Category: Climate Change

Pete Dolack: G7 leaders fiddle while Earth burns

The world has to drastically reduce its consumption. As this is an impossibility under capitalism, another world is not only possible, it is necessary

Juan Cole: As 700 Die in Pakistan from Extreme Heat, Pakistanis Deny Climate Change

Despite the severe dangers to Pakistan posed by climate change, opinion polls show that only about a quarter of Pakistanis view the issue as a powerful threat

Naomi Klein: Climate Change Is a Crisis We Can Only Solve Together

The very idea that we—as atomized individuals—could play a significant part in stabilizing the planet’s climate is objectively nuts

Pope Francis: Encyclical Letter Of The Holy Father On Care For Our Common Home

The urgent challenge to protect our common home includes a concern to bring the whole human family together to seek a sustainable and integral development

Janet Redman: 5 Key Things Pope Francis Says about Climate Change

Pope Francis boldly challenges us all to take an honest look inside our hearts and question the foundations of a society that has created wealth for some at the expense of others and “our common home” – the planet earth

Naomi Klein: Pope Francis: “Bold Cultural Revolution” Needed to Save Planet from Climate Change & Consumerism

A major theme of the encyclical is the disparity between rich and poor

Patrick Bond: Avaaz’s Climate Vanity

Upward gazing can be politically blinding

Steffen Böhm: Pope’s climate letter is a radical attack on the logic of the market

The Pope openly and unashamedly goes against the grain of dominant social, economic and environment policies

Ted Glick: Climate Activism, Anti-system Activism and the Bernie Sanders Campaign

It’s a good time to be alive and active; the movements are rising

Naomi Oreskes: The Hoax of Climate Denial

Why “Politically Motivated” Science Is Good Science

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