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Noam Chomsky: On Scottish Independence

Scottish Independence: Statehood and Power

Alister Black: Scotland: Despite fear campaign 45% vote for independence

This is a great achievement and an even better achievement has been the building of a mass social movement

Michael Albert: The Scottish Issue

45% evidenced substantial opposition not just to UK rule, but to austerity and top down rule period

Juan Cole: Top 5 Reasons 45% of Scots Wanted to Leave the Right Wing UK

Education, Health, and Global Warming

Justin Podur: The Electoral System’s Victims

Modi came to power by gaming an electoral system, not through democracy

Cat Boyd: If you think Yes voters were backing nationalism, then you weren’t paying attention

Scottish independence campaigner Cat Boyd reflects on a movement that had the whole Westminster elite against it – yet still managed to run them close

George Monbiot: How the media shafted the people of Scotland

Perhaps the most arresting fact about the Scottish referendum is this: that there is no newspaper – local, regional or national, English or Scottish – that supports independence except the Sunday Herald

Gordon Asher: A Proposal: Voting ‘Yes, BUT’

How do we not get the neoliberal Scotland envisaged in the SNP’s White paper?
And, more long term, how do we overcome a capitalist Scotland at the hands of any of the political parties?

Federico Fuentes: Brazil: Marina Silva’s Rise is a Result of the Left’s Failures, Not Success

The demands and desires of those that may end up voting for Marina are legitimate, and the left would do well to think about how they could win over this natural ally to supporting a genuine proposal for change

Media lens: “Dark Omens and “Horror Shows”

Scottish Independence, Power and Propaganda

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