Category: Globalization

Paul Krugman: Amazon’s Monopsony Is Not O.K.

What matters is whether it has too much power, and is abusing that power. Well, it does, and it is

Jérôme Roos: The Next Financial Crisis May Be Just Around the Corner

The headlines look eerily familiar: global growth is stalling, stocks are tumbling and peripheral bond yields are rising sharply

Leigh Phillips: The Political Economy of Ebola

Ebola is a problem that is not being solved because there is almost no money to be made in solving it. It’s an unprofitable disease

Sarah Lazare: ‘Eroding Legitimacy’ of Fossil Fuels Industry

Divestment Movement Gains Ground

Cory Fischer-hoffman: Planting the People’s Seed Law in Venezuela

It is clear that the movement is growing strength and numbers, as food sovereignty becomes defined through a participatory process from the grassroots up

Susan Robertson: GERM – neoliberal policy infecting the world’s classrooms

The neoliberal mantra of ‘choice’, tests and privatisation is poisoning our education systems worldwide

Naomi Klein: Climate change: how to make the big polluters really pay

Are fossil fuel companies – long toxic to our natural environment – becoming toxic in the public relations environment as well?

Rob Prince: Ebola: A Symptom of Economic Inequality

While the Ebola virus is spreading globally, its impact will mostly felt in the world’s poorer regions

David Bacon: Globalization And NAFTA Caused Migration From Mexico

Not one immigration proposal in Congress in the quarter century since IRCA was passed has tried to come to grips with the policies that uprooted miners, teachers, tree planters, and farmers

Carlos Salazar: The Assassination of Detroit

We must create a city that, given the choice between a massive for-profit urban farm and housing for families who have lost their homes, chooses the families

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