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Joe Emersberger: How Many Lives Has Edward Snowden Saved?

Snowden’s leaks – especially the ones having to do with spying in Brazil – will raise the political costs of Latin American governments collaborating with US intelligence services and other agencies

Mahienour El-Massry: Free Mahienour! Egyptian Revolutionary and Climate Activist

In May Egyptian revolutionary, climate activist and lawyer Mahienour El-Massry was unjustly jailed. Just before she was imprisoned she spoke to Mika Minio about her amazing work

Shea Howell: Distorted Reality in Detroit

We are faced with decisions that defy rationality. We are presented with conclusions that benefit bankers, businesses, and a small financial elite

Danny Schechter: Hackers Convention: Opposition To Mass Surveillance Grows

Thousands of hackers, privacy activists and anti-spying advocates from across the country and the world assembled at the Hotel Pennsylvania across from Penn Station in New York City this weekend to co-conspire and hear from whistleblowers

David McReynolds: Israel has lost the high ground – have the Israelis?

To those American Jews who, like my friend, still support Israeli actions, have they lost the ability to feel the pain of others, if those others are Muslim, and not Jews or Christians?

Peter Allen: Banning Pro-Palestine Demonstrations

France becomes first country in world to ban pro-Palestine demonstrations

Noam Chomsky: The System We Have Now Is Radically Anti-Democratic

Interview on a variety of topics

Tom Hayden: Arab Winter

The “Arab winter” that began last year with the US-backed military coup in Egypt, is falling fast over Gaza

Jack Rasmus: Militarization of the Police

Jack Rasmus welcomes guest, Ali Issa, of the War Resisters League, to discuss the growing militarization of police forces in the USA today

Edward Snowden: Edward Snowden in exile

A look at and an interview with Edward Snowden

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