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Jack Rasmus: Neoliberal Economists v. Bernie Sanders

The irony of the Krugman/Gang of Four attack is that Sanders’s proposals represent what were once Democratic party positions and programs—positions that have been abandoned by the party and its mouthpiece economists since the 1980s as it morphed into a wing of the neoliberal agenda.

Steve Early: The Last Hurrah in Richmond?

Even Bernie Sanders, now the nation’s foremost critic of big money in politics, seems taken aback by the scale of Chevron spending on Bates’s behalf.

Michael T. Klare: Debacle at Doha

The Collapse of the Old Oil Order

Various Contributors: What is to be Done with the Banks? Radical Proposals for Radical Changes

Immediate measures for moving towards socialisation By John Weeks , Eric Toussaint , Stavros Tombazos , Pritam Singh , Benjamin Selwyn , Alfredo Saad Filho , Patrick Saurin , Sabri Öncü , Susan Pashkoff , Ozlem Onaran , Thomas Marois , Philippe Marlière , Francisco Louça , Stathis Kouvelakis , Andy Kilmister , Michel Husson Read more…

Pete Dolack: Military spending is the capitalist world’s fuel

The entire history of capitalism is built on violence, and violence has been used to both impose and maintain the system from its earliest days

Michael Roberts: Let Them Eat Profit

Governments have turned a blind eye to tax havens in order to protect corporate profitability

George Monbiot: The Zombie Doctrine

Crisis after crisis is being caused by a failed ideology. But it cannot be stopped without a coherent alternative

Alyssa Davis: Closing the pay gap and beyond

A comprehensive strategy for improving economic security for women and families

William Black: “Liberal” Economists Cheered the New Democrats’ Deregulation of Finance

It is important to understand the intersection of the economic and political contexts in spring 1999 in the United States

Greg Grandin:  The Panama Papers Are Only the Beginning

Financial crimes and political conspiracies aren’t discrete events but the essence of neoliberalism

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