Category: Global Warming

Patrick Bond: Will a “climate movement across the movements” produce Seattle-style shutdowns or a Paris cul de sac?

“…we need to give people hope that there is a purpose to the mobilisation”

Steve Early: Future Blast Zones?

How Crude-By-Rail Puts U.S. Communities At Risk

Matt Huber: Too Much Oil

Taking on climate change will require massive state investment and the destruction of the fossil fuel industry

Joe Uehlein: A Climate Protection Guide to Organized Labor

The path to future growth for organized labor lies in its ability to become a central player in the movement to build a sustainable future for the planet and its people

George Monbiot: Keep fossil fuels in the ground to stop climate change

There is nothing random about the pattern of silence that surrounds our lives. Silences occur where powerful interests are at risk of exposure

Jeremy Brecher: Building people power before the Paris climate summit

The global climate protection movement does not need either to support or to block the Paris climate summit. It needs to raise the pressure on the governments and institutions of the world

Graham Readfearn: Doubt over climate science is a product with an industry behind it

What’s clear – and has been clear for well over a decade – is that the climate science denial industry is largely an extension of a program developed in the 1960s by big tobacco

Thalif Deen: Syrian Conflict Has Underlying Links to Climate Change, Says Study

Described as the worst ever recorded in the region, the drought is said to have destroyed agriculture in the breadbasket region of northern Syria

Ted Glick: The Keystone Pipeline of Natural Gas?

The issue of FERC is more than an issue for communities impacted by their decisions. It is a basic social justice issue, an issue of corruption of democracy

Debbie Bookchin: Bookchin: Living legacy of an American revolutionary

Interview with Debbie Bookchin, who provides valuable insights into her father’s political legacy

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