Category: Global Warming

Dahr Jamail: The Brink of Mass Extinction

In the last decade alone, record high temperatures across the United States have outnumbered record low temperatures two to one, and the trend is both continuing and escalating

Paul Street: Deleting the Imperial Perpetrator

The message is clear: the US has no obligation to take in or otherwise care for the massive influx of child migrants from Central America

Tom Hayden: U.S.-China Climate Talks Creep Forward

With the US and China responsible for 40 percent of global carbon emissions, the future likely turns on bilateral diplomatic progress towards the December 2015 global summit

Jon Queally: World Council of Churches to Divest from World’s Dirty Fuels

Representing more than half a billion people, the decision is called ‘major victory’ for global movement calling for transition away from oil, coal, and gas

Ian Angus: On ‘Environmental Catastrophism’

Ian Angus Replies to Sam Gindin

Andrea Germanos: Spending Billions to Dig a Bigger Climate Hole

New report highlights continued fossil fuel subsidies that foster further climate crisis at taxpayers’ expense

Tom Hayden: Environmentalists, Capitalists Should Broker Green New Deal

Most environmentalists see themselves on the left of the political spectrum, so what’s the Left to do when leaders of finance capital take leading roles in confronting climate change?

Don Fitz: How Green is the ‘Green New Deal’?

Digging beneath the surface appearance of the GND requires exploring its family tree: the “Green Revolution”, green capitalism and the “Green Economy”

Adrian Fernandez Jauregui: Considering the Precop In Venezuela

A look at the upcoming preCOP, a big climate gathering organised by the Venezuelan government to bring social movements, NGOs, and government from all over the world to come together free from corporate lobbyists to make progress on the issue internationally

Jeffrey St. Clair: Field Notes From a Mirage

The dream is coming to an end. A reckoning is fast approaching. The water is running out

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