Category: Reproductive Rights

Nadia Prupis: Louisiana Judge Partially Blocks State’s New Restrictive Abortion Law

The law could have forced abortion clinics to close throughout the state

Linda Gordon: Why Is Birth Control Still So Controversial

For most people, the ability to plan and choose family size was a necessity of modern life. Why then are Americans still fighting about this?

Katie Mcdonough: Criminalizing Pregnancy

Mallory Loyola was arrested and charged with simple assault two days after giving birth to her daughter

Katha Pollitt: Where Will the Slippery Slope of ‘Hobby Lobby’ End?

It’s not reassuring that a CEO’s views of a fertilized egg get deference today, but workers’ contraceptive coverage is left to the fates

Sarah Lazare: Southern States Crushing Women’s Right to Choose

As bill slashing abortion access passes Louisiana legislature, critics warn ‘women and families will pay price’

Dave Zirin: Men on the Edge of Panic

Boomer Esiason, Mike Francesa and Toxic Masculinity

Rachael Ferguson: Reproductive Rights in Crisis Across Europe

Europe’s austerity drive is deepening gender inequality and sparking a new wave of attacks on women’s reproductive rights

Laurie Penny: Spain’s War On Abortion About Austerity

Attacking women’s rights isn’t just a diversion tactic. It’s a bid for votes from cultural conservatives

Emily Achtenberg: For Abortion Rights in Bolivia, A Modest Gain

The TCP ruling is the latest in a growing trend of judicial and legislative actions that are reducing barriers to legal abortion in Latin America

Katie Mcdonough: Fetal Pain Is A Lie: How Phony Science Took Over The Abortion Debate

Since Nebraska first jump-started the trend back in 2010, close to a dozen state legislatures across the country have passed laws banning abortion at 20 weeks. Most of these restrictions are given grave-sounding titles like the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” or some near-identical riff on the words “fetal,” “pain” and “protection.” All of them, no Read more…

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