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Eleanor Bader: Christian Universities Increasingly Apply for Exemptions From Anti-Discrimination Rules

Since 2013, 56 religiously affiliated colleges and universities in 26 states have been granted Title IX exemptions, and more applicants are in the pipeline

Mark Engler: Three Times When the World Broke Open — and Two When It Might Again

Bernie Sanders’s insurgent presidential campaign has opened up a debate about how social change happens in our society. The official version of how progress is won — currently voiced by mainstream pundits and members of a spooked Democratic Party establishment — goes something like this: politics is a tricky business, gains coming through the work Read more…

Stephen Bergstein: Court Watch

A federal judge in Manhattan has ruled for the first time that transgender people are entitled to protections against discrimination under the U.S. Constitution.

Denny Riley: The Saturday Before

On the Saturday before the Sunday of the Pride Parade, the Pride Celebration happened in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza and the surrounding grid of streets. From a stage in front of city hall live music blasted out over rows and rows of canopied booths where it appeared everything was for sale but washers and dryers. Booths purveyed savory ethnic dishes and ballpark food, healthy and not so healthy beverages, clothes, crafts, trinkets, sunglasses, hats, books, posters and miniature icons from India and little pipes

Ellen Isaacs: Hurricane Sandy Is Still Drowning The Poor

It is a few months short of three years since Hurricane Sandy barreled down on NYC. The flooded subways have new barriers. The submerged hospital generators are back in order. The boardwalks along the shore are up and trod by beachgoers once again. But what of the thousands of poor renters, most on public assistance, who lost their homes that day? I don’t know all their stories. I only know one intimately, and it is not a happy story.

Yesenia Barragan: How the Right Distorts Black History

In claiming Kim Davis as their Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr., the right is engaging in violent historical revisionism.

Kim Katrin Milan: Loving Out Loud: On Black LGBT Love

We hope that by sharing the way we love each other, we can encourage others to openly express or feel affirmed in their love as a Black LGBTQ person

Jill Lepore: Reproduction, marriage, and the Constitution

Douglas’s arguments about privacy and marriage have been the signal influence on a series of landmark Supreme Court decisions

Glenn Greenwald: GCHQ’S Rainbow Lights

Exploiting Social Issues for Militarism and Imperialism

Linda Gordon: Police Killings And A New Civil Rights Movement

In Ferguson, Baltimore, Los Angeles, young women of color have emerged as leaders and strategists, offering a new kind of civil rights politics—one that incorporates feminism, gay and transgender rights, and an emphasis on building grassroots leadership

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