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Nikos Raptis: An Earthquake is not an Academic Subject

Although quakes cannot be prevented, they can be rendered not deadly

Paul Street: No Respect for the Poor, Working or Not

Respect for workers will only be won from the bottom up, through collective and militant action

Pete Dolack: Speculation for its own sake pays billions

A year’s worth of gross world product is traded in about two weeks on the world’s stock, bond, derivative, futures and foreign-exchange markets

Murtaza Hussain: New Film, Among the Believers, Looks Inside Pakistan’s Madrassas

Talha’s story is symptomatic of a broader phenomenon in Pakistan: a central government without the means or motivation to provide infrastructure and economic opportunity for the great mass of its poor citizenry

Maya Schenwar: Too Many People in Jail? Abolish Bail

We are incarcerating people for being poor, at great cost to actual human lives

Paul Street: A Racially Blind Night in the Life of the “P”BS Newshour

It might seem bizarre to see race and racism omitted from discussions of urban poverty and the New Jim Crow criminal justice system on the supposedly liberal “public” broadcasting network

Vijay Prashad: Brutal in Baltimore

Across the board the poor pay higher prices for mortgages, automobile loans, furniture, appliances, electronics, financial services, groceries and insurance

Anonymous. Anonymous: Your call to customer service can make or break my paycheck

Your call could be the call that pushes me to the next level of bonus, earning me $100 extra, or it could be the one that brings what was going to be a $700 bonus down to just a $70 bonus

Stuart Munckton: Britain: Tories win, but Scotland turns left

While imposing crippling cuts and the austerity measures on the majority, under the Tories the super-rich have doubled their wealth

Jack Rasmus: US Economy Collapses Again—4th Time in 4 years

Data released last week by the US government showed the US economy came to a near halt in the first three months of 201

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