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Noam Chomsky: Interview on the Middle East, Obama, and Michael Ratner

“If you look over the past, say, the roughly 75 years of my, more or less, consciousness, it’s—in general, I think the arc of history has been bending towards justice”

George Katsiaficas: Thank You Barack Obama for Showing Us That Peace is War

In this upside-down world, Obama is seen as a man of peace, while the Black Panthers are remembered as violent

David Swanson: Seymour Hersh Erases Public’s Role on Syria

We once again owe the great reporter Seymour Hersh a serious debt for his reporting, in this case for his London Review of Books articles on President Barack Obama’s war making, now published as a book called The Killing of Osama bin Laden. Despite the title, three of the four articles are about Syria. But Read more…

Malik Jalal: This Is What It Feels Like to Be Hunted by Drones

Singling out people to assassinate, and killing nine of our innocent children for each person they target, is a crime of unspeakable proportions

Richard Falk: If Obama Visits Hiroshima

There are mounting hopes that Barack Obama will use the occasion of the Group of 7 meeting in Japan next month to visit Hiroshima, and become the first American president to do so. It is remarkable that it required a wait of over 60 years until John Kerry became the first high American official to Read more…

Robert Fisk: Obama knows 9/11 was linked to Saudi Arabia – its massive oil reserves are behind his official visit

Saudi Arabia’s million barrel a day output, plus its strategic location in the Middle East, means the West must pay obeisance to the regional head-choppers

Medea Benjamin: President Obama Can Help Save Saudi Youth Facing Beheading

One concrete outcome that President Obama could pursue on his visit to Saudi Arabia is saving the lives of three Shia youth sentenced to be executed

Karen J. Greenberg: Still in the Bush Embrace

What Really Stands in the Way of Closing Guantánamo

Meryl Nass: White House Makes a Big Deal of New Heroin Efforts

But Says Nothing about Stemming the Flow or Why We’re Still at War in Narco-State Afghanistan

Patrick Cockburn: US ground troops are back in Iraq as Iraqi division hides in the mountains

The speed with which Isis responded to the arrival of the 15th Iraqi Division and the US Marines at Makhmour shows that they are by no means a spent force

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