Category: Poverty

Badri Raina: I Give You the Bullet Train

Are you a farmer with noose in hand, About to end your endless pain, Consider a patriotic move—Go under the bullet train

Ben Dangl: Why We Need to Ditch Austerity Policies and Take on the Global 1%

There are exciting movements fighting against this upside down world and proposing alternatives, from Greece to Vermont

Jack Rasmus: The Myths of US Exceptionalism

The appeal to exceptionalism is just another ideological ploy to get working classes to accept their deteriorating conditions

Nicholas Fitz: Economic Inequality: It’s Far Worse Than You Think

The researchers found Americans overestimate the amount of upward social mobility that exists in society

Steve Fraser: Plutocracy The First Time Around

Revisiting the Great Upheaval and the First Gilded Age

Jason Hickel: The death of international development

Instead of placing our hope in development technocrats, we should take a cue from the new social movements – Occupy, the Indignados, the Arab Spring, the Chilean Winter, Idle No More – that are actively confronting power and imagining the new world to come

Diana Johnstone: France Under the Influence

The Ambiguity of Charlie Hebdo

Jana Kasperkevic: More than half of US public school students live in poverty

Want to know the real state of the US economy? Visit a local public school and find out how many student qualify for free or reduced-price lunches

BBC News: Richest 1% will have more Wealth than rest of Humankind by 2016

The “explosion in inequality” is holding back the fight against global poverty

Robert H. Frank: Why have weddings and houses gotten so ridiculously expensive? Blame inequality

The encouraging news is that the profoundly wasteful spending patterns caused by rising income inequality could easily be changed. But that’s unlikely to happen until our political conversation begins to focus on inequality’s practical consequences

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