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Marjorie Cohn: Killing With Robots

There is a slippery slope from police use of armed robots to domestic use of armed drones.

Nell Bernstein: The True Cost of California’s Proposition 47

The tide is beginning to turn on criminal justice

Lindsey Bever: ‘You took away my worth’: A sexual assault victim’s powerful message to her Stanford attacker

She’s known in local newspapers as 23-year-old “Emily Doe” — a pseudonym to protect her privacy amid an emotional court battle in which former Stanford University varsity swimmer Brock Allen Turner was found guilty for her sexual assault. Prosecutors said that in January 2015, witnesses saw Turner sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster Read more…

Michelle Alexander: Following Horrific Violence, Something More is Required of Us

Our entire system of government is designed to protect and serve the interests of the most powerful, while punishing, controlling and exploiting the least advantaged

Maya Evans: Without Due Process

From Mass Incarceration to Assassination

Marjorie Cohn: How Justice Scalia’s Absence Has Affected the Supreme Court’s Decisions

If Justice Antonin Scalia had survived to participate in the remainder of the 2015-2016 Supreme Court term, his vote would have made a significant difference in the resolution of several cases. Moreover, if the Senate had confirmed Merrick Garland to fill Scalia’s seat, some of those cases might well have turned out differently. From unions’ Read more…

Juan Cole: H. Clinton and Ed Snowden: Some Animals are more Equal than others

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly attacked Ed Snowden for being careless with government information. So it is ironic that she has been found guilty of being . . . careless with government information. She, of course, will suffer no consequences, since she is part of the ruling class. Here’s an ironic juxtaposition: FBI Director James B. Read more…

Ebony Slaughter-Johnson: Mamie Till and Tarsha Jackson: ‘Mothers at the Gate’

Jackson is one of a growing number of family members nationwide, mostly mothers, who have taken up the mantle to advocate for juvenile justice reform

Timothy Braatz: Put Restorative Justice on the Democratic Platform

Destroy your enemy. In a stressed out, heavily armed, profoundly unequal and racist society, this is a dangerous message

Cherrie Bucknor: The Price We Pay

A new report from CEPR estimates that the reduction in the overall employment rate caused by the barriers faced by former prisoners and people convicted of felonies costs the United States $78 to $87 billion in annual GDP

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