Category: Elections

Justin Podur: Elections Theater

Are fair elections too hard for the international community to manage?

Heather Digby Parton: The unprecedented nightmare of Donald Trump’s campaign

The bizarre spectacle of Trump’s candidacy has one word on everyone’s mind: “Fascism”

Gary Leupp: Ben Carson, Joseph in Egypt, and the Attack on Rational Thought

By engaging in that rite next year—-supporting Trump or Carson or Rubio or Cruz or Clinton or Sanders—one will vote not so much for a candidate as for the system itself

Michael Albert: Socialism?!

With Bernie Sanders calling himself a socialist, not to mention calling for a “revolution,” and Bill Gates saying socialism may be the only salvation against climate change, something is certainly happening— but what?

Van Gosse: What’s In A Name: Bernie Sanders, Socialist Candidate

It’s a fine irony that after years of allegations that President Obama was a covert “socialist,” we now have the genuine article

Victor Wallis: The Trump Phenomenon

Trump’s prominence also reflects the combined complicity of both major parties in the deepening crisis of capitalism

Vijay Prashad: At the edge of peace

Anticipation sweeps Colombia over peace talks with the FARC-EP rebels. This time the hope is that the terrifying example of the 1980s will not be repeated

Joe Emersberger: Venezuelan Opposition Say Surprising Things Ahead of Elections

As key legislative elections approach, lies spread by international press are debunked by long time government critics

Roberto Savio: How Much is Left of Syrian in the Syrian War?

the U.S. Congress which equates being Syrian with being a terrorist, while the Syrian people are actually the victims of everyone

Ryan Mallett-Outtrim: Argentina’s Elections Should Be a Wake up Call for Venezuela

The real questions now are: can Maduro deepen the revolution before time runs out, and can Kirchnerismo remain a potent political force after Sunday’s loss?

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