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Karen Dolan: It’s Time to Get Cops Out of Schools

There’s only one way to make sure no more young girls are body-slammed by uniformed officers

Police Accountability Task Force: Chicago Police Corrupt, “Beset by Racism”

CPD’s own data gives validity to the widely held belief the police have no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color

UCLA Labor Center: Get to Work or Go To Jail

The criminal justice system can lock workers on probation, parole, facing court-ordered debt, or child support debt into bad jobs

Brian Goldstone: Justice for All

Ending the scourge of mass incarceration will require seeking justice not just for the innocent but for the guilty

Paul Street: People Over for-Profit Prisons: A Social Movement in Gary, Indiana

It was a remarkable and rapid local victory for people’s power, human rights, and moral economy over a soulless agenda

Russell Mokhiber: In Cold Blood — Feds Call for Max Sentence for Former Massey CEO Blankenship

Prosecutors said that Blankenship “knew full well the awful risks, dramatized time and again in ghastly fashion over the years…”

Allie Gross: How Cops Terrorize People Without Even Arresting Them

The fact is cops don’t have to physically harm or even arrest people to do lasting damage

Bill Berkowitz: Is There Hope for America’s Juvenile Justice System?

The horrific details of the injustice and torture visited upon Kalief Browder has brought a much-deserved spotlight on the system. In the spring of 2010, shortly before his seventeenth birthday, Browder was arrested for a robbery he maintained he didn’t commit

Jacob Kang-Brown: The Rise of 1,000 Small Jails

Very small counties have more people of color behind bars on a given day than NYC and LA

Liliana Segura: Hillary Clinton’s Indefensible Stance on the Death Penalty

IF THERE WAS anything surprising about Hillary Clinton’s defense of capital punishment when questioned by an Ohio death row exoneree Sunday night, it was only that she was not better prepared to deliver it. This was no gotcha question, no unscripted ambush like the one carried out last month by Black Lives Matter protesters who confronted Clinton Read more…

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