Category: Climate Change

Sean Sweeney: Syriza can show ‘another energy is possible’

New Government in Greece is committed to ‘ecological transformation’

Hamza Hamouchene: Desertec: the renewable energy grab?

Advocates for benign-sounding clean energy export projects like Desertec need to be careful they’re not supporting a new ‘renewable energy grab’

Paul Street: Nine Years – to Avert Catastrophe with Revolution

Slowly but surely and at an ever-accelerating pace, the leading issue of our or any time – anthropogenic global warming (AGW) – shapes our experience and limits our future

Patrick Bond: Keep South Africa’s Lights on with Renewable Energy – or Irradiate a Darkened Nation?

After an explosive start to his State of the Nation Address last week, South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma turned to nuclear, coal, fracking and offshore drilling projects – but what about the country’s free sunshine, wind and tides?

Sarah Lazare: Harvard Students Launch Open-Ended Sit-In Demanding Full Divestment From Fossil Fuels

Dozens of students on Thursday morning launched a sit-in at Harvard University to demand that the institution divest its $36.4 billion endowment from fossil fuel companies

Michael T. Klare: Keystone XL, Cold War 2.0, and the GOP Vision for 2016

How Energy Coordination on One Continent Could Bring the Planet to Its Knees

Naomi Klein: Naomi Klein on how to build a more kick-ass climate movement

My hope is that the labor movement, the anti-cuts movement, the climate movement will really come together in a coherent demand for a just transition away from fossil fuels

Samantha Hargreaves: Women Stand Their Ground against Big Coal

More than 50 grassroots women activists gathered from around the region in late-January 2015 to stand their ground against Big Coal

Steve Early: Spirit of Tony Mazzocchi Haunts Oil Industry Again

What better place to make blue-green alliance building more real than rhetorical, among labor and community partners long pitted against each other by companies like Chevron and Shell?

Tom Hayden: Kern, The Mississippi of Fracking

The evidence is growing that communities of color will no longer accept their previous fate of being dumping grounds and sacrifice zones for industry

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