Category: Repression

Joann Wypijewski: James Baldwin, a Guide in Dark Times

No other American writer dissected the problem of the color line with such intimate and ferocious grace

Norman Solomon: CIA Leak Trial: “This Case Is Not About Politics” [sic]

The case of United States of America v. Jeffrey Alexander Sterling has everything to do with politics and the CIA’s reputation

Paul Street: An Absence of Outrage

Why this unsettling contrast, reflecting remarkable public indifference of most of the US white populace to the regular heinous police murder of Black Americans?

Walden Bello: The Real Threat in Europe

The real threat is the repression of migrant communities by national security states with the backing of a significant segment of the majority population mobilized by right wing forces

Marjorie Cohn: Supreme Court Upholds Auto Stop With No Traffic Violation

Broadening police discretion to allow ignorance-based traffic stops will give officers another excuse to harass people of color

Johann Hari: The Hunting of Billie Holiday

How Lady Day found herself in the middle of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics’ early fight for survival

Kathy Kelly & Medea Benjamin: Federal Prison Sentence Begins for Anti-Drone Activist

I feel like shouting from the rooftops, “Do you see what’s going on inside these gates?”

Tom Engelhardt: More and War

The Tao of Washington

Carl Finamore: The Ghost of Mubarak Returns

Four Years After Tahrir

Norman Solomon: Leak Trial Shows CIA Zeal to Hide Incompetence

Based on the evidence, it would be delusional to think of the CIA as a place run by straight shooters

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