Category: Global Warming

Preeti Kaur: Going Backwards

Calling Obama Out on Climate Change

Ted Glick: FERC Showing Cracks, It’s Time to Act

FERC has more to do with fracking than any other federal agency, and much more than any one state

Tom Hayden: Stalling on Solar Rooftops

The DWP acts like a rogue agency, and is far behind many investor-owned utilities in implementing the million-solar rooftops program

Christian Parenti: The State, Humanity as Part of Nature and the Malleability of Capitalism

Interview on the state, nature, climate change, Marxism, capitalism, regulation, activism and the future

David Roberts: The awful truth about climate change no one wants to admit

We are facing a situation in which limiting temperature even to 3°C requires heroic policy and technology changes

Jeremy Brecher: How Climate Protection Has Become Today’s Labor Solidarity

Union action on climate change has proliferated across the country

Zarna Joshi: Seattle Mobilizes to Shut Down Shell Operations to Protest Arctic Oil Drilling

The Port of Seattle has voted to seek the blockade of rigs used by the oil giant Shell for its planned drilling in the Arctic this summer

Christian Parenti: Climate Change, Militarism, Neoliberalism and the State

Interview on ideology, climate change, Marxism, activism, the state, militarism, violence and the future

Ted Glick: FERC’s Unprecedented Action Shows Their Weakness

How do you know when a campaign you are waging is having an impact? When the target of your campaign cancels a regularly scheduled meeting because you are openly organizing to bring a large number of people to it

Trish Kahle: Challenging the Industrial Narrative

Railroad workers are increasingly rejecting the old “jobs versus environment” story

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