Category: Economics

Paul Krugman: Our Invisible Rich

Most Americans say, if asked, that inequality is too high and something should be done about it

Richard D. Wolff: Four-Day Workweeks: Change for the Better?

Changes in the capitalist system’s operating procedures, rules and regulations are always presented as if they were in everyone’s interest

Mark Evans: Economic Norms for Mental Health Promotion

We know that social exclusion is bad for people’s mental health. It follows therefore, that an economic system that is inclusive will help remove this social determinant of mental illness

Charles R. Larson: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism

Edward E. Baptist’s brilliant book, The Half Has Never Been Told, soars because of the author’s decision to root his analysis in the human dimension

Paul Street: Krugman Needs New Sunglasses: Science Fiction, Ecocide, and Cheap Change

Spaceship Earth” presents its own urgent social and ecological justifications for massive public works programs and investments

Naomi Klein: “Capitalism Is Stupid”

Interview on why liberalism is not enough, why billionaires can’t save us, and what we need to do to save ourselves

Shane Danaher: Patients Last

Prime Healthcare Services — like the rest of the for-profit health industry — shows capitalism at its worst

Z. C. Dutka: Venezuela’s Maduro Responds to Scathing US Editorials and Blames Capitalism for ‘Environment Collapse’

. Over the weekend, the Washington Post ridiculed president Nicolas Maduro and warned readers that, if elected to council, Venezuela would only “advocate for allies such as Syria, Iran and Cuba”

Greg Palast: Crime Scene New Orleans

Katrina killed no one in this town. But it was a homicide, with nearly 2,000 dead victims. If not Katrina, who done it? It wasn’t an Act of God. It was an Act of Chevron. An Act of Exxon. An Act of Big Oil.

Jack Rasmus: The Global Jobs Crisis, Inequality, & the ‘Ghost’ of Keynes

Three global capitalist research institutes recently released reports documenting a growing ‘global jobs crisis’

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