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Yanis Varoufakis: Greek Tragedy

On Greece’s economic crisis

Alexis Tsipras: “Austerity is a Dead End”

I think that what our European partners and creditors wrested is a Pyrrhic victory, but that at the same time it represents a great moral victory for Greece and its left government.

Leigh Phillips: A club of ghouls: the need for rupture with the EU

After Greece, the road to a democratic, social United States of Europe passes through ‘Brexit’ and a toppling of the post-democratic tyranny that is the European Union

Mark Weisbrot: Despite Pressure from Washington, Greek Bailout Increases Grexit Odds

It is now clear that the European authorities do not intend to let the Greek economy recover any time in the foreseeable future

Keane Bhatt: The Fight Against TPP Proves US Is Not a Corporatocracy

A broad, diverse array of organizations engaged in activism has leveled the playing field in the fight over U.S. trade policy

Pete Dolack: Speculators Circling Puerto Rico Latest Mode Of Colonialism

The financial industry, in contrast to the mythology it loves to peddle, does not create wealth — it confiscates wealth, attempting to profit off every aspect of human activity

Serge Halimi: The Europe we don’t want

The Eurogroup and the International Monetary Fund have crushed the hopes of a youthful movement that sought to transform a nation and rouse a continent

Leo Panitch: The Syriza Dilemma

Ginden and Panitch explain the possibilities and realities of the Greek situation.

Leo Panitch: SYRIZA’s Stability Rocked by New Memorandum

Three part interview with Real News elaborating the Panitch/Ginden analysis…

David Marty: How Greece could leave the euro

Thanks to a flaw in the design of the Euro, Greece could leave the eurozone without much technical or legal complications

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