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Joe Emersberger: The Savage Injustice of the Europeans

Syriza is not the only target. The Troika wants the Greek people overthrown

Jérôme Roos: Greece’s referendum: one no, many yeses!

A victory for OXI would not just help restore a sense of dignity to Greece; it would strengthen the ground for anti-austerity struggles across Europe

Kavaljit Singh: The Never Ending Saga of Greece’s Debt Crisis

The referendum will be keenly watched by the world

Alexis Tsipras: Greece: Vote #OXI — Alexis Tsipras’ speech at the final rally before ‘Greferendum’

Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras addressed tens of thousands of people in the final rally to call for a #OXI (No) vote in the July 5 referendum against the European Union’s blackmail and austerity

Boris Kagarlitsky: Tsipras and the Vampires

The actions of the Troika seem far less absurd if we reflect that the billions of euros intended to “save Greece” never reached that ill-fated country but were deposited immediately in German and French banks

Theodoros Karyotis: Our responsibility to vote ‘NO’ in the Greek referendum

A yes vote would entail a major setback for popular struggles; a NO vote, by contrast, would open up radical new horizons for the grassroots movement

Mark Weisbrot: Are European authorities trying to force regime change in Greece?

The European authorities are offering no future to Greece – no light at the end of the tunnel, especially for the 60 percent of young people who are already unemployed

Vijay Prashad: What if Greece were in the ‘Third World’?

It is only because the crisis-hit nation is an EU member that it is being given a choice in the imposition of the neo-liberal economic agenda

Yiannis Bournous: A Message of Solidarity And Hope From Greece”

Yiannis Bournous, member of the Political Secretariat of Syriza was invited by Alternatives to its Festival of Solidarity held in Montreal on June 13, 2015. This speech has been transcribed by Jennifer Geleff, contributer to the Alternatives International Journal Some of you know many aspects of the consequences of the barbaric neoliberal austerity policies that Read more…

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos: The Significance Of A Greek “No” In The National Referendum

In this country where we live today, on the very soil we tread, the «ideologist» of the Athenian Republic, Protagoras, proclaimed «Man is the measure of all things», for the first time in the history of humanity. The Greek people, at one of the most critical and dramatic crossroads of a history going back several Read more…

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