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Noam Chomsky: Super Bowl Special & Cam Newton: The Bridge to Somewhere

Noam Chomsky talks about the gladiatorial spectacle before us, re-lives his early love affair with baseball, talks about the phenomena of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, and his Super Bowl pick

Vijay Prashad: How Politics Across the U.S. and Europe Are Shifting Away From the Center

The Extreme Center is dying. At its ends emerges a politics of anti-austerity. What divides the Right and the Left is their attitude to society, whether to pursue inclusive and diverse social worlds or not

Immanuel Wallerstein: A Left Electoral Strategy? France and the United States

The parallel with Sanders is that the French group may be tapping into the same popular discontent that Sanders has used to make his bid

Garry Leech: Terrifying Ted and His Ultra-Conservative Vision for America

A Cruz victory in November would result in a serious shift to the right for the United States with regard to both domestic and foreign policies

Michael Albert: Thinking about Sanders

On what logic should we base our attitude to the Sanders campaign? And once our attitude is clear, what should we do about it?

Alfredo Lopez: The ‘Bern’ and the Internet

There are three major Internet issues that every candidate must take up: net neutrality, universal access and privacy

Shawn Gude: Social Democracy in Middle America

The Iowa Caucus shows promise for radical politics in the United States

Vincent Emanuele: A Letter to the Left Concerning Bernie Sanders and Organizing

There are future radicals in the midst. Who’s going to organize them? Who will be their mentors?

Paul Street: Signs of a Gathering Storm: Iowa Caucus Report

Something left and radically democratic is up with young folks and others and it’s not going to disappear with the eventual fading of Bernie

Conn Hallinan: Hillary and the Urn of Ashes

They sent forth men to battle.                            But no such men return;                            And home, to claim their                                    welcome. Comes ashes in an urn.” –Ode from “Agamemnon” in the Greek tragedy the Oresteia by Aeschylus   Aeschylus—who had actually fought at Marathon in 490 BC, the battle Read more…

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