Category: Global Warming

Agnès Sinai: Climate change conflicts

Climate change refugees and war provoked or exacerbated by drought and crop failures are already with us, and they will worsen through this century

Russ Wellen: Pope Francis Blesses Environment, McKibben Gives Pope His Blessing

Laudato Si’, the papal encyclical letter written by Pope Francis, is helping to move global warming to the forefront of the world’s consciousness

Juan Cole: Defying Saudis, Iran: Muslim thinkers call for Action on Climate Change at Istanbul Conference

Attendees at the International Islamic Climate Change Symposium in Istanbul from 20 countries produced, and 60 of them signed, a declaration warning of the dangers of climate change and urging urgent action

Lissa Johnson: Truth Hurts: The Science Behind Why People Don’t Care About The Death Of Our Planet And Democracy

System justification correlates with political conservatism or right leaning political ideology and other inequality-justifying beliefs

William deBuys: California First

California is giving us a preview of our world to come

Michael T. Klare: Double-Dip Oil Rout

Why an Oil Glut May Lead to a New World of Energy

Vincent Emanuele: Rising Sea Levels: Preparing for the Future

Communities who are organized and cohesive will have a better chance at ‘weathering the storm’ than communities who are socially fragmented, racially segregated and ideologically scattered

Jeremy Brecher: The EPA’s Clean Power Plan: How Unions and Allies Can Protect Affected Workers

Unions can pursue CPPs that reflect jobs, just transition, environmental justice, and climate protection objectives by building alliances among environmentalists, labor, and environmental justice advocates

Glen David Kuecker: Obama’s Clean Power Plan: A Fool’s Errand

The conflict between the ecosystem and capitalist economy has only three outcomes: the death of the ecosystem, the death of capitalism, or both

Juan Cole: Major Indirect Benefits of Obama’s Climate Plan that could save the World

Government steps that encourage business and consumers to take millions of consequential decisions are essential

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