Category: Elections

Leo Panitch: The Greek Election

A democratic Greece under Syriza would represent what democratic Spain represented for the international left in the 1930s

Mike-Frank Epitropoulos: On the doorstep of a SYRIZA Victory

A victory for SYRIZA this Sunday will have great symbolic value for Greeks and for others in Europe and around the world

Sebastian Budgen: Greece: Phase One

Syriza is the Left’s best chance at success in a generation. But for socialists, the hard part starts after election day

Catarina Príncipe: Hope Is on the Way

This weekend, the Greek people are taking their destiny in their hands again, animated by the will and belief that it is possible to change not only Greece, but Europe

Chris Spannos: What is at Stake in the Greek Elections?

No less than the livelihoods of the Greek people are at stake

Jérôme Roos: What Happens in Greece can transform Europe

If we do not take this struggle to the European level, if we confine ourselves to local communities or nation states, we ultimately leave this crucial terrain to the bankers and the bureaucrats

Alexis Tsipras: A Historic Opportunity

With victory in sight, Alexis Tsipras discusses Europe’s political landscape and the formation of a left government in Greece

Jack Rasmus: Republicans Change Rules; Democrats Change Stripes

As Republicans in Congress successfully change the rules, Obama and Democrats will try to change their stripes

Bécquer Seguín: Can Podemos Win in Spain?

Just a year after its founding, it’s the country’s leading party

Russell Brand: How To Buy a Politician

Discussing the corruption of politics with Russell Brand

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