Category: Human Rights

Joe Emersberger: Compare and Contrast: Human Rights Watch on Mexico and Ecuador

HRW statements about Ecuador’s policing are out of proportion compared to their statements about the disappeared students in Mexico

David Swanson: Torturer on the Ballot

The mystery of where torture came from turns out to be no mystery at all. It came from the prison industrial complex

Tom Hayden: Cuba Leads while the U.S. Lags on Ebola

The Cubans are playing “the most robust role” of any country in battling the Ebola plague

Paul Farmer: Diary

Weak health systems, not unprecedented virulence or a previously unknown mode of transmission, are to blame for Ebola’s rapid spread ‘Legalize heroin & cocaine’

World leaders call for end to War on Drugs

John Feffer: The Plague

The twin plagues of ISIS and Ebola thrive on the breakdown of the existing order

Mark Evans: Beyond Ideology

Mental Health promotion as social justice activism

Kathy Kelly: In Emergency

A hospital known as “Emergency” provides free medical treatment in the war-torn country of Afghanistan

Ewan Robertson: Social Programs Expanded in Venezuela

The Venezuelan government has initiated its policy of expanding social programs in the country’s most deprived areas in a bid to eradicate extreme poverty

Manning Marable: A Humane Society is Possible Through Struggle

An interview  with Manning Marable on “Being Left.” Socialism lost its way largely when it became decoupled from the processes of democracy. My vision of a just society is one that is democratic, that allows people’s voices to be heard, where the people actually govern.”

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