Category: War Spending

John Feffer: The Pentagon’s Twisted Potlatch

The bloated military budgets no longer bear much relationship to actual defense, at least not for the big spenders

Pete Dolack: Military spending is the capitalist world’s fuel

The entire history of capitalism is built on violence, and violence has been used to both impose and maintain the system from its earliest days

William D. Hartung: How Not to Audit the Pentagon

Five Decades Later, the Military Waste Machine Is Running Full Speed Ahead

Gregory D. Foster: Pentagon Excess Has Fueled a Civil-Military Crisis

How Civilian Control of the Military Has Become a Fantasy

Tom Engelhardt: War, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

And No Kidding, That’s the Literal Truth When It Comes to War, American-Style

Ann Jones: A Trail of Tears

How Veterans Return From America’s Wars

William Astore: The U.S. Military Suffers from Affluenza

Showering the Pentagon with Money and Praise

Tom Engelhardt: Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

The U.S. Military Bombs in the Twenty-First Century

David Bacon: Why The B-52 Failed

Photo of the bombing of Hanoi Station on Christmas Day 1972, from the Hoa Lo Museum in Hanoi. On the plane to Hanoi earlier this month, I opened my copy of the New York Times to find an article by Dave Philipps: “After 60 Years, B-52’s Still Dominate the U.S. Fleet.” The piece stuck with Read more…

Ben Norton: Endless war will destroy us all

The U.S. military is the imperial hammer that sees every problem as a nail

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