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Kristian Laubjerg: Combating HIV/AIDS in Africa – The Hypocrisy Approach

According to the most recent data released by UNAIDS, 36.9 million people globally were living with HIV in 2014, with 70 % of them living in sub-Saharan Africa

Don Fitz: Cuba’s Medical Mission

The Ebola experience is one of many covered in John Kirk’s new book Health Care without Borders: Understanding Cuban Medical Internationalism

Gary Olson: The Zika Virus: A No-Brainer, Moneymaker?

Alert: This is a satire. [Note: The World Health Organization has declared the Zika virus an international public health emergency and some four million people may be infected this year. Zika may cause brain damage and unusually small heads in newborns—called microcephaly. Women who become infected while pregnant are at especially high risk.] Eli Lilly, Read more…

Dave Zirin: Kevin Turner Dies From ALS, the NFL Does Not Give a Damn

Kevin Turner played in pro football for eight years, but when he died, the NFL said nothing. They could start by apologizing

Jack Rasmus: Neoliberal Economists: Against Bernie Sanders and Common Sense

If the U.S. spent, like other advanced economies with single payer, about 10 percent of its GDP a year on health care, it would cost US$1.8 trillion instead of US$3 trillion a year

Juan Cole: 30 Americans die worldwide from Terrorism annually, while 130,000 die by accident

Militarizing our police, spying on everyone’s internet use, and so forth can’t possibly save a fraction of the number of deaths that better health insurance would

Madeleine Thomas: The Zika virus: government responses add to women’s burden

The Zika virus is shining a light on the inadequacies of abortion and family planning laws in Latin America

Robert Hunziker: Fukushima Radiation: a Killer

People in the streets and on the ground in Japan tell a different story about the risks of radiation. They talk about illnesses and death

Mario Osava: Zika Epidemic Offers Sanitation a Chance in Brazil

Three decades of dengue fever epidemic did not manage to awaken a sense of urgency in Brazil regarding the need for improving and expanding basic sanitation. But the recent surge in cases of microcephaly in newborns, associated with the Zika virus, apparently has. Both dengue and Zika are transmitted by the same vector, the Aedes Read more…

Sean Crawford: The Flint Water Crisis From the Ground Up

More than anything, Flint and our whole nation desperately need a revitalized movement to ensure that public health decisions—and indeed all decisions of public concern—are made with full democratic scrutiny by those who will be affected

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