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Pete Dolack: More unemployment and less security

The bad news is that the world’s number of unemployed workers and those with precarious employment is expected to rise during 2016 and 2017. The worse news is that the true number of those in these categories are probably significantly undercounted. The International Labour Organization, a United Nations agency that just issued its “World Employment Read more…

Patrick Bond: World Bank punches South Africa’s poor, by ignoring the rich

Subsidized white capitalists and oppressed activists are amongst those who must “not be named”

Paul Street: Kill King Capital

“If you’re going to shoot the king, don’t miss,” Niccolò Machiavelli wrote in The Prince (1505). “The injury that is to be done,” Machiavelli added, “ought to be of such a kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge.” Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote something similar in his journal in September of 1843: “Never Read more…

Jack Rasmus: The $10 Trillion US Tax Giveaway – $10 Trillion More Proposed

How U.S. Congress and Presidential Candidates keep the cash flowing to corporations and investors

Pete Dolack: Let Them Eat iPhones

Competitive pressure accounts for some corporate mergers — the capitalist imperative to grow or die does not abate even for the biggest corporations

Vijay Prashad: China’s road to the Middle East

China’s quiet days seem over

Patrick Bond: BRICS Faces External Capitalist Crisis, Growing Internal Strife

Brazil, Russia, India and China quietly step on African heads to get more IMF voting power, as one instance of the anti-Western rhetorical charade

Roberto Savio: The Lesson from Davos: No Connection to Reality

This is a powerful example of the disconnection between the concern of citizens and their elite

Walden Bello: Why Wall Street Won Round One and We Might Win the Next

Dealing with finance capital yesterday and tomorrow

Pete Dolack: Inequality and the World Economic Forum

“Let no billionaire be unheard” would seem to be a far more accurate slogan for the World Economic Forum to adopt

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