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David Bacon: 3 thoughts on “Justice for Janitors: A Misunderstood Success”

A response to Justice for Janitors: A Misunderstood Success

Peter Olney: Justice for Janitors: A Misunderstood Success

Part two of a series looking back on the 20th anniversary the AFL-CIO’s New Voice movement John Sweeney, his officers, and their staff team came into office with high expectations and great optimism. A good part of their inspiration was drawn from SEIU’s Justice for Janitors campaign that many had directly participated in or saw Read more…

Anonymous. Anonymous: Your call to customer service can make or break my paycheck

Your call could be the call that pushes me to the next level of bonus, earning me $100 extra, or it could be the one that brings what was going to be a $700 bonus down to just a $70 bonus

Sarah Grey: Four Myths About the “Freelancer Class”

Freelancers increasingly come from working-class backgrounds, work for low wages, and share the primary interests — and the precarity — of the wider working class

Los Angeles Black Worker Center: #BlackWorkersMatter

The report shows that organizing to build the power of black workers is the only way to challenge the structural racism that perpetuates black social, political and economic inequity

Joris Leverink: Kazova workers claim historic victory in Turkey

Their ultimate aim is to become a role model for others: autonomous and independent

Dick Meister: The Real May Day

Winning the eight-hour workday took years of hard struggle, beginning in the mid-1800s

Paul Street: May Day: Four Interrelated Meanings

An environmentally cancerous super-abundance of consumer goods, far beyond real human and social “use-value” needs, is widely available in the U.S. But free time is a relatively scarce “commodity”

Trish Kahle: Challenging the Industrial Narrative

Railroad workers are increasingly rejecting the old “jobs versus environment” story

Steve Early: Whatever Happened to Employee Free Choice?

AFL-CIO Delays CA. Hospital Vote

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