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Gary Olson: Psychopaths R Us

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business is offering a new course this Fall: BUS 415: Concealing Your Psychopathic Identity

Paul Street: Hillary Clinton’s Neocon Resumé

Liberal Democratic Hillary Clinton supporters get defensive when they hear that Mrs. Clinton is favored over Donald Trump by right-wing billionaires like Charles Koch and (with much more enthusiasm) by leading arch-imperial foreign policy Neoconservatives like Robert Kagan, Max Boot, and Eliot Cohen. But an honest look at Hillary’s record should make the support she Read more…

Keith A. Spencer: Against the Crowdfunding Economy

Crowdfunding websites marketize goodwill

Vladimir Safatle: We Accuse

Brazil’s new government is the product of a parliamentary coup and a bankrupt political class

Steven Hill: The Sharing Economy Will Screw Us All—and It’s Retirement We Have to Be Really Worried About

As more of us fight for scraps, Social Security is more important than ever

Patrick Cockburn: Corrupt elites will fight hard to stop the dismantling of the looting machines

Can corruption be controlled by reform or is it so much the essential fuel sustaining political elites that it will only be ended – if it ends at all – by revolutionary change?

Badri Raina: Braveheart Bernie

A festival of good sense marches from Nebraska to Maine

Cenk Uygur: Brazillian Impeachment Is Actually A Corporate Coup

The change in government marks a dramatic political shift in Brazil

Sam Pizzigati: Dr. Billionaire, Meet Dr. Salk

Can we conquer disease without concentrating wealth in a precious few pockets? Not-so-distant history offers a clear and encouraging answer

Pete Dolack: We all pay for low wages

The relentless scramble to survive competition eventually closed the brief window when rising wages were tolerated and government investment encouraged

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