Category: Foreign Policy

William Blum: Russia invades Ukraine. Again. And again

We do have representative government. The question is: Who does our government represent?

David Vine: The Bases of War in the Middle East

From Carter to the Islamic State, 35 years of building bases and sowing disaster

Paul Street: The United States is the Top Terrorist State on Earth

Never forget that the US is home to a giant military- and security-industrial complex that has strong vested interests in endless war

Nicola Nasser: The endgame of the US ‘Islamic State’ strategy

The US, Israel and their regional allies have been on the record that the final target of their “regime change” campaign in the Middle East was to dismantle the Syria–Iran alliance

Tom Engelhardt: Shrinking the Empire

A Session on the Imperial Couch

Peter Van Buren: What Could Possibly Go Right?

Four Months into Iraq War 3.0, the Cracks Are Showing — on the Battlefield and at the Pentagon

Sam Badger: The U.S. Just Lost a Client State in West Africa

The State Department’s support for “free and fair presidential elections” in the country might yet be tested

Glenn Greenwald: How Many Muslim Countries Has The U.S. Bombed Or Occupied Since 1980?

The sheer casualness with which Obama called for a new AUMF is reflective of how central, how commonplace, violence and militarism are in the U.S.’s imperial management of the world

Vladimir Putin: Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club

The meeting’s theme was The World Order: New Rules or a Game without Rules

Rania Khalek: Drone-Strike Feminism

The latest US bombing campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, aka ISIL) as a feminist rescue mission may be the worst of Obama’s justifications

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