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Sarah Lazare: Obama Touts ‘Historic’ Climate Plan, But Will It Go Far Enough?

The president’s Clean Power Plan includes deeper emissions cuts but also numerous concessions to the industry

Subhankar Banerjee: Paradise Burning

Why We All Need to Learn the Word “Anthropogenic”

Ted Glick: Pope Francis: Climate Game-Changer

Just in time, hopefully, the leader the world needs on the climate crisis has stepped forward: Pope Francis. What other person known worldwide, with an international following and with the power—spiritually and politically—to have an impact is doing what the Pope has done so far, since  he was named Pope in the spring of 2013? Read more…

Bill Quigley: The Hurricane Katrina Pain Index Ten Years Later

Hundreds of Katrina survivors were not allowed to return to their homes in New Orleans public housing, despite the fact that they were unaffected by flooding. Craig Morse Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 License When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005, the nation saw tens of thousands of people left behind in Read more…

Pete Dolack: We may have already committed ourselves to 6-meter sea-level rise

Even if humanity were to stop throwing carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere today, a catastrophic rise in sea levels of six meters may be inevitable. Two previous prehistoric interglacial periods, in which the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere was believed to be about what it is today, resulted in dramatic rising of Read more…

Federico Fuentes: Why the media distorts Bolivia’s environmental record

When Bolivian President Evo Morales announced in May that his government was allowing oil and gas drilling in national parks, mainstream and progressive media outlets alike were quick to condemn his supposed hypocrisy on environmental issues. Writing for the Associated Press, Frank Bajak argued that although known internationally for his outspoken campaigning on climate change, Read more…

Naomi Klein: A Radical Vatican?

By asserting that nature has a value in and of itself, Francis is overturning centuries of theological interpretation that regarded the natural world with outright hostility

Emily Schwartz Greco: Lighting a Legal Fuse

People from Seattle to Fiji are filing lawsuits over global warming

Kathy Kelly: Pushing for the Dismantling of Anti-Climate, Pro-War Economies

Corruption of the global environment and compulsively frantic destruction of irreplaceable resources is an equally sure, if more delayed, manner of imposing chaos and death on a mass scale

Stephen Humphreys: Climate change poses an existential threat to human rights

In order to keep 80% or more of this oil in the ground, as we must, concrete drastic action is needed

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