Category: Global Warming

Naomi Klein: Why a Climate Deal Is the Best Hope for Peace

The last time there was this much climate momentum was in 2008

George Monbiot: There’s a population crisis all right. But probably not the one you think

While all eyes are on human numbers, it’s the rise in farm animals that is laying the planet waste

Alix Mazounie: Climate Activists Vow to Continue with Protests Ahead of Paris Talks

Climate activists insist the right to protest and freedom of speech must be upheld even during a state of emergency

Eric Mann: Prelude to Paris: Four Tragic Tactics by President Obama and Four Climate Justice Proposals He Must Support

The President is the main obstacle to progress in Paris

Ted Glick: Renewable Energy Builds World Peace

“And through conversations with others in the growing climate justice movement, I began to see all kinds of ways that climate change could become a catalyzing force for positive change—how it could be the best argument progressives have ever had. . . The urgency of the climate crisis could form the basis of a powerful Read more…

Jim Wolpman: Do You Seriously Believe That Wall Street Can Save The Planet From Global Warming?

What is needed are specified commitments which add up to 2°C., and a timetable to ensure progress along the way

Bill McKibben: Why Exxon Is the Next Big Climate Fight

I’ve thought for a long time that if we could ever get this thing looked at on the merits, finally, we would win

Brian Tokar: Is the Paris Climate Conference Designed to Fail?

We have a long way to go, and not much time, but if anything can help raise our hopes that it’s not too late, it is the power of social movements to intervene to change the story

Skye Bougsty-Marshall: COP 21: movements rally to Paris for climate justice

The COP 21 summit in Paris is approaching, but while the situation is grim the planned social movement mobilizations offer hope and opportunities How the Keystone Fight Was Won

For the first time ever, a big fossil fuel project has been rejected.

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