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Rachael Boothroyd: PSUV Grassroots Propose Candidates for Legislative Elections, 60% Women

Tens of thousands of grassroots activists gathered in more than 13,600 assemblies across Venezuela over the weekend to choose their pre-candidates for the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections

Joe Emersberger: Letter to Deborah Orr Regarding Hillary Clinton

It’s chilling to think how many “symbolically powerful” presidential “appointments” could be made to distract from wretched nature of the elite-backed candidates in the USA

Steve Early: Vermont Activists Battle Democratic Governor for Single-Payer Health Care

While continuing to assist private and public sector workers involved in strikes and contract fights, the Vermont Workers Center plans to do more grassroots organizing around the shortcomings of Vermont Health Connect coverage

Medea Benjamin: Hillary the Hawk

We should never lose hope that we can bring about positive change, but actually changing the world for the better requires being aware that whoever sits in the White House come January 2017 is not going to be our friend

Matt Taibbi: Hillary Clinton’s Fake Populism Is a Hit

Hillary’s first official week as a presidential candidate went exactly as her handlers must have hoped

Vincent Emanuele: The Windy City Election Blues: Liberals, Leftists and Electoral Limitations

How much energy should we spend on elections? How can we actually build power at the local level?

Melissa Sanchez: Two educators vie for aldermanic seats in runoffs

Stamps says the runoff elections – both for aldermanic candidates and the mayor’s seat – are crucial for turning the tide on what she sees as the privatization of city services, starting with the educational system

Kim Scipes: Standing Room Only for Sue Sadlowski Garza, Karen Lewis, Chuy Garcia, and Bernie Sanders: Jammed Hall as 10th Ward Turns Out in Celebration, Determination

They want to work with people to make this a better world, and I think there’s an opening that needs to be recognized, supported and joined

Charles Pierce: The Warren Effect

Here Is A Bluff That Needs To Be Called

Giles Tremlett: The Podemos Revolution

How a small group of radical academics changed European politics

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