Category: Climate Change

Paul Street: Deleting the Imperial Perpetrator

The message is clear: the US has no obligation to take in or otherwise care for the massive influx of child migrants from Central America

Jon Queally: World Council of Churches to Divest from World’s Dirty Fuels

Representing more than half a billion people, the decision is called ‘major victory’ for global movement calling for transition away from oil, coal, and gas

Ian Angus: On ‘Environmental Catastrophism’

Ian Angus Replies to Sam Gindin

Andrea Germanos: Spending Billions to Dig a Bigger Climate Hole

New report highlights continued fossil fuel subsidies that foster further climate crisis at taxpayers’ expense

Don Fitz: How Green is the ‘Green New Deal’?

Digging beneath the surface appearance of the GND requires exploring its family tree: the “Green Revolution”, green capitalism and the “Green Economy”

Winslow Myers: Global Climate Change and Nuclear Abolition Are One Issue

Marshall Island citizens file lawsuit to force action for climate change and total nuclear disarmament

George Monbiot: The UK is making it a legal duty to maximise greenhouse gas emissions

Buried in the infrastructure bill is an astonishing contradiction on the UK’s approach to oil and climate change

Kanya D'Almeida: Picture the World as a Desert

Try to imagine an expanse of barren land, stretching for miles, with no trace of greenery, not a single bough to cast a sliver of shade, or a trickle of water to moisten the parched earth

George Monbiot: Saving the world should be based on promise, not fear

The language we use to describe our relations with nature could scarcely be more alienating

Sue Sturgis: NC Passes Fracking Law, Seeks Taxpayer Subsidies

This week North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed into law a bill that opens up the state to fracking for natural gas

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