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Paul Mason: Rejecting Austerity, Greece Squares Off with Its Creditors & Risks Future in Eurozone

Less than a month after the anti-austerity Syriza party swept to victory in Greece, a major dispute has broken out between Greece’s new leaders and European finance ministers

Mike-Frank Epitropoulos: Greece and TINA: Syriza Igniting Debates

This is a fight for self-determination, self-respect and dignity for the Greek people

Thom Hartmann: Free Trade Deals Have Devastated the U.S.

The Trans Pacific Partnership deal will likely be the death of American industry

Jim Hightower: Global Trade Deal Is a ‘Corporate Coup d’Etat’

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would allow an unprecedented level of global corporate rule

Yanis Varoufakis: I’m the finance minister of a bankrupt country

The Germans need not trust the Greeks, but should listen to them, says Yanis Varoufakis

Doctors Without borders: TPP Trade Deal Will Be Devastating for Access to Affordable Medicines

We need to keep prices low so our patients — and millions of others still waiting for treatment in the developing world — can get the medicines they need

John Feffer: The Collapse of Europe?

The European Union May Be on the Verge of Regime Collapse

Siri Srinivas: Obama ready to defy Democrats to push secretive trade deal

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a trade agreement so significant and important, its details can’t be disclosed

Deirdre Fulton: ‘Free Trade’ Fallacies

In their speeches and commentary, the administration, corporate interests and GOP leadership disregard the real, detrimental impacts that previous fast tracked trade deals…have had on America’s middle class

George Monbiot: Trade Secrets

This is a reckless, unjustified destruction of our rights. We can defeat it

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