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Atilio Boron: Annotations on the Thwarted Coup in Venezuela

Having refused to recognise the verdict of the ballot boxes, Washington not only transgresses international law, but it also becomes a promotor and accomplice to the insurrectionists

Eva Golinger: US Aggression Against Venezuela: Fact, Not Fiction

The U.S. has a substantial history of aggression toward Venezuela

Rachael Boothroyd: “US Human Rights Abusers Not Welcome in Venezuela”

Prior to the discovery of the coup, the US embassy was reported to have attempted to bribe senior military and government officials to partake in insurrectionist actions against the government

William Greider: Wrong-Way Obama?

The misdirection of government power suggests that many leaders don’t believe things were changed that much by the 2008 breakdown. They’re complacently doing the same stuff that failed more than eighty years ago

Walden Bello: Bloody US-Directed Raid Destabilizes Philippine Politics

A raid to “neutralize” an international terrorist that went awry has severely discredited the administration of Philippine President Benigno Aquino III

Arun Gupta: How ISIS Became the Face of Evil

It’s far simpler to convince Americans that going to war time and again is necessary because of ISIS rather than confronting the nuanced history and social conditions in each country

Eva Golinger: Why the CIA Won’t Give Up on Venezuela

Interview about the Western backed resistance groups in Venezuela and how there is a coup happening in real time

Norman Solomon: CIA Evidence from Whistleblower Trial Could Tilt Iran Nuclear Talks

In its zeal to prosecute Sterling for allegedly leaking classified information about Operation Merlin, the U.S. government has damaged its own standing with the IAEA

Sarah Lazare: Netanyahu Admits Sabotage of Iran Talks His Primary Mission

‘It is my obligation,’ says Israeli prime minister, ‘to do everything that I can to prevent this agreement’

William Blum: The Greek Tragedy

I believe Syriza is sincere, and I’m rooting for them, but they may have overestimated their own strength, while forgetting how the Mafia came to occupy its position

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