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Glenn Greenwald: Bush Versus Clinton: the Perfectly Illustrative Election

The 2016 election would vividly underscore how the American political class functions: by dynasty

Bill Fletcher: Dumping the South?

Transforming the South will need to be grounded in local struggles that are knitted together through networks and, more importantly, common strategies

Alan Maass: A new opening for the left in Greece

Greece is back in the international spotlight as the potential of new elections and a victory for the radical left comes into view

Carlos Delclos: Podemos: the political upstart taking Spain by force

Just who are Podemos? And could they be a force for change?

Victor Grossman: Red-Red-Green Is Triumphant

Yes, “red-red-green” squeezed through to victory – by one single wavering vote – See more at:

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: The Podemos Wave

Podemos is the end result of a learning process originated in the South and which eventually made it possible to creatively channel the outrage that ran through the streets of Spain

Tom Engelhardt: The War Party Ascendant

There may be 17 major interlocked intelligence outfits in town, but rest assured, there’s no intelligence in sight. So party on!

Sebastian Rosemont: Chilean Activists Change the Rules of the Game

Although many of the protests of 2011 — the year of Occupy Wall Street — have faded, Chilean students and workers managed to win many of their demands

Steve Bogira: Can Chuy beat Rahm in the race for mayor?

“Chuy” Garcia is a formidable candidate

Jon Queally: Election Alert: When Democracy Broken, Progress Impossible

When democracy becomes numb to the desires of its citizens and political campaigns become sporting events for television pundits, the ballot box becomes a sad (if necessary) expression of populist will.

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