Category: Obama Admin

Ramzy Baroud: Whitewashing CIA Torture

“We are [not so] awesome” after all

Tom Engelhardt: The Senate Drone Report of 2019

Looking Back on Washington’s War on Terror

Rebecca Gordon: American Torture — Past, Present, and… Future?

Beyond the Senate Torture Report

Z. C. Dutka: U.S. Congress Passes Venezuela Sanctions, Obama Expected to Sign

Late on Wednesday the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to introduce sanctions against Venezuela

Paul Street: Campus Town Amnesia

John Deng Down the Memory Hole

Jack Rasmus: The Republican Congress’s New Agenda

A shift even more to the right in the United States senate means more for the corporate sector

Medea Benjamin: Hagel’s Departure Should Open Debate on Obama’s Wars

The talk about resetting President Obama’s security team is misplaced; we should be focusing instead on resetting his bellicose policies

Pepe Escobar: Washington plays Russian roulette

The logic of escalation is on

Michelle Chen: Excluded and Exploited

Temporary relief means little when the overarching structure of immigration laws continues to fuel economic exploitation and racial segregation

Adrian Carrasquillo: How The Immigrant Rights Movement Got Obama To Save Millions From Deportations

A battle raged among allies, publicly and behind the scenes, to shift focus from a legislative overhaul strategy to making the idea of executive action inevitable. This is how it happened

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