Category: Gender

Dave Zirin: Meet Two Women Tackling Misogyny in Sports Journalism

Women don’t want white knights to ride and and defend us. We just want a voice to defend ourselves

Robin Lloyd: Women and the War on Drugs

The War on Drugs condones a form of macho violence

Alyssa Davis: Closing the pay gap and beyond

A comprehensive strategy for improving economic security for women and families

Jen Wilton: More or Less Dead: Feminicide, Haunting and the Ethics of Representation in Mexico – A Book Review

A review of More or Less Dead: Feminicide, Haunting and the Ethics of Representation in Mexico

Emma Tobin: What is the Value of a Woman?

How do we adapt whole cultures and religious interpretations to see how archaic their treatment of 49.6% of the population is?

Amanda Marcotte: While the Nation Watches the Presidential Race, There Are Scary Things Happening at State Legislatures

The No. 1 priority for Republican state legislatures is making sex as fraught and unsafe an experience as possible for women, especially low-income women

Medea Benjamin: Pink-Slipping Hillary for the Iraq War: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Clinton

A Hillary Clinton presidency would symbolically break the glass ceiling for women in the United States, but it would be unlikely to break through the military-industrial complex

Bruno Jäntti: On Racism, Patriarchy and Corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan

When working in Iraqi Kurdistan, I was struck by the prevalence of regressive attitudes, including racism and sexism

Cynthia Peters: Some Women Are More Invisible

There are structural impediments to women taking their rightful place as citizens in the United States

Linda Gordon: Two Film Reviews

Suffragette is the first film to depict a women’s movement with major Hollywood stars. And Gavron’s introduction, Skyped in at the preview, was superb, emphasizing global women’s struggles and class and race inequality as well as the historical fight for suffrage

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