Category: War and Peace

Sam Law: In defense of the Grayzone: between ISIS and the West

The targets of the Paris attacks were not primarily the civilians killed but the world they inhabited — one not yet divided into two civilizations

Gar Smith: Global Warming’s Unacknowledged Threat—The Pentagon

The Pentagon’s role in weather disruption needs to become part of the climate discussion

Roberto Savio: How Much is Left of Syrian in the Syrian War?

the U.S. Congress which equates being Syrian with being a terrorist, while the Syrian people are actually the victims of everyone

Yanis Varoufakis: Only solution is to starve IS of cash

Interview on the economics of war, terror and refugees

David Swanson: Limits of Liberal War Opposition

Sure it’s good for liberal commentators to point out some of war’s downsides. But depicting them as acceptable and inevitable doesn’t help

Dilar Dirik: Criminalizing Our People: Social Impacts of the PKK Ban

The terror-listing of the PKK by Western states criminalizes ordinary Kurds. However, its hypocrisy also created a conscious, mobilized, activist community

Patrick Howlett-Martin: The Paris Attacks: A Chronicle Foretold. The worst may still yet to come

Looking at France’s Bush-inspired response to the horrific attacks in Paris, one must be forgiven for wondering what such a response seeks to and can accomplish

Patrick Cockburn: War with Isis: To defeat the jihadists the West needs a local ally

The main purpose of these killings and tales of derring-do is to add substance to the pretence that something effective is being done

Vijay Prashad: We are in pitiless times

After Paris, macho language about “pitiless war” defines the contours of leadership. Little else is on offer. It is red meat to our emotions

Gilbert Achcar: France Returns to the State of Exception

The discourse of war is already upon us. But it must be resisted

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