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Joe Emersberger: International Press Gets Briefly Excited about Coup Prospects in Venezuela

The international press is, on the opposition’s behalf, everything it falsely accuses the Venezuelan media of being on behalf of Maduro

Marko Bojcun: Maidan Over: The Balance of Power in Ukraine

The Maidan has reawakened in the Ukrainian masses the desire to shape their own destiny free from domestic and foreign ruling classes

Pervez Hoodbhoy: The Siege of Islamabad – What Comes Next?

Pakistan is seeing a new level of instability

Farooq Tariq: Pakistan: A ‘soft’ military coup?

Late-night August 30 meetings by Khan and Tahir Qadri with the army chief General Raheel Sharif have been severely criticised by members of parliament as showing the weakness of the PMLN government

David Mandel: Understanding the Civil War in Ukraine

Ukraine is a deeply divided society – along lines of language, culture, historical identity, ethnicity, religious affiliation, attitudes to Russia, as well as real and perceived economic interests

Boris Kagarlitsky: Eastern Ukraine People’s Republics Between Militias and Oligarchs

The war between the Ukraine government and the republics of Novorossiya [New Russia] is gradually taking on the character of a positional stand-off

Medea Benjamin: One Year After Egypt’s Rab’a Massacre

US still funding repression

Juan Cole: Iraq: Is al-Maliki Preparing to Make a Coup?

Al-Maliki appears to have calculated that now is the time to shoe-horn himself into power

Maurice Lemoine: Latin American Coups Upgraded

People mostly remember the attempted coup of April 2002, but the struggle in Venezuela has been continuous

Steve Ellner: Protest and Destabilization in Venezuela

The difference between the violent and non-violent right is smaller than you may think

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