Category: Reproductive Rights

Dawn Porter: Director of TRAPPED Documentary: Abortion Care “the way you would want your health care in general”

Filmmaker Dawn Porter pays tribute to the abortion providers of the Deep South.

Madeleine Thomas: The Zika virus: government responses add to women’s burden

The Zika virus is shining a light on the inadequacies of abortion and family planning laws in Latin America

Amanda Marcotte: While the Nation Watches the Presidential Race, There Are Scary Things Happening at State Legislatures

The No. 1 priority for Republican state legislatures is making sex as fraught and unsafe an experience as possible for women, especially low-income women

Deirdre Fulton: Right-Wing Attacks on Abortion Access Driving Clinic Closures Across US

Since 2011, at least 162 abortion providers have shut or stopped offering the procedure

Nina Martin: A Showdown For Reproductive Rights

For advocates of women’s reproductive rights, 2015 was the definition of “annus horribilis”: marked by tough new limits on abortion, a debilitating Planned Parenthood scandal, and a shooting at a Colorado clinic that left three people dead.

George Monbiot: Who’s driving high abortion rates? It’s the religious right

Who is most responsible for high abortion rates? The religious right.

Zoë Carpenter: Nearly 400 Anti-Abortion Bills Were Introduced Across the Country This Year

Forty-seven new restrictions passed, including clinic regulations, mandatory waiting periods, and measures aimed at Planned Parenthood

Laurie Penny: America’s domestic terrorists: why there’s no such thing as a “lone wolf”

After the latest attack on Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, America must confront the violence escalating at its heart

Harry Targ: The Idea Of The Deep State And “Real Alternatives”

Progressives need to become familiar with the “deep state,” those semi-invisible centers of power that shape the public policy agenda and at the same time work against policies that challenge the fundamental rights of all citizens

Bernie Sanders: On Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood

Interview topics include Immigration policy, the Black Lives Matter movement, foreign policy, and Planned Parenthood.

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