Category: Economics

Fernando Vegas: What is Socialism Nowadays (IV)

The Bolivarian Revolution initiated by Hugo Chavez in 1999 clearly opted to undergo political, economic and social changes within the scope of Socialism through a gradual process

Paul Krugman: Rock Bottom Economics

The Inflation and Rising Interest Rates That Never Showed Up

Mark Evans: Ending Economic Exploitation

Is it possible to create system that does not exploit people or the planet?

Pete Dolack: Do Rents Really Rise Without Human Intervention?

The magic of the market at work again

Paul Street: American Oligarchy and Class Rule, 2014

They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy

Les Leopold: America’s Warp Speed Decline into an Unequal Society

Corporate power is bad, but the financial industry is behind the atrocious wealth divide

Patrick Bond: The World Bank blinks at South African inequality and corporate subsidies

The Bank’s optimism about redistributiom is not unusual, for it suffers a seriously bad statistical habit: poverty denialism.

George Monbiot: Growth: the destructive god

Why are we wrecking the natural world and public services to generate growth, when that growth is not delivering contentment, security or even, for most of us, greater prosperity?

Laura Gottesdiener: Two Detroits, Separate and Unequal

A Journey Across a City Divided

Joe Emersberger: Assessing Russell Brand’s Revolution

Brand has been taken to task for not voting, but he advocates giving citizens many more opportunities to vote directly on issues

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