Category: Youth

Juan Cole: Is Greece’s “No” on Debt Referendum another Youth Revolution?

What the Millennials want has begun to matter

Martha Hennessy: Weeding Roses In Kabul

Despite uncertainties over the future, the APV community pursues small but significant efforts

George Monbiot: Aspirational parents condemn their children to a desperate, joyless life

In the cause of self-advancement, we are urged to sacrifice our leisure, our pleasures and our time with partners and children

George Monbiot: Amputating Life Close to Its Base

People who had spent the preceding years laying out exultant visions of a better world, of the grand creative projects they planned, of adventure and discovery, were suddenly sucked into the mouths of corporations dangling money like angler fish

Rafael Pepper-Clarke: Is Pearson Another Word For Stalker?

A 5th grader looks at the right to privacy

Richard Eskow: What Everyone Should Know About the Student Debt Crisis

The Federal Reserve recently released new data on student debt, and it shows that the situation is even worse than many people realized

Donya Alinejad: Dear Maagdenhuis, can we please get our shit together?

If the movement for a New University is to win, it must not only formulate its own answers — it must also struggle for the power to implement them

Suzanne Goldenberg: Students occupy Swarthmore College in fossil fuel divestment protest

Wave of sit-ins by divestment campaigners starts at US college founded by Quakers and whose alumni include UN climate change chief Christiana Figueres

ROAR Collective: Why we occupy

LSE students mobilize for a free university

Peter Storm: Student protests escalate in Amsterdam

We are seeing the most serious student struggles that the Netherlands has experienced for many years

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