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Glen David Kuecker: UN Sustainable Development Goals: The Matrix Reloaded

The SDGs offer profit for the corporations and for-profit consultancies that live off the lard of development capitalism

Jack Rasmus: Killing US for Profit: Big ‘Pharma’ Out of Control

A good part of the problem has become the growing ‘financialization’ of the health industry by Wall St. and global finance capital in recent decades

Russell Mokhiber: Single-Payer Health Care and the Case Against Clicktivism

Obamacare, with its promise of healthcare reform, took the wind out of the sails of the single payer movement. In the House of Representatives, the number of co-sponsors of the single payer bill, HR 676, today is at 53 — down from a high of about 100. Under Obamacare, 30 million Americans are still uninsured Read more…

Ellen Isaacs: Hurricane Sandy Is Still Drowning The Poor

It is a few months short of three years since Hurricane Sandy barreled down on NYC. The flooded subways have new barriers. The submerged hospital generators are back in order. The boardwalks along the shore are up and trod by beachgoers once again. But what of the thousands of poor renters, most on public assistance, who lost their homes that day? I don’t know all their stories. I only know one intimately, and it is not a happy story.

Yohannes Woldemariam: Caring About Animals, Dehumanizing African Asylum Seekers

What is yet to enter the public discourse is Western complicity for the circumstances that generate refugees. The contributions of the U.S.-British “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq and the U.S.-British-French “Mission Accomplished” in Libya to the refugee exodus is rarely acknowledged.

Peter Rugh: Not For Sale

When I was a teenager I used to skip class, nestle under a desk in my high school’s library where the school administrators wouldn’t find me and open up a tattered copy of Leaves of Grass. The way Walt Whitman wrote about America was so blithe and idealistic, operatic, and direct that I had to read the words aloud, which I did in a low voice so no one would overhear me

Pete Dolack: Dump the Kid And Get Back To Work

The presidential campaign season is well underway in the United States, and never in human history will more money be spent to say less. And only 16 more months to go. A perennial favorite of the worst electoral system money can buy is the race among the candidates to be the most in favor of motherhood and apple pie

Sarah Kliff: A drug company raised a pill’s price 5,500 percent because, in America, it can

If you want to be angry about the drug price, Shkreli isn’t the most sensible target — he’s taking advantage of a system that allows drug makers to name their price

Mark Evans: Mark’s Story

I would like to see this network of critical mental health nurses making an important contribution towards the development of more humane ways of promoting mental health

A. W. Gaffney: Your Wallet or Your Life

A lifesaving drug’s overnight price hike shows why we must fight for a radically different health care system

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