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Joris Leverink: Turkey’s century-old denial still going strong. But for how long?

The Turkish government says it will not accept that genocide took place one hundred years ago, despite that 1.5 million of a total 2 million were killed during the fall of the Ottoman Empire one hundred years ago

Pete Dolack: Low-Cost Banking

The struggle to save the United States Postal Service is emblematic of the larger struggle against corporate plundering of public resources

Steve Early: Vermont Activists Battle Democratic Governor for Single-Payer Health Care

While continuing to assist private and public sector workers involved in strikes and contract fights, the Vermont Workers Center plans to do more grassroots organizing around the shortcomings of Vermont Health Connect coverage

David Swanson: The Decline and Fall of the United States

The United States bombs nations in the name of democracy, yet has one of the least democratic and least functioning of the states calling themselves democracies

David Swanson: And the Slow Parade of Fears

We are held back primarily by our accepting and repeating of the propaganda that we have no power

Joe Emersberger: Imagine Obama Defending US Citizens. Not easy, but try

In 2009, a peer-reviewed Harvard study concluded that deficiencies in the USA’s health care system kill 45,000 US citizens

TeleSUR English: Accused Human Rights Abusers Accuse Venezuela of Rights Abuses

A group of former heads of state issued a joint statement Thursday accusing Venezuela of human rights abuses, even though many of the signatories have themselves faced allegations of committing human rights violations while in office

Preeti Kaur: Stop Fracking

Increased risks of cancer, respiratory disease and birth defects

Karen J. Greenberg: Visiting the Torture Museum

Barbarism Then and Now

Joe Emersberger: James Bloodworth Should Quit Pretending to be a Leftist

A serious human rights group can only miss that if it wants to

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