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Jonathan Cook: The Liberal Hounding of Julian Assange: From Alex Gibney to The Guardian

A grand jury has been secretly arraigned in Virginia, the home of the CIA, that is dredging up long-discarded laws to charge him with espionage, even though he is not a US citizen

John Pilger: Freeing Julian Assange: The Last Chapter

The Assange case is rooted across the Atlantic in Pentagon-dominated Washington, obsessed with pursuing and prosecuting whistleblowers,

Russell Mokhiber: Clarence Ditlow Wants VW, Takata and GM Execs Jailed for Corporate Crime

The Center for Auto Safety’s Clarence Ditlow wants executives at VW, Takata and General Motors jailed for corporate crime.

Preeti Kaur: Child Neglect, Abuse, and Torture in the UK?

Shocking footage at a youth custody center in England highlights the growing decay of detention facilities in the U.K.

Martin Espada: On Struggles Past & Present

Interview on the struggles and injustices up to the present day, including the police killings of unarmed African Americans and the spate of U.S. mass shootings

Chris Hedges: The Mirage of Justice

Our civil liberties have been transformed into privileges

Sarah Lazare: Under-the-Radar Supreme Court Case Poses Profound Threat to Unions Nationwide

Whatever happens with the the case, rights campaigners urge that now is the time to be vigilant

Pete Dolack: The many hypocrisies of the Oregon standoff

By refusing to enforce the law against people like Bundy, these militias with their demented phantasmagorical delusions have only been encouraged

Margaret Corvid: Injustice for All?

We can hate the Oregon gunmen’s worldview without wishing state violence on them.

Russell Mokhiber: Who’s Being Fined? Not Corporate Criminals

One way to check on government action against corporate crime is to type into Google News the word “fined.” Who is getting fined for wrongdoing? Five years or so ago, if you did this, you would get a smattering of corporate criminals on the first page. But let’s look and see what we get today. Read more…

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