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Brian Dominick: Liberating Possibilities

I was quite heartened to read Yotam Moran’s recent ZNet contribution, “Liberating the Impossible”. It’s a succinct and probably superior expression of a commentary I had been working on to share my wishes for the real potential of the so-called “occupy” movement that has swept the country and offered even the most pessimistic and cynical Read more…

Michael Albert: Our Future: Introduction

 Our Future Introduction   Consider a sports team you are familiar with, basketball, soccer, football, cricket, or whatever. How does your team approach a five year plan to go from a weak showing at the outset to a desirable outcome five years in the future?  We know the broad answer, though in details it can Read more…

Joseph Sweetman: Psychology for a Participatory Society: Revisiting Some Early Questions

[Contribution to the Reimagining Society Project hosted by ZCommunications] What is psychology? What does psychological science have to offer those concerned with participatory society and progressive social change?  These are some of the questions that would occasionally pop into my somewhat bored mind as I sat at the back of my undergrad psychology class.  These Read more…

Marcus Denton: Skimp and save

I don’t understand the big deal with reducing/simplifying the number of menu options Z has. It’s not about eliminating content, just reclassifying and re-categorizing it. Mike presses the point by asking how many we might go down to from the current 13- 10, 8, 5? But we could just as easily go in the other Read more…

Marcus Denton: Z Consumers Council

So I went ahead and created a Z Consumers Council ZSpace page: I’ve posted a link to the Z forum section that addresses the site redesign and Z operations ("ZCom"), as well as links to Michael’s letter asking for more participation, Jonathan Schindler’s "What’s Wrong With ZSpace?", Chris Spannos’s "ZCom vs. Facebook", and to Planet Parecon. Read more…

Chris Spannos: What is Real Utopia?

Title: Real Utopia:  Participatory Society for the 21st  Century Edition: Paper Back ISBN: 9781904859789 Publisher/Buy: AK Press UTOPIAS HAVE A LONG, mixed history in Left movements. Sometimes they have propelled our imagination  toward what better worlds might look like. Other times they have trumpeted heaven on earth, a world for angels rather than mortals, a Read more…

Tuomas Tie: Anarchists in the 1936 Spanish Civil War/Revolution

Anarchists in the 1936 Spanish Civil War/Revolution

Chris Spannos: Anarchy & Participatory Society

[This commentary is based on a talk given for the opening panel of the 2007 Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference, Nov. 2-4.] "It is often said that anarchists live in a world of dreams to come and do not see the things which happen today. We see them only too well and in their true Read more…

Marie Trigona: Propagandhi: A Band With Values

They are thrasher, punk, and political. With almost 20 years on the music scene, Canadian punk rock band Propagandhi has made more than just a musical name for themselves. Propagandhi has come a long way politically and artistically since forming the band in the mid-1980s, when Chris Hanahh posted the ad: “progressive thrasher band looking Read more…

Munir Chalabi: What is holding up the delivery of the long-awaited Iraqi oil law?

As deadline after deadline and benchmark after benchmark passes and with all the pressure imposed by the IMF, the US Administration, the US oil lobby and International Oil Companies (IOCs) on the Iraqi government, the oil law, against all the odds, refuses to be born.   Despite all the attempts by the Occupation’s Governing Council Read more…

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