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Glenn Greenwald: Stock Prices of Weapons Manufacturers Soaring Since Paris Attack

Note how immediate the increases are: The markets could barely wait to start buying

Pete Dolack: Speculators Circling Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s governor may have said the commonwealth’s debt is not payable, but that doesn’t mean Puerto Ricans aren’t going to pay for it. Vulture capitalists are circling the island, ready to extract still more wealth. You may already know the drill: capital is sucked out by corporate interests that pay little in taxes, and speculators swoop in

Lawrence Wittner: The Sad Case of Start-Up NY

For several decades, state and local governments have been showering private businesses with tax breaks and direct subsidies based on the theory that this practice fosters economic development and, therefore, job growth. But does it?

Justin Podur: Taylor Swift’s Millions Aren’t Worth a Single Prison Term

When artists say file-sharing is reducing their “value” as artists, they are helping make the persecution of file-sharing politically acceptable

Jack Rasmus: Global Economic Instability, Part 1

Taylan Tosun interviews Rasmus about his forthcoming book, Transitions to Global Depression.

Seth Sandronsky: Feeding Pentagon Capitalism: California and Palestine

In the Gaza Strip, 1.7 million Palestinians are the targets of Israeli Lockheed Martin F-16C/Ds aircraft

Walden Bello: The Philippines and Mexico

Emerging Markets? Think Again

Gary Olson: Profiting from Climate Change

The author’s message is that in the short term, there will be definite winners and losers because ecological catastrophe is “…not necessarily a financial catastrophe for everyone”

Tamara Pearson: National Communal Economy Conference

National Communal Economy Conference calls for communal markets, increased funding of communal banks in Venezuela

Jack Rasmus: Bernanke’s Bank: An Assessment

The evolution of the Fed

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