Category: War and Peace

Dahr Jamail: Destroying What Remains

How the U.S. Navy Plans to War Game the Arctic

Pepe Escobar: U.S. wakes up to New (Silk) World Order

Once again, the real Masters of the Universe seem to have done the math. Can’t reduce Russia to ashes. Can’t win in the New (Silk) World Order. Might as well sit down and talk

Paul Street: No Wise Men Here: Gabriel Kolko and Washington’s Continuing Murderous Middle East Myopia

Kolko’s post-WWII U.S. imperial establishment was a clumsy, violence-addicted menace to global peace, justice, and security – including the security of the U.S. people

John Feffer: The Madness of THAAD

The US push for missile defense in Asia will only lead to more missiles and less defense

Tom Engelhardt: Writing History Before It Happens

Nine Surefire Future Headlines From a Bizarro American World

Nick Turse: The Kids Aren’t All Right

Presidential Waivers, Child Soldiers, and an American-Made Army in Africa

Milan Rai: What’s wrong with VE Day?

Allied political leaders did not fight against fascism as such, they fought against independent fascism

Belen Fernandez: The New York Times Goes to War, Again

Israeli state propaganda has found a home in the paper of record

William J. Astore: The American Military Uncontained

Chaos Spread, Casualties Inflicted, Missions Unaccomplished

Shamus Cooke: Syrian War Set to Re-Explode

Obama has been a proxy war president that has torn apart the Middle East as badly as his predecessor did

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