Category: Climate Change

Preeti Kaur: Going Backwards

Calling Obama Out on Climate Change

Ted Glick: FERC Showing Cracks, It’s Time to Act

FERC has more to do with fracking than any other federal agency, and much more than any one state

Christian Parenti: The State, Humanity as Part of Nature and the Malleability of Capitalism

Interview on the state, nature, climate change, Marxism, capitalism, regulation, activism and the future

David Roberts: The awful truth about climate change no one wants to admit

We are facing a situation in which limiting temperature even to 3°C requires heroic policy and technology changes

Jeremy Brecher: How Climate Protection Has Become Today’s Labor Solidarity

Union action on climate change has proliferated across the country

Christian Parenti: Climate Change, Militarism, Neoliberalism and the State

Interview on ideology, climate change, Marxism, activism, the state, militarism, violence and the future

Trish Kahle: Challenging the Industrial Narrative

Railroad workers are increasingly rejecting the old “jobs versus environment” story

Juan Cole: Anger Translation

The major problem the world faces in avoiding climate disruption is not economic or technological. It is plain old-fashioned greed

Kathy Kelly: Crosscurrents

By the time I leave Kentucky’s federal prison center, where I’m an inmate with a 3 month sentence, the world’s 12th largest city may be without water. Estimates put the water reserve of Sao Paulo, a city of 20 million people, at 60 days

Naomi Klein: Reading I.F. Stone on Earth Day

Why We Still Won’t Get Anywhere Unless We Connect the Dots

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