Category: Foreign Policy

Kathy Kelly: No Warlords Need Apply: A Call for Credible Peacemaking in Afghanistan

The U.S. military doesn’t hesitate to demand sums for continued U.S. military presence in Afghanistan which could instead be dedicated to rebuilding the country

Peter Van Buren: The Balance of Power in the Middle East Just Changed

U.S.-Iranian Relations Emerge from a 30-Year Cold War

John Feffer: Iran Deal: Is Obama Channeling Nixon?

With the Iran deal, we have stepped away from the precipice of war. But it’s only a few steps

Steven Chovanec: Why We Must Not Arm Even 1 More Syrian Rebel

The fact that the US can find only 60 Syrian rebels to train is quite telling

Pratap Chatterjee: Killing by Committee in the Global Wild West

The Perpetrators Become the Victims of Drone Warfare

Netfa Freeman: Has U.S. Policy Toward Cuba Really Changed?

Despite its improving relations with Havana, Washington’s ultimate goal for the island remains regime change

Marjorie Cohn: Next Steps in the Normalization of US-Cuban Relations: Thoughts From the Cuban Five

Now that United States and Cuba are preparing to open embassies in each other’s countries, what else needs to happen to support the process of détente between the two countries?

Atilio Boron: Obama, When It Comes to Cuba, Yes You Can!

Six months after last Dec. 17’s announcement, Obama could have done more. Even if only to stick to his word

Alex Doherty: From Liberal Hawks to Neocons – The Henry Jackson Society

Although the Cold War may have ended some twenty-five years ago, it continues to influence contemporary politics in unexpected ways

Michael T. Klare: Russia vs. China

The Conflict in Washington Over Who Should Lead America’s Enemies List

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