Category: Human Rights

Michael Albert: Whispering Venezuela?

Venezuela has sought a libertarian, non violent, and even participatory path more so then any other large scale project in the world

Nikos Raptis: What Is Going on in the World

Could an international tribunal hold war criminals accountable?

David Swanson: Cuba: Land of Opportunity

If Cuba comes off the ridiculous terrorist list, the educational exchange opportunities could really open up

Rebecca Gordon: Saying No to Torture

A Gallery of American Heroes

Bruno Jäntti: ‘No Position for or against the War’

Reflections on HRW and Amnesty International

Joe Emersberger: HRW Claims US ‘Most Powerful Proponent of Human Rights’?

Honest criticism of these countries is obviously required as well, but people should be aware that HRW is not the organization to provide it

Marjorie Cohn: Book Review: ‘How Human Rights Can Build Haiti’

A review of How Human Rights Can Build Haiti by Fran Quigley

Paul Farmer: Who Lives and Who Dies

On the iniquities of healthcare funding

Dahlia Lithwick: The 10 Worst Civil Liberties Violations of 2014

The world may not actually be falling apart, but it feels like America is. From police brutality and botched executions to voter suppression and election corruption, 2014 was a terrible year for civil liberties. Protests were quelled by military-grade weapons in scenes worthy of a banana republic and the divide between the rich and the poor in the freedom and justice they are afforded is Dickensian in its scope.

Joe Emersberger: US Court Dismisses 8,700 Haitian Lives

Those responsible for continued Haitian suffering enjoy impunity.

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