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Thomas Frank: How the Democrats left the door wide open for Donald Trump

The Democrats ditched the working class in favour of a professional elite leaving Trump – a master of ‘resentment politics’ – to hoover up their votes

Ronald Brownstein: The Diverse Left and White Working-Class Right

Does the Democratic Party—open to all immigrants, races, genders, and sexual orientations—have enough room for less educated white voters?

Badri Raina: Hindu Caste System

The Hindu Caste system  is Full of rationale; From head to polluted tail It ordains a synthesis. Thus, the Brahmin, is to rest and bless, The kshatriya will the realm protect; The Vaishya will the chips collect, And the Shudra clean up the mess. Thus is Bharat stable, strong, With each one in unshakable place— Read more…

Ronald Brownstein: The Class Inversion of American Politics Accelerates

Donald Trump’s Republicans are becoming the party of blue-collar white voters, as college-educated white voters slip away

Chris Brooks: Busting the Myths of a Workerless Future

We have millions more workers than we used to—the problem being that they are worse off than they used to be, not that they don’t exist

Tamara Draut: The New Working Class: Trump Can Talk to Disaffected White Men, but They Don’t Make up the ‘Working Class’ Anymore

Democrats need to get comfortable with using the term “working class” or risk losing those voters to Trump

Angie Beeman: Why Doesn’t Middle America Trust Hillary? She Thinks She’s Better Than Us and We Know It

Born and raised in Illinois, a resident of Arkansas, you would think Hillary Clinton would be more in touch with Middle America than New York City elite, Donald Trump or Brooklyn born, Vermont hippy Bernie Sanders. We’ve heard that we can’t trust Hillary Clinton because she’s too ambitious. She’ll do anything to win, no matter Read more…

Sue Sturgis: Striking a Blow Against Debtors’ Prisons

Amount that Jennings, Missouri, has agreed to pay out to people jailed because they were unable to pay court fines and fees they owed: $4.75 million Number of people who will receive payments under the settlement: almost 2,000 Days they collectively spent in jail over the last five years: about 8,300 Month in which Equal Read more…

Paul Street: Political Correctness: Handle with Care

Racial, gender, and ethnic diversity matters, of course, but political correctness (PC) tied to bourgeois identity politics can be deadly to Left thinkers and activists and to the causes of peace and social justice

Sarah Lazare: The Myth of Upward Mobility in America

Researchers find that those who start out poor are likely to remain so

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