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Nomi Prins: Gimme Shelter (From the Tax Man)

Disappearing Money and Opportunistic Candidates

Robert l. Borosage: Bernie Sanders Wins Indiana – And The Political Debate

Sanders may not be winning his struggle against the delegate math, as the mainstream media keeps reminding us, but he is winning the political debate

Bill Blum: Keeping Wall Street Speeches Secret Speaks Volumes About Hillary Clinton

Political corruption extends beyond the crass exchange of money for votes and favors

Bernie Sanders: Interview With Bernie Sanders

We have millions of people who are dying at ages much, much younger than they should

Bruce Dixon: Building the Greens Into a Mass Party

If the Green Party in Georgia is able to get one percent of the presidential vote this year and field 16 electors, then we will have a spot on the ballot for 2018

Eric Draitser: Hillary Clinton and Wall Street’s Neoliberal War on Latin America

With Hillary Clinton and Wall Street working hand in hand with their right wing proxies in Latin America, Washington looks to reassert its control

David L. Wilson: Are Sanders and Fair Trade a Threat to the Global Poor?

The reality is that under present conditions low-wage production for export is simply not an effective way for most countries to develop their economies.

Kshama Sawant: It’s Not About Bernie: Why We Can’t Let Our Revolution Die in Philadelphia

Why Demands to Endorse Hillary Must Be Rejected A growing chorus of voices is declaring the Democratic Primary over, and calling on Sandernistas to dutifully line up behind Hillary. Unfortunately, the pundits are right about the mathematics. Sanders would need more than 64% of remaining delegates to take the lead. It would require a political Read more…

Walden Bello: Biggest threat to democracy is using fear of a Duterte win to justify stealing elections

We must reject the suggestion that subversion of the democratic process might be needed to save democracy

Chris Hedges: The Socialist Alternative

The disintegration of the ruling political parties, along with the discrediting of the established political and economic elites, presage radical change

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