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Ezequiel Adamovsky: The Pope as World Leader

Despite his reputation of unorthodox reformer, most of Francis’ stances are in tune with Catholic traditions. Yet, his views on the environment are truly remarkable

George Monbiot: Inhospitable Planet

In the past four decades, the world has lost 50% of its vertebrate wildlife

George Monbiot: Meet the ecomodernists: ignorant of history and paradoxically old-fashioned

The people behind a manifesto for solving environmental problems through science and technology are intelligent but wrong

Allie Yee: For Latino voters, environment as important as immigration

In Florida, Latino voters have expressed their environmental concerns at the ballot box

Ellen Isaacs: Hurricane Sandy Is Still Drowning The Poor

It is a few months short of three years since Hurricane Sandy barreled down on NYC. The flooded subways have new barriers. The submerged hospital generators are back in order. The boardwalks along the shore are up and trod by beachgoers once again. But what of the thousands of poor renters, most on public assistance, who lost their homes that day? I don’t know all their stories. I only know one intimately, and it is not a happy story.

Lindsay Alderton: How the next generation is challenging big oil

Why a group of children staged a protest intervention against BP

Ted Glick: September 25th at FERC

It’s the morning of the twelfth day that I haven’t been eating. The only things I’ve been putting into my body are lots of water, salt, potassium and a multi-vitamin. How do I feel? Weak, very weak, as do most of the others—about 15 as I write—who are also fasting and intend to do so Read more…

Eugene Nulman: Curbing Climate Change Requires Addressing National Politics

While activists are gearing up to demonstrate at the international negotiations on climate change in Paris this December, the real decisions are being made at the national level. And that’s where the pressure needs to be

Arun Gupta: Field Notes to Life During the Apocalypse

Humanity, after taking over the driver’s seat of evolution, has crashed it into the brick wall of industrial civilization

Juan Cole: Top 10 signs of Extreme Climate Change in Alaska and why it Should Scare Us

The Portage Glacier is only one of many natural features now changing in Alaska

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