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Tom Engelhardt: More and War

The Tao of Washington

Noam Chomsky: Paris attacks show hypocrisy of West’s outrage

Contrary to the eloquent pronouncements, it is not the case that “Terrorism is terrorism. There’s no two ways about it.” There definitely are two ways about it: theirs versus ours

Uri Avnery: Reflections on the recent Paris Massacre and Zionism

After a crime, the first question is “cui bono”, who benefits?

Alpha Winston: Charlie Hebdo & The Politics of Self-Deception

Terrorists do not do what they do because they hate freedom—they do what they do because they are incredibly angry at Western violence

Paul Street: Charlie I am Not

This massive Western moral indifference regarding the deaths of others is no small part of why terrible events like the Charlie Hebdo killings come to seem inevitable

Ramzy Baroud: War Begets War: It’s Not about Islam; It Never Was

It is still not about Islam, even if the media and militants attacking western targets say so

John Feffer: Charlie Hebdo: Middle East Blowback?

After the Paris massacre, European governments should resist narratives of civilizational conflict and push for a ceasefire in the Syrian war

Shamus Cooke: The Spectacular Media Failure on Charlie Hebdo

The only way to combat political scapegoating is to focus on the social forces responsible for the economic crisis and have them pay for the solutions that they are demanding the working class pay

Roberto Savio: The Paris Killings – A Fatal Trap for Europe

It is sad to see how a continent that was one cradle of civilisation is running blindly into a trap, the trap of a holy war with Islam – and that six Muslim terrorists were sufficient to bring that about

Steven Chovanec: Terrorism is a Result of US Policy

The official narrative has been produced, ready for mass consumption

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