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Martha Mendoza: Nestlé​ admits slavery and coercion used in catching its seafood

Global audit by the food giant finds abuse of workers who catch seafood from Thailand

Pepe Escobar: Will Chess, Not Battleship, Be the Game of the Future in Eurasia?

Silk Roads, Night Trains, and the Third Industrial Revolution in China

Glenn Greenwald: Submissive” Media’s Drumbeat for War and “Despicable” Anti-Muslim Scapegoating

Investors are fully aware that the main people who are going to benefit from this escalation as a result of Paris is the military-industrial complex

Margaret Flowers: The World Is Rising To Stop Transnational Corporate Treaties

Global solidarity is essential to stop the Race to the Bottom Washington, DC – On Tuesday, November 17, as part of the Flush the TPP days of action and in solidarity with people protesting the Asian Pacific Economic Coordination (APEC) meetings in Manila, Philippines, trade justice advocates took over the streets of Embassy Row and Read more…

Jack Rasmus: The TPP and the New Global Corporate Government

The signing of the TPP agreement in Atlanta, Georgia, on Oct. 4, 2015, represents in a sense the founding “Constitutional Convention” of global corporate government

Yves Smith: Greece and Creditors at Loggerheads Again; Troika Wants More Foreclosures

Greece and its lenders are again at odds over the latest “bailout” funds, which is €2 billion that was scheduled to be approved for release by the famed Eurobgroup

Bill McKibben: Why Exxon Is the Next Big Climate Fight

I’ve thought for a long time that if we could ever get this thing looked at on the merits, finally, we would win

Simon Chandler: The More Robots We Bring into Society, the More We’re Forced to Behave Like Them

Because of this increased tendency toward repetition and inflexibility, the AI or robot assistant will make its “master” more repetitive and inflexible

John Feffer: Splinterlands

The View from 2050

David Swanson: The TPP: You, Me, Everyone Else, Against the Media

The role of communicating what’s wrong with the TPP cannot be left to the major corporate media

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