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Chris Brooks: Busting the Myths of a Workerless Future

We have millions more workers than we used to—the problem being that they are worse off than they used to be, not that they don’t exist

Shane Burley: Portland fast-food workers fighting for their $15

The Burgerville Worker Union is one of many local unions formed across the US that have become the face of twenty-first century grassroots labor organizing

Kim Scipes: Open Letter to the Chicago Teachers Union

The purpose of a union is to give workers’ power at their workplace. From there, a strong and progressive union will expand its concerns into the community and fight for social justice

Jane Slaughter: Three Recent Wins Prove Old-Fashioned Union Power Isn’t Dead Yet

Unions should use this power. That’s how you build the kind of movement that can inspire more workers to join

Immanuel Ness: Working-Class Militancy in the Global South

A profound movement is emerging among workers in developing countries, demanding radical action on grievances outside the system of established unions

David Bacon: The Fight Isn’t Over for Farm Worker Overtime

ARVIN, CA – Two farm workers pull weeds in a field of organic potatoes. By mid-afternoon the temperature is over 100 degrees. Workers wear layers of clothes as insulation against the heat. For the state’s first hundred-plus years, certain unspoken rules governed California politics. In a state where agriculture produced more wealth than any industry, Read more…

Kevin Lin: In China, Walmart Retail Workers Walk Out over Unfair Scheduling

This struggle offers a chance to build international solidarity. Walmart has been mistreating its employees in China and in the United States—often in very similar ways.

Shane Burley: Historic Justice for Janitors campaign inspires a new generation of janitorial organizing

With SEIU’s Raise America campaign, which looks to raise the standards for union janitors across the country, the Justice for Janitors legacy holds critical lessons for how public campaigns win concessions

Alexandra Bradbury: Allina Nurses Go All In

Sometimes solidarity comes shaped like a popsicle. That’s what one nursing assistant, on her way in for the evening shift at United Hospital in St. Paul, delivered to nurses picketing in blazing 95-degree heat. Five thousand members of the Minnesota Nurses (MNA) walked out June 19, kicking off a weeklong strike at five Allina hospitals Read more…

Alex Gourevitch: From Strike to Shop Floor

From resisting new management attacks to organizing wireless employees, Verizon workers still have a lot to mobilize for

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