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Justin Podur: Escalating Violence in Burundi

Reignition of civil war is a possibility

Mark Weisbrot: Venezuela Votes Soon — And the U.S. Isn’t Missing Its Chance to Meddle

There will be international campaign events, including U.S. newspaper editorials, Senate hearings and more, every day in the next week and following the elections

Greg Grandin: The United States Didn’t Just Help Topple Allende—We Trained the Economists, Too

A new documentary, Chicago Boys, looks at the Chilean economists who brought neoliberalism from the halls of Chicago to the policies of Latin America

Ben Norton: This is why they hate us: The real American history neither Ted Cruz nor the New York Times will tell you

We talk democracy, then overthrow elected governments and prop up awful regimes. Let’s discuss the actual history

Derek Royden: How the National Endowment for Democracy Manufactures Regime Change Around the World

What’s most dangerous about NED is that it gives voice and a measure of power to some of America’s biggest hawks whether they’re in government or not

Vijay Prashad: The detritus of regime change in Libya

Four years ago, as NATO prepared to bomb Libya, I asked a senior Western diplomat if he thought the experience of Iraq would inform this adventure. After all, regime change in Iraq had resulted in chaos – out of which had emerged, in 2006, the Islamic State of Iraq. Regime change produced chaos, which allowed the Read more…

Alexander Main: The Latin America WikiLeaks Files

US diplomatic cables reveal a coordinated assault against Latin America’s left-wing governments

Yves Engler: Ugly Reality of Canadian Aid to Haiti

The primary explanation for the gap between what’s said and done is that power generally defines what is considered reality

Z. C. Dutka: How Deep Does the Crisis Cut?

There is little doubt that a coordinated effort to destabilize the country’s economy exists

Dimitri Lascaris: #ThisIsACoup

The humiliating offer presented by Eurozone finance ministers to the Greek government is designed to bring down Syriza

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