Category: Gender

Charlotte Maria Saenz: Women Up in Arms

Zapatistas and Rojava Kurds embrace a new gender politics

Tamara Pearson: Who Owns the Words?

Who owns the words matters because words are one of the key factors in how we understand things, in our social consciousness, our collective values, and therefore the way we act

Badri Raina: India’s Daughter: the Ugly Truth

The rapist/murderer was saying that he in fact represents the dominant male Indian opinion and, indeed, struck a blow on its behalf

Marina Sitrin: Women Creating New Worlds: From Barricades to Daily Survival

There are countless struggles where women fight to survive, protect those around them, and strive to build a better world

Linda Gordon: Anti-Woman Terrorism

We need more public discussion of the woman-hating and of how—short of censorship—to combat it

Zehra Doğan: Êzîdî women’s journey of pain and resistance

While images of Êzîdî women in the media have largely portrayed them as voiceless victims, the stories of the hundreds of women who have escaped or resisted Daesh attacks remain less widely told

Chris Hedges: ‘Pornography Is What the End of the World Looks Like’

The abuse inherent in pornography goes unquestioned in large part by both men and women

Jana Kasperkevic: More than half of US public school students live in poverty

Want to know the real state of the US economy? Visit a local public school and find out how many student qualify for free or reduced-price lunches

Derek Summerfield: If children’s lives are precious, which children?

The question is whether we are willing to pay the price of extending to all the world’s children the sensibilities we apply to our own

Rebecca Solnit: Women are Telling their Story Now

Women’s voices assumed an unprecedented power in 2014

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