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Paul Street: Boston, Blowback, and Barack Obama

US policymakers undertake provocative and mass-murderous military adventures abroad with full knowledge that their actions are certain to generate “blowback”

Joe Emersberger: Imagine Obama Defending US Citizens. Not easy, but try

In 2009, a peer-reviewed Harvard study concluded that deficiencies in the USA’s health care system kill 45,000 US citizens

Preeti Kaur: Latin America: From U.S. Corporate Hegemony to Regional Autonomy

Countries such as Venezuela and Ecuador prove that alternatives to relying on business to address social, economic and climate disasters exist

Juan Cole: US history of coup-making Overshadows Obama’s outreach

It is often forgotten that these actions were taken not because Cuba committed an act of war against the USA but because Washington disliked the system of government that Havana adopted

Lucas Koerner: Regional Leaders Back Venezuela at Panama Summit

Despite repeated calls throughout the summit for President Obama to repeal his Executive Order targeting Venezuela, the US administration has dug in its heels

David Swanson: The Video That Could Indict the Pentagon for Murder

Explaining that police were getting away with murder wasn’t producing any indictments. A video finally indicted a cop. Now we need the video that can indict the world’s policeman

Mark Weisbrot: Obama could face disastrous summit due to Venezuela sanctions

The intention of expanding commercial and diplomatic relations with Cuba was mainly to pursue a more effective strategy of undermining the Cuban government — and all of the left-wing governments in the region

Ramzy Baroud: The Collapse of the Obama Doctrine: Yemen War as an Opportunity?

To suggest that the United States policies in Yemen was a ‘failure’ is an understatement. It implies that the US had at least attempted to succeed

Juan Cole: Netanyahu slips, Reveals reason for Opposition to Iran Deal

Netanyahu wants to keep Iran poor and undeveloped

FREBIN: Letter from Bolivarian Researchers

For the victory of 99%, let’s fight together! as we already did in Pensacola, Ocumare and Amelia Island. Let America be Our America

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