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Isaiah Poole: Unprecedented Coalition Leads To Progressive Wins In Philadelphia

Get ready to add the name Jim Kenney to a growing list of progressive populist mayors who seek to put their cities in the vanguard of economic change for working people

Luke Cooper: After the election: picking up the pieces

We need to construct an alternative story of anticapitalist radicalism that is populist enough to bring together a working class that is more socially and culturally diverse than ever

Chris Kromm: Charlotte voters snared in N.C. crackdown on alleged non-citizens

Denying a dream

Isidro López: The Future of Podemos

Podemos can still change Spain for the better. But it won’t do so by chasing the political center

George Monbiot: Ground Control

Revitalising communities is not just an election strategy. It is a programme for change in its own right; even without a sympathetic government

Dick Nichols: Lessons from Spain

Grassroots democracy and the movements against capitalism

David Swanson: Populist Except for Pentagon

Populist agendas tend to emerge in times of demobilization for election distraction

Paul Street: Hillary Clinton and the Manipulation of Populism

One Democrat at a top Wall Street firm even told Politico that Hillary’s politically unavoidable populist rhetoric “is a Rorschach test for how politically sophisticated [rich] people are…”

Stuart Munckton: Britain: Tories win, but Scotland turns left

While imposing crippling cuts and the austerity measures on the majority, under the Tories the super-rich have doubled their wealth

Joe Emersberger: Time to Ditch Lesser Evilism in USA

It took years after Clinton’s victory, and after Obama’s, for anything resembling a “fight the like hell” sentiment to materialize – for it to sink in that the “lesser evil” really is evil, not simply “flawed”, “imperfect” or “compromised”

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