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Felimon Pineda: Direct Action in the Berry Fields

They steal our wages—and then turn around and donate money to the churches, the hospitals, the school district. They are donating money so that the community has their back, but it’s money they have stolen from us

Z. C. Dutka: Land Rights Activist Arrested in Venezuela

Protestors Claim Oligarchical Influence in Judicial System

Diane Krauthamer: Hands Up, Fast Food!

“We are standing up for our wages because we deserve better”

Gregg Shotwell: A Fighter All My Life

A Fighter All My Life is the memoir of Sam Johnson, a black man from the South who became a Detroit auto worker and dissident union activist

Robert Ovetz: Reviving the Power to Strike

Robert Ovetz reviews Strike Back by Joe Burns. “There is a hidden secret in our union movement and Joe Burns has shined a light on it. Our unions will not recover power until we again embrace worker self-organization”

Olivier Uyttebrouck: The End Of The Line For Chino’s Storied Union

The southern New Mexico mining town of Santa Rita no longer exists, even as a ghost town, except in the memories of Terry Humble and others who lived there. The ground beneath Santa Rita has been blasted, shoveled, and trucked away over the last century to feed the world’s demand for copper,

Shamus Cooke: The Fight for $15 Shakes Awake the U.S. Labor Movement

Fighting for and winning $15 strengthens the status of unions in the community and consequently helps shield against anti-union attacks

Mark Dudzic: Employers Keep Shifting Costs under Affordable Care Act

Until we win single-payer Medicare-for-All, health care benefits will continue to be the biggest cause of strikes, lockouts, concession bargaining, and givebacks

Tom Wetzel: What is Class Oppression?

The capitalist elite were forced to make concessions in the ‘30s-‘40s because of a threat to the very existence of their system

Emilio Godoy: Inequality in Mexico Is All About Wages

“What better social policy could there be than one that directly tackles the distribution of income?”

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