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Justin Miller: Faculty Join Fast Food in the Fight for $15

On campuses across the country, adjunct professors are starting to organize against rock-bottom pay and tenuous job security

Gary Olson: Will Teach for Food

To succeed, adjuncts need support from regular faculty, the general public and of course, students

Carl Finamore: Getting Better Organized

The Fight for $15 & A Union

Arun Gupta: Low-wage workers struggles are about much more than wages

If history and current events are any guide, the missing ingredient is the organized left

Steve Early: A Community-Labor Coalition Asks: Who Will Benefit From University Of California’s New “Global Campus?”

AFSCME rank-and-filers are campaigning, with student and community allies, for a different kind of “CBA”

Jack Rasmus: The Myths of US Exceptionalism

The appeal to exceptionalism is just another ideological ploy to get working classes to accept their deteriorating conditions

Daniel Johnson: Workers in the New Turkey

Already a country hostile to workers, Turkey has now effectively banned the strike

Shamus Cooke: Fight “Right to Work” in Oregon With “$15 and a Union”

Right to Work is not inevitable in Oregon. There is still time to go on the offensive

Sonali Kolhatkar: Why Mexico’s Farmworkers Who Harvest Our Food Are on Strike

Poor treatment of the workers who pick our produce is no accident. It is a predictable outcome of a system designed to have a bottleneck controlled by fewer and fewer corporations

Freddie Allen: Record Number of Former Workers Without Benefits

With no federal unemployment insurance and rapidly disappearing state coverage, the percentage of people benefiting from unemployment insurance is at its lowest level in more than three decades, according to a report by According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a Washington, D.C.-based think tank focused on low- and middle-income families. EPI said the unemployment Read more…

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