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Jack Rasmus: The Global Jobs Crisis, Inequality, & the ‘Ghost’ of Keynes

Three global capitalist research institutes recently released reports documenting a growing ‘global jobs crisis’

Belen Fernandez: Neoliberal Rape in Spain

In Spain, a new set of guidelines to help women avoid rape is just one among many policies assaulting citizens’ dignity

Richard D. Wolff: Sweden Said Good Riddance to Austerity – When Will America?

The country’s voters chose a group of left-wing and center-left parties -led by the Social Democrat party – to head a new government

William Finnegan: Demonizing the Minimum Wage

With the midterm elections approaching, the United States Congress finds itself in an exaggerated version of its customary posturing gridlock

Fernando Vegas: What is Socialism Nowadays? (II)

The best lesson taken from the French Revolution is to enhance Democracy and the more direct the better; Socialism is only possible moving side by side with Democracy

Naomi Klein: The Great Clash Between Capitalism and the Climate

Klein discusses her new book, “This Changes Everything”

Naomi Klein: Breaking a Taboo

Klein challenges everyone who cares about climate change to strive for a seemingly impossible redistribution of political and economic power

Pete Dolack: The Lag In Wages Vs. Productivity Costs You Hundreds Of Dollars Per Week

We are living in very different times than the post-war years; the neoliberal offensive is the natural development of capitalism and the manic competition that mandates capitalists to grow or die

Steve Fraser: Playing God

The Rebirth of Family Capitalism or How the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Sam Walton, Bill Gates, and Other Billionaires Are Undermining America

Phillip Inman: Long-Term Unemployment Almost Double Pre-Financial Crisis Level – OECD

Forum says there are 45 million unemployed across major economies and warns that cyclical rise has become structural

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