Category: Repression

Nikos Raptis: An Earthquake is not an Academic Subject

Although quakes cannot be prevented, they can be rendered not deadly

Glenn Greenwald: GCHQ’S Rainbow Lights

Exploiting Social Issues for Militarism and Imperialism

Laura Flanders: From Belfast to Baltimore Bad Police Tactics Spread. So can Justice.

Like a bad movie, bad police tactics spread the globe

John Kiriakou: There’s Still Time to Prosecute the Torturers

The question isn’t whether torture works. Torture is immoral

Robert Scheer: They Know Everything About You

Discussion on how data-collection began as a commercial enterprise that was eventually co-opted by the state

Chris Hedges: “Why should we be impoverished so that the profits of big banks, corporations, and hedge funds can swell?”

It is a frightening fact that intelligence agencies now work on behalf of corporations as well as the state

Steven Leyva: The Small Fires

I remember, I remember that remembering can be a radical act of healing

Vijay Prashad: Brutal in Baltimore

Across the board the poor pay higher prices for mortgages, automobile loans, furniture, appliances, electronics, financial services, groceries and insurance

Willie Osterweil: Countries Around the World Are Revoking Freedom of Assembly

Faced with mounting unrest and unwilling to offer reforms, democratic governments are rolling back traditional rights

James Bamford: Why NSA surveillance is worse than you’ve ever imagined

Until the public fully grasps and understands how far over the line the NSA has gone in the past — legally, morally and ethically — there should be no renewal or continuation of NSA’s telephone metadata program in the future

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