then one workaround is obvious: cut out the middleman, and buy the team

Dave Zirin: The Year the Sports World Turned Upside Down

The year ended with an unprecedented explosion of protest at the highest levels of US sports

Dave Zirin: The Importance of the Activist Athlete

Activist athletes have the power to reach people who are completely alienated from politics

Dave Zirin: Athletes Speaking Out

Each of these actions has the effect of amplifying the impact of a new struggle for human dignity in the face of racism

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