Category: Gay and Lesbian

Jill Lepore: Reproduction, marriage, and the Constitution

Douglas’s arguments about privacy and marriage have been the signal influence on a series of landmark Supreme Court decisions

Glenn Greenwald: GCHQ’S Rainbow Lights

Exploiting Social Issues for Militarism and Imperialism

Linda Gordon: Police Killings And A New Civil Rights Movement

In Ferguson, Baltimore, Los Angeles, young women of color have emerged as leaders and strategists, offering a new kind of civil rights politics—one that incorporates feminism, gay and transgender rights, and an emphasis on building grassroots leadership

Justin Podur: Profiting from Dictatorship

Egypt’s increasingly totalitarian dictatorship is not described that way by the countries that do business with it, even if countries have citizens who have suffered at its hands

Mark Engler: When the Pillars Fall

How social movements can win more victories like same-sex marriage

Victoria Law: What’s Gender Got to do with Policing and Prison?

“Women are the fastest growing prison population”

Eleanor Bader: The Knights of Columbus’ Efforts Against Choice and Marriage Equality

The group has grown to become the largest Catholic lay organization in the world, with 1.8 million male members

Sriram Ananth: Mozilla Firefox CEO Resignation

And The White, Middle-Class Queer Community America Has Chosen To Accept

Horace Campbell: Museveni and Reconstruction of Homophobic Colonial Legacy In Africa: Which Way Progressives?

As the legalization of hate towards same-gender loving persons gains traction in parts of Africa, it is the task of Pan African progressives and decent humans everywhere to expose this orchestrated destructive cultural war

Jamilah King: Michael Sam Didn’t Get Here on His Own

It’s his teammates who will ultimately need to welcome and support Sam

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