Category: Globalization

Nikos Raptis: Greece: A possible Route

Will the Emperor and his Janissaries be successful in their effort to stop SYRIZA, Alexis, Zoe and all of us Greeks in our effort to move to a better society and to, even, become a catalyst for ecumenical hope?

Shepherd Bliss: Big Wine Fails to Dry Farm During California’s Relentless Drought

It is unfair to mandate people and other businesses to conserve water and allow Big Ag and Big Wine to consume as much as they want, for free.

Bruce A. Dixon: Demonizing Teachers, Privatizing Schools

The Big Lies and Big Plans Behind the Atlanta School Cheating Scandal

George Monbiot: A Hole in the System

Fire and forget: that’s the psychopathic business model we confront, and the forgetting is assisted by the press and political leaders

Costas Douzinas: A very European coup

There is no single blueprint or precedent for the democratic socialism of the twenty first century. The Left will have to improvise and adjust, to become brutally pragmatic and uncompromisingly principled

Jim Shultz: The Case That Blew the Lid Off the World Bank’s Secret CourtsT

How Bolivian protesters and global activists exposed the dark side of global trade pacts and paved the way for the battles to come

Bill Berkowitz: Criminalizing Poverty: A Toxic and Growing Phenomenon

The Justice Department’s report on Ferguson, Missouri’s criminal justice system pointed out that African Americans were specifically targeted, seen “less as constituents to be protected than as potential offenders and sources of revenue.”

Walden Bello: China’s Offering a World Bank Alternative — and U.S. Allies Are Signing Up

Beijing is only too happy to offer an alternative to Western-dominated international finance. What’s more surprising is that leading Western economies are signing up

David Korten: A Trade Rule that Makes It Illegal to Favor Local Business? Newest Leak Shows TPP Would Do That And More

Approval of the TPP means sacrificing our democracy and our right to manage our markets and resources for the public good

Pete Dolack: Trans-Pacific Partnership says if a corporation claims it’s true, it must be true

Allowing the TPP to pass means nothing less than an end to democracy and a world where corporate power and money becomes more dominant than ever, where corporate profits are codified in law to be above all other human concerns

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