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Noam Chomsky: The Nuclear Deal

The nuclear deal reached between Iran and P5+1 was greeted with relief and optimism throughout the world, with striking exceptions: the US and its closest regional allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia

Joris Leverink: US shows its real face in choosing Turkey over the Kurds

In its choice of allies in the battle against IS, the US is showing that defeating the jihadists might in fact not be its number one priority

Ray McGovern: Propaganda, Intelligence and MH-17

During a recent interview, I was asked to express my conclusions about the July 17, 2014 shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine, prompting me to take another hard look at Official Washington’s dubious claims – pointing the finger of blame at eastern Ukrainian rebels and Moscow – based on shaky evidence regarding who Read more…

Lauren Carasik: Obama Fights to Continue Detention of Migrant Families

Five migrant mothers filed court papers this month seeking millions in damages from the government for psychological and physical harms associated with their detention

Glen David Kuecker: Obama’s Clean Power Plan: A Fool’s Errand

The conflict between the ecosystem and capitalist economy has only three outcomes: the death of the ecosystem, the death of capitalism, or both

Stephen R. Shalom: What’s the Big Deal?

The Iran Nuclear Deal in Perspective

Juan Cole: Major Indirect Benefits of Obama’s Climate Plan that could save the World

Government steps that encourage business and consumers to take millions of consequential decisions are essential

Naomi Klein: Obama Is Beginning to Sound Like a Climate Leader, When Will He Act Like One?

As scientists warn 2015 is on pace to become the Earth’s hottest year on record, President Obama has unveiled his long-awaited plan to slash carbon emissions from U.S. power plants

Sarah Lazare: Obama Touts ‘Historic’ Climate Plan, But Will It Go Far Enough?

The president’s Clean Power Plan includes deeper emissions cuts but also numerous concessions to the industry

Shamus Cooke: Obama’s “Safe Zone” in Syria will Inflame the War Zone

This “safe zone” is a major escalation of war, but it was described in soft tones by the media

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