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Jack Rasmus: TPP Trade Negotiations At Critical Juncture

Concluding a TPP deal in 2015 is right up there—along with across the board corporate tax rate cuts—at the top of Corporate America’s ‘must have’ list for this year

Paul Street: Look Home, Obama

People who live in glass, dollar-drenched houses of fake democracy should not throw stones

Fernando Vegas: The White House’s National Security Strategy and Latin America

President Obama’s National Security Strategy is a threat to Latin America and the world

Joe Emersberger: On National “Emergencies” in a Fake Democracy

Obama has lied, with demented extravagance, in order to declare a “national emergency”

Glenn Greenwald: Maybe Obama’s Sanctions on Venezuela are Not Really About His “Deep Concern” Over Suppression of Political Rights

The worst media offender in this regard is The New York Times, which explicitly celebrated the 2002 U.S.-supported coup of Hugo Chavez as a victory for democracy

Chris Gilbert: Sea-Change in Venezuela

What to Make of the White House’s Recent Declarations?

Spiegel Staff: Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine

False claims and exaggerated accounts, warned a top German official during a recent meeting on Ukraine, have put NATO — and by extension, the entire West — in danger of losing its credibility

Paul Street: Barack Obama, Monty Python, and the U.S. Threat to Venezuela

The United States President recently told his fellow US-of-Americans that Venezuela – yes, Venezuela – is an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States”

Glenn Greenwald: The Parties’ Role Reversal on ‘Interfering’ with the Commander-in-Chief’s Foreign Policy

The numerous members of both parties who are trying to subvert a peace agreement with Iran – out of some warped allegiance to Israeli interests and/or a commitment to endless militarism – are acting in destructive and dangerous ways

William Greider: Wrong-Way Obama?

The misdirection of government power suggests that many leaders don’t believe things were changed that much by the 2008 breakdown. They’re complacently doing the same stuff that failed more than eighty years ago

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