Category: Law, Crime, & Justice

Francesca Forrest: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The Problem with Money Bail

Julian Assange: The Untold Story of the Grounding of Evo Morales’ Plane During Edward Snowden Manhunt

Interview on why that plane was targeted

Norman Solomon: Jeffrey Sterling vs. the CIA

An Untold Story of Race and Retribution

Nadia Prupis: Protests Sweep City Following Cleveland Acquittal

Protests against racism and police brutality spread throughout the city as activists called for justice

John Kiriakou: Obama’s War on Whistleblowers Claims Its Latest Victim

Jeffrey Sterling learned the hard way that the feds will throw the book at anyone who embarrasses them

Glenn Greenwald: GCHQ’S Rainbow Lights

Exploiting Social Issues for Militarism and Imperialism

Tom Engelhardt: Writing History Before It Happens

Nine Surefire Future Headlines From a Bizarro American World

Maya Schenwar: Too Many People in Jail? Abolish Bail

We are incarcerating people for being poor, at great cost to actual human lives

Darnell L. Moore: While We Focus on Shootings, We Ignore Victims of Police Sexual Assault

We must insist that violence against women matters because women’s bodies and sexual autonomy matter — despite an apparent insistence they don’t

James Bamford: Why NSA surveillance is worse than you’ve ever imagined

Until the public fully grasps and understands how far over the line the NSA has gone in the past — legally, morally and ethically — there should be no renewal or continuation of NSA’s telephone metadata program in the future

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