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Patrick Cockburn: Erdogan will be stronger after the failed coup, but Turkey could be the loser

Erdogan could use the coup to unite Turks or, alternatively, exploit it in a way that will further divide them. It is difficult to feel optimistic

Patrick Cockburn: Turkey’s President Erdogan uses emergency powers to close more than 2,000 Gulen-connected institutions

It is becoming clear that – leaving aside government paranoia – a large number of units from the Turkish armed forces took part in the coup on 15/16 July and that it nearly succeeded

Jonathan Marshall: Turkey’s Nukes: A Sum of All Fears

Although Turkey offers an egregious case of nuclear risks, questions about nuclear weapons deployment should go well beyond that country

Mark Weisbrot: Brazil’s impeachment crisis undermines investor confidence

The interim government is doubling down on austerity, and has generated all the investor confidence of a big, fat banana republic

Patrick Cockburn: Turkey coup: What’s actually happening and what does it mean for the future of the country?

What to expect in the coming weeks and months

John Feffer: The Surprising Popularity of Military Coups

The attempted military coup in Turkey and the possibility of a President Trump may have more Americans considering the military option

Richard Falk: Narrating Turkey at a Time of National Crisis

With the crisis of the failed coup seemingly effectively resolved, there is emerging what might be described as ‘the crisis of the aftermath’

Güney Işıkara: What Happened in Turkey?

Turkey’s failed military coup wasn’t in service of democracy — but neither is Erdoğan’s countercoup

Vijay Prashad: Cashing in on a failed coup

Turkish President Erdogan is using the botched bid to unseat him to further his authoritarian agenda

Kani Xulam: Kurdish Activist: Erdogan Should Be Pushed Out, But by the People, Not the Military

Turkey remains in a state of crisis three days after soldiers staged an attempted coup commandeering tanks, attack helicopters and fighter jets in a bid to seize power. We speak to Kurdish activist Kani Xulam, director of the American Kurdish Information Network. AMY GOODMAN: Turkey remains in a state of crisis three days after soldiers Read more…

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