Category: War and Peace

David Swanson: Truman Lied, Hundreds of Thousands Died

When Truman lied to America that Hiroshima was a military base rather than a city full of civilians, people no doubt wanted to believe him

Taylan Tosun: While Iraq is Disintegrating … What’s Next?

The geopolitics of Iraq has definitely changed after the US occupation in 2003

Robert Fisk: A Grey Blob is Not Respect

Cruelly obliterating their image kills the child a second time

Ramzy Baroud: Gaza’s Resistance Will Not be Crushed

The resistance movement in Gaza is often misrepresented intentionally at times, and at other times innocuously. In the heat of the information battle that has ensued since Israel unleashed its latest war many facts and essential context have gone missing

Ali Abunimah: Israel is being defeated in Gaza as it was in Lebanon

If military victory and strength are measured in the number of civilians, especially children, that an army can deliberately target and slaughter with sophisticated machines, then there is no doubt that Israel is winning in Gaza, and has always been the winner in Palestine

Gideon Levy: If Netanyahu Wants to Stop the Rockets, He Needs to Accept a Just Peace

Israeli journalist Gideon Levy argues that Middle East peace will never come until the Israeli government drops its rejection of basic Palestinian rights

Francesca Albanese: The Deafening Silence Around The Hamas Proposal

The Israeli government, followed suit by Western media and governments, was quick to put the blame on Hamas

Mohammed Omer: Strikes on Gaza’s Medical Facilities Continue

Latest strike on hospital and ambulances wreaks havoc on an already stretched medical infrastructure

Jérôme Roos: By Brutalizing Palestinians, Israel Dehumanizes Itself

Those who continue to waver in ambiguous aloofness and false neutrality in the face of these historic injustices will end up being remembered for it

Richard Seymour: Hamas, Israel tells us, is hiding among civilians

According to Israel, Hamas is cowardly and cynical

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