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Robert Reich: Wall Street’s Democrats

The reason Democrats have pulled their punches with the financial sector for years is because it’s hard to punch the hand that feeds you

Harry Targ: What To Make Of Electoral Politics 2014?

I am looking at exit poll data and, as in prior election seasons, more Democratic votes came from the young, women, African Americans, Latinos, voters with post-graduate degrees and educational levels at or below high school, and low income citizens. This national polling data comports with results from many individual Congressional and state races. These Read more…

Brendan Fischer: ALECLays Blueprint for 2015

The midterm elections may have given the embattled American Legislative Exchange Council a new lease on life

Paul Street: American Oligarchy and Class Rule, 2014

They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy

Glenn Greenwald: Congress Irrelevant on Mass Surveillance

Here’s what matters instead

Arun Gupta: How the Democrats Became The Party of Neoliberalism

The Democrats will remain devoted to managing the state for the interests of wealthy and powerful

Paul Street: Against Escalation

The United States government routinely tells its subject citizenry and the world of America’s grand commitment to freedom and democracy. Putting aside the inconvenient problem of its own domestic oligarchy and plutocracy, let’s have a look at some of Washington’s “democracy”-loving key allies

Peter Frase: In Defense of Gamers

There was a time when I might have called myself a “gamer.” That is, I’m someone who plays and thinks about video games, and views them as a rich cultural form full of potential, both as art and as sport. Now, however, even people who usually ignore games have been introduced to the figure of Read more…

Paul Street: Oligarchy

The partisan polarization narrative is fundamentally incorrect and deceptive in three basic ways. The first problem is that U.S. citizens are nowhere nearly as divided along “Red” and “Blue” lines as media and political elites tell us.

Tariq Ali: Why the Fight for Independence Isn’t Over

Unionists of every stripe from the Orange Lodges to Tories and Labourist allsorts will be delighted with Scottish results

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