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Cynthia Peters: The Class War and Door-Knocking During Blizzards

The home is where we live our lives. Unfortunately, it is also a key place where we have to fight for our lives. It’s one of the fronts in the class war, and you can join the fight

Preeti Kaur: Switzerland, Media and the Revolving Door

As the Telegraph’s handling of the HSBC tax evasion scandal shows, the propaganda model remains relevant today

Vincent Emanuele: Amusing the World: Media Consumption and Culture

The rest of the world is now consuming media at the same pace, and in the same forms, as those living in the United States

Vijay Prashad: The night is long

LARGE, CORRUGATED IRON FENCES BLOCK the road to Tahrir Square in Cairo. The fences are painted with the Egyptian flag. There are, of course, ways to get into the square, but these are few. On the eve of the fourth anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, the mood in Egypt was mixed. Many wanted to Read more…

Dave Zirin: Gentrification Is the Real Scandal Surrounding Jackie Robinson West

The public funds for the infrastructure that baseball demands simply do not exist, but the land required for diamonds are the crown jewels of urban real estate

Vijay Prashad: When New Atheism meets Islam

There is little acknowledgement that what has destroyed the cultural basis of northern Europe and part of the US heartland is not “Islam”, but the predatory nature of advanced capitalism

David Sirota: As Public Pensions Shift to Risky Wall Street, Local Politicians Rake in Political Cash

Many of the investments are being done in secret while politically connected Wall Streets firms — including Blackstone, the Carlyle Group and Elliott Management — earn millions in investment fees from taxpayers

Dean Baker: The Sharing Economy Must Share a Level Playing Field

The idea that Uber should be able to operate by its own rules may be the dream of its top executives and holders of Uber stock, but it is not sound public policy

James Green: West Virginia Coal Mine Owners Have Blood on Their Hands

The bloody history of mine workers in West Virginia is truly as dark as any dungeon, but the recent indictment of a mine owner suggests that maybe the tide has turned

Jérôme Roos: HSBC and the Upside-Down World of Austerity Politics

In the UK, while the rich escaped to Switzerland and the Caymens, the benefits of the poor were cut “to balance the budget”

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