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Dave Zirin: The Revictimizing of Janay Rice

The one question they did not glaringly ask is, How will Janay Rice react to the release of the tape?

Andrea Bowen: Defend (and Understand) Your Transgender Members

Transgender people are a workplace reality. And some unions, like the Communications Workers (CWA) and Service Employees (SEIU), have long advocated for transgender workers

Crystal Shepeard: If a Senator Can’t Report Sexual Harassment Without Backlash, Who Can?

It seems we’re still living in a mad, Mad Men world

Jessica Valenti: Beyond ‘No Means No’

The Future Of Campus Rape Prevention Is ‘Yes Means Yes’

Linda Gordon: Innocent Womenandchildren

“Collateral Damage” in the Israeli War on Gaza

Rebecca Solnit: Men Explain Things to Me

Facts Didn’t Get in Their Way

Golnaz Esfandiari: Iranian Woman wins Math Genius Prize, Iranian officials Obsess about her Hair

Mirzakhani’s achievement appears to have created a challenge for Iranian newspapers forced to follow stringent written and unwritten censorship guidelines concerning images exposed female skin and hair

Various Contributors: How Gender Changes Piketty’s ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’

If economic inequality continues to soar, as Piketty says it will, and inherited wealth plays a growing role in our economy, in what ways does that affect women?

Michael H. Fox: Failure to Protect

Criminalizing Mothers for Male Child Abuse

Ian Sinclair: Ann Oakley and Housework

Interview with Ann Oakley on housework and feminism

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