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Danny Schechter: The World Cup Spilleth Over

As the Soccer Games End, Political Ones Begin

Dave Zirin: ‘Psychological Attack’ to Oust Favela Residents

There is something very precious in the favelas that is becoming endangered by the worship of “speculation and real estate”

Dave Zirin: Indigenous People Fight to Be Seen

By branding Natives with invisibility, they have provided the most damning possible evidence of both the persistence of anti-Native racism and the power of a new hemispheric-wide movement for indigenous rights

Vik Birkbeck: A Story of Occupations and Evictions

As the current wave of anti-World Cup protests shows, the genie is out of the bottle — and it will take a lot more than violent evictions and police repression to silence the awakened and indignant multitude

Dave Zirin: The World Cup You Won’t See on TV

Protests, Tear Gas, Displaced Favela Residents

Mike Lasusa: Let Them Eat Soccer

Anti-World Cup protests rage in Brazil, but political struggle has long known the beautiful game

Dave Zirin: Protesters Clash with Police in Brazil

Brazilian police and hundreds of protesters have come clashing with each other just hours before the World Cup.

Mike Lasusa: Race, Class and the World Cup in Brazil

At a total cost of roughly $11 billion – and at least eight workers’ lives – Brazil will host the most expensive World Cup in history

Eduardo Galeano: “The World Turns Around a Spinning Ball”

Choreographed war and other aspects of the world’s greatest game

Elizabeth Gorman: Brazil’s Poor Stage an Alternative World Cup

Rio de Janeiro favela hosts People’s Cup for communities affected by FIFA restrictions, evictions and home demolitions

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