Category: Climate Change

Anne Schuchat: Zika Virus: Are Climate & Ecological Factors Driving Spread of Viral Diseases in the Americas?

Interview on the spread of the Zika virus, which scientists have linked to rising temperatures from global warming because of the increased incidence of mosquito-borne infections

George Monbiot: Rigging the Market

Oil, the industry that threatens us with destruction, is being bailed out with public money

Ted Glick: It’s Time for the Climate Movement to Focus on FERC

There are the beginnings of signs that all of this pressure may be causing small cracks in FERC’s rigid unwillingness to serve the public interest

Christian Parenti: The Next Refugee Crisis

Climate change will displace millions within decades. But where will they go and how will governments receive them?

Richard Falk: Climate Change: Post-Paris Challenges and Concerns

What has become crystal clear is that our human future will depend more than ever on the transnational mobilization of civil society in support of both sufficient emission reductions and climate justice

Jeremy Brecher: “Making the Promises Real”: Labor and the Paris Climate Agreement

A labor climate program can draw together workers, unions, and allies around protecting jobs by protecting the climate

William Boardman: Environmental Terrorists in Paris

Having absolute authority to take ameliorative steps on their own initiative, the plunderers swamp the credulous media with claims that an unwieldy conference with a track record of 23 years of failure is the only possible way to find a solution to the dangers of climate change.

Anna Plowman: Bangladesh’s Disaster Capitalism

The fight for climate justice is inseparable from the fight against capitalism

Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin: Stormy Times: Climate Change as Predicted

If major steps are not taken soon to solve these potential disasters then we will discover that our ‘sandbagging’ will eventually become an expression of regret

George Monbiot: The Heathrow ‘hooligans’ are our modern day freedom fighters

The trial of 13 climate protesters is not really about aviation, it highlights a glaring democratic deficit

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