Category: Social Policy

Mark Dudzic: Employers Keep Shifting Costs under Affordable Care Act

Until we win single-payer Medicare-for-All, health care benefits will continue to be the biggest cause of strikes, lockouts, concession bargaining, and givebacks

Joe Emersberger: Compare and Contrast: Human Rights Watch on Mexico and Ecuador

HRW statements about Ecuador’s policing are out of proportion compared to their statements about the disappeared students in Mexico

David Swanson: Torturer on the Ballot

The mystery of where torture came from turns out to be no mystery at all. It came from the prison industrial complex

Charlie Cooper: Lockheed Martin to Grab Chunk of Privatized NHS

Doctors have expressed dismay at reports that an international arms firm is considering a bid for a £1bn NHS contract to run GP support services in England

Maia Williams: The Other Side of Ebola: Ooga Booga Journalism

In the social imagination of white supremacist cultures, such as in the U.S. and Europe, Blackness stands as a visual marker of difference, of other, of threat

Diane Stokes & Fran Tobin: Caseworkers Ally with Clients to Restore Human Services

The unity means we can have a broader impact and can strategize about longer-range battles

Tamanna Rahman: Nurses Emerge as Front Line ‘Climate Workers’

The climate crisis has changed the world of health care. Nurses have been at the forefront, and their role will only continue to expand

Sarah Varney: Mississippi, Burned

How the poorest, sickest state got left behind by Obamacare

Chris Gilbert: The Light Brigade

Cuban Doctors Fight Ebola

Tom Hayden: Cuba Leads while the U.S. Lags on Ebola

The Cubans are playing “the most robust role” of any country in battling the Ebola plague

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