Category: Social Policy

Rachael Boothroyd: “US Human Rights Abusers Not Welcome in Venezuela”

Prior to the discovery of the coup, the US embassy was reported to have attempted to bribe senior military and government officials to partake in insurrectionist actions against the government

Carl Finamore: Five Years In – How’s the Affordable Care Act Doing?

The daunting economic and political power of insurance companies means we have a lot of grassroots organizing to do

Petter Nilsson: Beyond the Swedish Model

Interview with Petter Nilsson of Sweden’s Left Party about social democracy in his country and its broader meaning

Michael Albert: Whispering Venezuela?

Venezuela has sought a libertarian, non violent, and even participatory path more so then any other large scale project in the world

Nikos Raptis: What Is Going on in the World

Could an international tribunal hold war criminals accountable?

David Swanson: Cuba: Land of Opportunity

If Cuba comes off the ridiculous terrorist list, the educational exchange opportunities could really open up

Paul Street: Beyond False Dichotomies and Capitalist Exterminism in an Age of Environmental Crisis

We have a moral and existential duty to fight for justice, equality, democracy, and livable ecology

Rebecca Gordon: Saying No to Torture

A Gallery of American Heroes

David Swanson: Cuba Is Good for Your Health

The students do not then have to practice medicine in Cuba or do anything for Cuba, but rather are expected to return to their own countries and practice medicine where it is most needed

Bruno Jäntti: ‘No Position for or against the War’

Reflections on HRW and Amnesty International

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