Category: Globalization

Jérôme Roos: Why does Greece not simply default?

History has shown that countries that refuse to pay their debts fall harder but recover faster than those that do not. So why does Greece’s left-led government not simply get it over with?

Deane Marchbein: The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Threat To Global Health?

The public health repercussions of this deal could be massive

Jack Rasmus: Exit Stage Right (Brexit) and Left (Grexit)

The Troika will not let go, and will continue to squeeze Greece until it returns its economy back to the austerity driven depression condition it was in before the January 2015 elections and Syriza’s assuming the government

Antonis Davanellos: SYRIZA Faces a Decisive Test

The debate over Greece’s future and the hardening battle lines in the discussion of what comes next

Jeremy Gillula: Is Not Neutral, Not Secure, and Not the Internet

It continues to impose conditions and restraints that not only make it something less than a true Internet service, but also endanger people’s privacy and security

Michael Schwartz: A Winning Strategy for the Left

Social movements should focus on targeting corporations and oppressive institutions rather than politicians

Pete Dolack: Speculation for its own sake pays billions

A year’s worth of gross world product is traded in about two weeks on the world’s stock, bond, derivative, futures and foreign-exchange markets

Chris Hedges: “Why should we be impoverished so that the profits of big banks, corporations, and hedge funds can swell?”

It is a frightening fact that intelligence agencies now work on behalf of corporations as well as the state

Shepherd Bliss: Wine Maker Paul Hobbs Herbicide Spraying Upsets Parents and Neighbors at Apple Blossom School Meeting

Hidden beneath the attractive, compelling school names is the ugly reality of their being sprayed by herbicides proven to cause cancer

Deborah James: ‘Expose U.S. hypocrisy in WTO talks’

Interview on the ongoing fight in the WTO around the question of food security

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