Category: War and Peace

Karen J. Greenberg: Fighting the Last War

Will the War on Terror Be the Template for the Ebola Crisis?

Charles Glass: In the Syria We Don’t Know

It took less than a year for the armed militias that coalesced into the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Islamic Front to displace the pro-democracy demonstrators

Noam Chomsky: Official: The US is a Leading Terrorist State

An international poll found that the United States is ranked far in the lead as “the biggest threat to world peace today,” far ahead of second-place Pakistan, with no one else even close

Jelle Bruinsma: Kobanê, the Kurdish Struggle, and the Dangers Lurking Ahead

While ISIS has been driven out of Kobanê, dangers of U.S. imperial prerogatives lurk around the corner for Kurdish ambitions for democratic autonomy

Erica Weiland: You Have Already Been Drafted

ou have already been drafted. Now, will you resist the draft, or cooperate?

Vijay Prashad: For clarity in Syria’s muddy politics

The integrity of the idea of humanitarian intervention by the West is threadbare.

Kathy Kelly: Stop the Killing

The Islamic State is the echo of the last war the U.S. waged in Iraq, the so-called “Shock and Awe” bombing and invasion. The emergency is not the Islamic State but war

Joe Emersberger: Left Responses to the West’s Perpetual Wars

They should be very careful not to be used, as some Leftists inevitably are, to provide niche marketing for perpetual war

William Blum: The Islamist State

You cannot destroy modern, relatively developed and educated societies, ripping apart the social, political, economic and legal fabric, torturing thousands, killing millions, and expect civilization and human decency to survive

Paul Street: The Logical Bipartisan Insanity of Endless War

Such is the logic of endless imperial war, an Orwellian U.S. complex with a stark state-capitalist twist in the second decade of the 21st century

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