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Joanne Landy: The Foreign Policies of Sanders, Trump, and Clinton: America and the World In 2016 and Beyond

A U.S. government that carried out a different foreign policy based on principles of democracy and social and economic justice could indeed come about only through a “political revolution”

Dick Nichols: The Democratic Platform Committee Now Has a Progressive Majority. Thanks, Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders indicated in early May that his campaign was “going to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with as many delegates as possible to fight for a progressive party platform that calls for a $15 an hour minimum wage, an end to our disastrous trade policies, a Medicare-for-all health care system, breaking up Wall Read more…

Paul Buhle: Labor’s Sell-Out and the Sanders Campaign

Rebelliously democratic union locals and a handful of internationals offer an alternative to the slow death of American unionism

Alexandra Jacobo: Bernie Sanders Responds to Nevada Convention Debacle

Bernie Sanders released a lengthy statement on the recent Nevada convention disaster

Richard Falk: On (Not) Loving Henry Kissinger

It is indeed strange that the only point of public convergence between free-swinging Trump and war-mongering Clinton should be these ritual shows of deference to the most scandalous foreign policy figure of the past century

Steven Rosenfeld: A New National Progressive Movement Is Emerging in the Shadows of the Sanders Campaign

As Sanders fights for a California primary season finale, activists look ahead

Noam Chomsky: Almost a death knell for the human species

Interview on why Brexit is unimportant, why Trump’s climate change denial is catastrophic – and why revolution is easier than you think

Jonathan Tasini: Sanders and Class Struggle in the Democratic Party

Discussing the fight in Nevada and the significance of the battle between Sanders and Wasserman Schultz

Jeff Cohen: Should Progressives Unify with the Democratic Party Establishment? Hell No!

Millions of young people have had a crash course in recent months in Democratic Party corruption, as well as corporate media bias – not to mention their own power to shake up the system

Salar Mohandesi: The Afterbern: what’s next for the American left?

Only an autonomous, radical organization can make sure that the encounter of struggles in the Sanders campaign develops in a revolutionary direction

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