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Federico Fuentes: Evo Morales’ Victory Demonstrates How Much Bolivia Has Changed

Bolivians have once again overwhelmingly chosen to push forward with their process of change

Lauren McCauley: Dark Money Spending in Key Senate Races ‘Shattering’ Records

Unknown donors and big-monied, outside groups are pouring record amounts of cash into key Senate races

Bruno Lima Rocha: Brazil and the Elections in the Second Round – the campaign midterm

The question remains: If Neoliberalism comes back, what to do? And now: Who will face it? Which social forces are able to challenge it?

Atilio Boron: Why Did Evo Win?

The landslide victory of Evo Morales has a very simple explanation: he won because his government has been, without a doubt, the best in the troubled history of Bolivia

Ben Dangl: Beyond Evo Morales’ Electoral Victory: A View from La Paz

On the car-less, sunny streets of La Paz on election day, the enthusiasm for the government was palpable

Alli McCracken: Bashing Obama to Make Way for Hillary

Whether it’s Leon Panetta, or Hillary Clinton. I’m horrified at the prospect of Clinton being the more “liberal” Presidential choice in 2016

Ben Dangl: Has Evo Morales proven his critics wrong?

Evo Morales will most likely be re-elected today because he is a better alternative than his neoliberal predecessors and their contemporary counterparts

Noam Chomsky: Democracy and Education in the 21st Century and Beyond

Interview on education and indoctrination, the 1960s, the Powell memorandum, democracy, the creation of ISIS, the media and the way “capitalism” actually works in the United States.

Kshama Sawant: A socialist in the land of capital

One of the lessons we’ve learned is that it is actually possible to make headway on concrete issues on an extremely principled basis

Gary Younge: Run, Karen, Run!

Chicago Teachers Union leader Karen Lewis is eyeing Mayor Emanuel’s job

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