Category: Repression

Ellen Isaacs: From Baltimore to Palestine

The increasingly militarized attacks on rebellious neighborhoods in the U.S.,, seem more and more like armed forces brought to bear on Palestinians in the Middle East.

Peter Bohmer: Police Shooting in Olympia, WA; It Can Happen Anywhere

At 1:15 AM on May 21, on the west side of Olympia, Washington, white police officer Ryan Donald shot two young unarmed Black brothers, Andre Thompson, 24, and Bryson Chaplin, 21.

Nikos Raptis: Patriotism, Hypocrisy, and Cowardice in Our Societies

Samuel Johnson defines patriotism as “love for one’s country; zeal for one’s country” and scoundrel as “a mean rascal; a low petty villain”

Henry A. Giroux: Orwell, Huxley and America’s Plunge into Authoritarianism

Legitimizing State Violence

Greg Grandin: The Charleston Massacre and the Cunning of White Supremacy

Denmark Vesey is one of the most prominent names in America’s long history of racial terror

Glenn Greenwald: The Sunday Times’ Snowden Story is Journalism at its Worst — and Filled with Falsehoods

The Sunday Times today merely recycled the same evidence-free smears that have been used by government officials for years – not only against Snowden, but all whistleblowers

Vincent Emanuele: The United States: A Most Violent Nation

Extreme violence ravages the US. In this context, activists and organizers face a series of challenges that many of our international counterparts do not Chile police deploy tear gas, water cannons as 200,000-strong rally turns violent

The latest student rally that gathered some 200,000 people on the eve of the Copa America, the South American football championship, has turned violent with Santiago police shooting tear gas and water cannons

Alfredo Lopez: USA Freedom Act is Anything But

There is nothing — nothing at all — in any recent law or legislative action that will in any way weaken the police state structure our government has put into place

Richard Esguerra: Fighting for Privacy, Two Years After Snowden

Underpinning the fight for freedom from invasive government surveillance is one more very clear objective: fix rampant government overuse of secrecy

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