Category: Social Policy

William Boardman: Defending The Empire Against Freeing the Innocent

What do you say about the blameless man who was held at the Guantanamo concentration camp for 13 years, without trial, without charges against him, without credible evidence?

Cal Winslow: When Workers Fight

The National Union of Healthcare Workers Wins Battle with Kaiser

William Greider: The Big Idea That Could Bring Disaffected Voters Back to the Polls

 Bernie Sanders has a plan to expand, not “save,” Social Security—and it should be popular

Paul Campos: Why Are White Men Dying Much Faster Than Latinos?

The members of the Other White America live in a world that, by most standard economic and cultural measures, has gotten worse for them than it was for their parents and grandparents

A. W. Gaffney: How Class Kills

A recent study showing rising mortality rates among middle-aged whites drives home the lethality of class inequality

James B. Lieber: Killer Care: How Medical Error Became America’s Third Largest Cause of Death, And What Can Be Done About It

A new book lays out the very real dangers each of us faces whenever we enter a hospital

Arundhati Roy: Things That Can And Cannot Be Said (Contd)

Interview on a variety of topics.

H. Patricia Hynes: Agent Orange: The Unfinished War in Vietnam

During the ten years of aerial chemical warfare in Vietnam, U.S. warplanes sprayed more than 20 million gallons of herbicide defoliants, chief among them Agent Orange.

Andy Piascik: The Connecticut Physician Who Warned the World About DDT

In the late 1940s, Morton Biskind, a Westport Connecticut physician, began noticing new ailments and new variations on old ailments in both humans he was treating as well as animals in the area.

Lawrence Wittner: Russians And Americans Get Their Kids Ready for War

In 1916, Congress established the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC), which today flourishes in some 3,500 American high schools

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