Category: International Law

Glenn Greenwald: “The Assassination Complex”

During one five-month period, nearly 90 percent of the people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets

Conn Hallinan: Terrorism: Then and Now

If we are to seriously look for solutions, that requires asking “why,” even if the answers are uncomfortable

Juan Cole: How Bush-Cheneyism made Mideast in its Image: Wars, WOT, With us or Against Us

That Trump and Cruz are actually campaigning on a return to Bush-Cheneyism should alarm everyone

Medea Benjamin: Should Henry Kissinger Mentor a Presidential Candidate?

“Kissinger should have the door shut in his face by every decent person and should be shamed, ostracized, and excluded”

Joe Emersberger: Human Rights Watch: The Empire’s Human Rights Group

Human Rights Watch’s latest World Report is filled with imperial assumptions and misinformation

Frida Berrigan: Time spent in Guantánamo is time no one gets back — whether soldier or prisoner

All those innocent men released from Guantánamo and still struggling to find their footing in strange lands — and still struggling to heal from severe trauma

William Blum: Is Bernie Sanders a Socialist?

Why does a person raised in a capitalist society become a socialist?

Justin Podur: War Is Still Not the Answer

Antiwar sentiment may mostly have evaporated, but war is as horrible as ever

Amy Maguire: Israel’s land grab undermines Palestinian statehood – and violates international law

Israel is preparing to make its largest land seizure in the West Bank since August 2014

Ray McGovern: Iraq, Rumsfeld and Other Thugs

The more interesting story, in my view, is not that Rumsfeld was corrupt (yawn, yawn), but that so was his patsy, Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, the country’s top uniformed military officer

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