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Pete Dolack: Verizon sticks it to its workers because $45 billion isn’t enough

Conservative ideology insists the question should be “Why does someone have something you don’t have” (such as a pension), instead of “Why do you not have something that you should be entitled to but don’t have”

Alexandra Bradbury: Can Teamsters Save the Right to Retire?

Over 2,000 retirees and Teamsters from 20 states rallied in front of the U.S. Capitol April 14, calling on the Treasury Department to stop their pensions from being slashed by 50 to 70 percent

Adam Johnson: When ‘Both Sides’ Are Covered in Verizon Strike, Bosses’ Side Is Heard More

In labor disputes, massive multinationals have the ability to spend millions of dollars on PR, while those representing the workers don’t.

Sean O'Kane: Verizon workers take over midtown Manhattan in the second week of their strike

Thousands of Verizon workers are in the middle of a strike across the northeast United States, and today members of two unions — the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) — took to midtown Manhattan to keep the work stoppage going. The striking workers chanted, whistled, and used noisemakers Read more…

Sujata Aurora: Biting lions: remembering the Grunwick strike 40 years on

The legacy and lessons for today

Staughton Lynd: The Wobblies in their Heyday

Staughton Lynd reviews IWW in its Heyday and its author, Eric Chester, replies

Andrew McGill: Bernie Sanders, Union-Buster

More than a dozen local labor organizations have endorsed the Vermont senator, even though their national leaders have picked Hillary Clinton

Peter Olney: Bernie and Beyond 2016

The Sanders’ campaign has been a roaring success in igniting the passion of the American people for a progressive, anti-corporate agenda. It has resonated deeply with the working class because Bernie “walks the talk” that union members hear between elections. While many primaries still remain and the July Democratic convention looms, it is not too Read more…

Dan DiMaggio: Verizon Workers On the Line

The company is pushing to offshore more call-center jobs, outsource more line work to low-wage contractors, and force workers to accept assignments away from home for up to two months at a time—all while it’s making $1.8 billion in profit a month

Mackenzie Baris: Five Reasons to Care About the Verizon Strike

As the teams of working people at Verizon stand together, it’s important that we have their backs

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