Category: Repression

Leonard Peltier: 41 Years Since Jumping Bull, 500 Years of Trauma

As the First Peoples of Turtle Island, we live with daily reminders of the centuries of efforts to terminate our nations, eliminate our cultures, and destroy our relatives and families

Lamont Lilly: Movement for Black Lives Yields New Targets of the State

Those on the front line must be defended, by us, the people, the community

Jonathan Cook: Israel’s fear of the ‘desert’ Jews in its midst

With the Arab Jews on the Palestinians’ side, the conflict with Israel might be ended at the ballot box

Rania Khalek: Democratic clash over Palestine signals changing party

Allies of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders sparred at the Democratic platform drafting committee’s first round of hearings on 9 June over the issue of Palestinian freedom and Israel. The clashes point to deeper struggles over Israel taking place within the party. Sanders’ backers called for elevating Palestinian rights and acknowledging Israel’s military Read more…

Scott Campbell: Mexican police brutally attack Oaxaca’s striking teachers

Ten years after the Oaxaca Commune of 2006, teachers in the Mexican state are back on the barricades — and once again the state responds with brute force

Dror Ladin: Latest CIA Torture Docs Show “Evidence of War Crimes” & Level of Brutality That Even Shocked Bush

This is evidence of war crimes. And yet no one’s been prosecuted

Todd Gitlin: Election 2016 Insinuation, Conspiracy, Delusion: Welcome to the ‘Truth’ According to Donald Trump

In all fascist and para-fascist movements, the only truth that matters is the truth that the savior-masters have unearthed

Marjorie Cohn: New York Governor’s Unconstitutional Order Enables Israeli Occupation

BDS should be embraced as a nonviolent strategy to challenge the Israeli occupation

Ramzy Baroud: Gaza: Resistance Through Poetry

Gaza remains a place of poets, artists, dabka dancers and untamable spirits of utterly resilient and refreshingly stubborn people

Roxanne Dunbar-ortiz: Yes, Native Americans Were the Victims of Genocide

This paper, written under the title, “U.S. Settler-Colonialism and Genocide Policies,” was delivered at the Organization of American Historians 2015 Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO on April 18, 2015. US policies and actions related to Indigenous peoples, though often termed “racist” or “discriminatory,” are rarely depicted as what they are: classic cases of imperialism Read more…

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