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Cynthia Peters: Parents: This Is How They Mess with our Minds

Raising a child in a moral way is not just up to parents, its up to society

Frank Breslin: Standardized Testing and the Third Reich

Teachers are morally conflicted by the utter mindlessness and the coarsening effect of what they are forced to put children through. They cannot even imagine the kind of mentality of an Education Secretary of a modern civilized nation who could inflict such untold damage on a generation of children

David Swanson: If Iraq Were in Central America

If Gaza were in Maryland, would the United States still provide the weapons for bombing the homes there?

Paul Rosenberg: Mismanagement, Abuse in Charter Schools

The predictable perils of turning education into a poorly regulated business

Juan Cole: Boko Haram and the Lord’s Resistance Army

The horrific story of the kidnapping of nearly 300 girls from their school in Borno Province, northeastern Nigeria, by the Boko Haram terrorist group has again underlined the problem of violent fundamentalism in Africa

: You Get What You Pay For Amerika. Mass Society. Mass Shootings. Chemical Lobotomy.

You Get What You Pay For Amerika. Mass Society. Mass Shootings. Chemical Lobotomy.   29-31 December 2012, 1-2 January 2013 Jonathan ©. Gillis One looks up at the sky on a clear night, and observes the vast ocean of space and the island(s) of stars; the wonder of seeing a picture of the past, while Read more…

Ramzy Baroud: The Children Are Still Dying: Violence is Not News

Somewhere in my home I have a set of photo albums I rarely go near. I fear the flood of cruel memories that might be evoked from looking at the countless photos I took during a trip to Iraq. Many of the pictures are of children who developed rare forms of cancer as a result Read more…

Marian Wright Edelman: The State of America’s Children 2012

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said, “We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” When we look at the state of our union and the state of America’s children in 2012, his words ring very true. It’s Read more…

Robert Fisk: The West Is Horrified By Children’s Slaughter Now. Soon We’ll Forget

Bashar al-Assad will get away with it. He got away with Deraa. He got away with Homs. And he'll get away with Houla. So will the armed opposition to the regime, along with al-Qa'ida and any other outfits joining in Syria's tragedy. Yes, this may be the critical moment, the "tipping point" of horror, when Read more…

Dick Meister: Only We Can Save The Children

I remember checking into a small hotel in Coimbra, Portugal, with my wife Gerry in 1962, three very heavy suitcases in tow. Rushing out at the urgent clang of the desk clerk's bell came a uniformed bellhop. A midget, I supposed. But, no, it was a child, nine, maybe ten years old. He smiled shyly and Read more…

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