Category: War Spending

Bill Berkowitz: Bamboozling the Public in the Name of the Troops

One of the group’s earliest activities had little to do with supporting the troops. Move America Forward tried to prevent theater owners from showing Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11.

David Wearing: Israel proves that British arms export safeguards are worthless

For years, anti-arms trade campaigners have been told by government ministers of all political parties that Britain has a tough and rigorous arms control regime

Moti Bassok: U.S. Military Aid to Israel Exceeds $100 billion

Does suspension of missile deal mean trouble in relations with U.S., or is it just a tap on the wing?

Ken Klippenstein: US Provides Israel the Weapons Used on Gaza

The United States exported to Israel a substantial amount of the same types of weapons Israel is using to kill Gazans, a new analysis of US Census Bureau export data reveals

David Swanson: The Three Laws of Pentagon Robotics

This set of laws differs from Asimov’s in a number of ways. For one thing, it completely lacks morality

John Lasker: The Race to Militarize Space

Space weapons are lurking beneath a small town near you

Brian J. Trautman: Covert and Endless War Budget

Despite the cuts to traditional aspects of the military, the DoD has no plans to shrink or limit programs that would undermine America’s ever-growing hegemonic objectives

Mattea Kramer: The Pentagon’s Phony Budget War

Or how the u.s. military avoided budget cuts, lied about doing so, then asked for billions more

AFSC: Refuse Military Base Construction in Okinawa

Okinawans will continue to protest, as they have in the past

Seamus Milne: 70 Years of Foreign Troops? We Should Close the Bases

US forces in Britain aren’t defending the country but lock it into an empire in decline. It’s past time for some independence

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