Category: Reimagining Society

George Monbiot: A Small and Shuffling Life

This rewilding of the land permits, if we choose, a partial rewilding of our own lives

Gilbert Achcar: “We’re Facing an Important Crossroad”

Interview on the historical and highly important crossroads in the development of the long-term revolutionary process

Özgür Amed: Unfolding Revolution in Rojava

The differences that this system presents is more clearly understood when one understands the reasons behind the revolution’s emergence and why it was necessary

Mark Evans: Outlawing Institutionalised Classism

What follows is a first sketch of a campaign proposal that is designed to bring to an end a form of discrimination referred to here as institutionalised classism

Various Contributors: Joint statement of the academic delegation to Rojava

Last December, an international delegation of scholars visited Rojava to learn about the revolution, gender liberation and democratic self-government

Michael Albert: Elections? Political Parties?

For those who universally doubt elections, could any evidence reverse that opinion?

Paul Street: Climate Change and “Everything Else,” Including Capitalism

It’s not about more versus less; it’s about better versus worse

Nikos Raptis: A Divine River and a Memory

In our crooked societies, old and present, the “owners” of the works of art are the Gages, the David Rockefellers, Hitlerite Nazi thieves, British Noble thieves, etc., or Pericles of ancient Athens

Paul Street: Because We Let Them

Mass concerted action against the owners is a duty, not a probability

Jérôme Roos: Decade of the protester? Why the uprisings are far from over

Around the globe, grassroots movements appear to be re-finding their footing. What if 2011 was really only just the beginning?

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