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Frida Berrigan: Time spent in Guantánamo is time no one gets back — whether soldier or prisoner

All those innocent men released from Guantánamo and still struggling to find their footing in strange lands — and still struggling to heal from severe trauma

Belen Fernandez: Happy Birthday, Guantánamo

Gitmo is an offshore penal colony that’s close enough to administer with ease, but far enough away to exist on the margins of legality

Edward S. Herman: Western Aggression is the Highest Form of Terrorism

The U.S. invaders of Iraq in 2003 proudly announced a “shock and awe” purpose in their opening assault, clearly designed to instill fear; that is, to terrorize the victim population along with the target security forces

Vincent Emanuele: I Helped Create ISIS

When I was stationed in Iraq with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines from 2003-2005, I didn’t know what the repercussions of the war would be, but I knew there would be a reckoning.

Mark Harris: Barbarians of the World, Unite(d)

Drones and the Imperial Mind-Set

Robert Fisk: ‘Regrettable’ is as far as our criticism of Saudi Arabia is allowed to go

“Regrettable” means it causes us sadness. It disappoints us. The implication is that the good old Saudis have let us down, fallen from their previously high moral principles

Rebecca Gordon: America Revisits the Dark Side

Candidates Compete to Promise the Most Torture and Slaughter

Robert Fisk: Saudi Arabia has little to worry about – no state has the moral authority or will to attack this butchery

All the shouting and screaming doesn’t stop the oil flowing from Saudi wells

Preeti Kaur: Shaker Amer’s Challenge: Will Blair Amnesty Help Chilcot?

In the ‘war on terror’ the right to truth is unlikely to be realized, as governments deflect accountability behind national security shields

Kathy Kelly: Flowers from Guantanamo

Here in Kabul, young friends with the Afghan Peace Volunteers look forward to learning more about “The Tea Project”

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