Category: Global Warming

Kshama Sawant: Hedges, Klein, McKibben, Sanders and Sawant Call for Urgent Action

On the eve of three historic People’s Climate March, authors Chris Hedges and Naomi Klein, founder Bill McKibben and Seattle Council person Kshama Sawant discuss the urgency of radical action on climate change

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: We fought apartheid. Now climate change is our global enemy

On the eve of the UN Climate Summit, Desmond Tutu argues that tactics used against firms who did business with South Africa must now be applied to fossil fuels to prevent human suffering

David Swanson: Turn Left for Earth

Turning left in order to go where needed makes a nice metaphor for what our whole culture must do if it is to cease destroying the earth’s climate

Rebecca Solnit: The Wheel Turns, the Boat Rocks, the Sea Rises

To make personal changes is to do too little. Only great movements, only collective action can save us now

Rachel Smolker: After the People’s Climate March, Then What? Flood Wall Street

Here’s to a fierce, invigorating and boldly targeted step for the climate justice movement

Naomi Klein: The Great Clash Between Capitalism and the Climate

Klein discusses her new book, “This Changes Everything”

Yates Mckee: After the People’s Climate March, Flood Wall Street

Come for the climate march, stay for the flood

Ted Glick: Pricing Pollution, Cutting Carbon

There are many things which need to be done if we are to break the hold of the oil, gas and coal industries over government

Eddie Bautista: Why We March

Stepping Forth for a Planet in Peril

George Monbiot: Stopping Climate Meltdown Needs The Courage That Saved The Ozone Layer

Governments dither on the solution to global warming – but the Montreal protocol is a reminder of a time when they took their hands out of their pockets

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