Category: War and Peace

Brad Parker: What’s not a target for Israel?

Israel’s claims that Hamas uses civilians as human shields do not absolve it of responsibility for civilian deaths

Rashid Khalidi: Collective Punishment in Gaza

What is going on in Palestine today is not really about Hamas. It is about Israel’s permanent control over Palestinian land and Palestinian lives

Ilan Pappe: Who Bears Responsibility for Civilian Deaths in Gaza?

Israeli scholar and historian Ilan Pappe argues the media’s demonization of Hamas provides Israel cover for continuing its siege and occupation of Palestinian territories

Milan Rai: ‘A Huge Sprawling Giant’

The Colonial Realities Behind The British Empire’s Entry Into The First World War

Norman Finkelstein: Gaza: Is There Method in the Madness

Interview on the current situation in Gaza

Richard Falk: Joint Declaration by International Law Experts on Israel’s Gaza Offensive

Posted here is a Joint Declaration of international law experts from around the world who are listed as endorsers

Ilan Pappe: Israel Has Chosen to be a “Racist Apartheid State”

“I think Israel in 2014 made a decision that it prefers to be a racist apartheid state and not a democracy”

Juan Cole: Why Obama & Kerry are Furious

The United States as a great Power is facing a large number of challenges in the Muslim world, and Israel’s Gaza campaign is endangering both American diplomacy there and the very security of the US

Dave Zirin: Four Little Boys and the Price of Play in Gaza

. In a land where soccer fields are constantly under bombardment—Israel says that parks and stadiums are popular places for Hamas to launch rocket attacks—the beach is where you go to play

Norman Finkelstein: Gaza: Ceasefire or Surrender?

Interview on the current situation in Gaza.

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