Category: Globalization

Jack Rasmus: On the Edge of Another Global Recession?

The economic question of the day has suddenly become: ‘Is the global economy about to slide into another recession?’

Sebastian Rosemont: Hitting Mining Companies Where They Live

Canadian mining companies have long evaded responsibility for abuses carried out by their subsidiaries in the developing world. That could be about to change

Paul Street: Really Bad Media

The core institutional purposes of that media is clear as day: to keep people in a state of fragmented powerlessness

Patrick Bond: Obama, Zuma and the Washington-Pretoria-Tel Aviv Relay

What, ultimately, was the importance of the Africa-US leadership summit at the White House last week?

Don Fitz: “Right to Farm” Scam

When Monsanto’s home state of Missouri passed the “Right to Farm” on August 5, 2014 the third noose of corporate control tightened around the neck of the US

Steve Early: Looking for a Knockout in November? Chevron Goes Another Round with Richmond

People and some politicians of Richmond, in California, U.S, have made life hard for Chevron

Lauren McCauley: Uprising Against Corporate Greed

As strikes enter third week, workers and customers of Market Basket demand reinstatement of beloved CEO “Artie T.

Greg Palast: Obama Can End Argentina’s Debt Crisis with a Pen

The “vulture” financier now threatening to devour Argentina can be stopped dead by a simple note to the courts from Barack Obama

Vijay Prashad: BRICS

Discussing the recent BRICS conference and the proposal to create a new development bank

Ezequiel Adamovsky: Argentina’s Debt Case: the International Dimension

Much of the support for Argentina, as we have seen, springs from a wider concern about the stability and predictability of the global financial system

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