Category: Reimagining Society

Michael Albert: Building Organization

IOPS was launched in 2012 with the aim of propelling activism for winning a new world

Janet Biehl: Impressions of Rojava

In early December an international delegation visited Rojava’s Cezire canton where they learned about the ongoing revolution, cooperation and tolerance

Florian Zollmann: Participatory Economics

A chapter co authored by Michael Albert and Florian Zollmann from a book to be published in Germany, Ways from Capitalism..

Milan Rai: Building Powerful Organizations

It’s not just a matter of scale, it’s also about rootedness

Vincent Emanuele: Earth at Risk: Reflections

The Earth at Risk Conference not only provided a platform for radical views, but also a vital organizing space

Michael Albert: The Old Folks Home at the College

If a movement isn’t busy being born, it is busy dying

Marina Sitrin: Beyond Cops, Courts and Jails

People around the world have been trying to resolve issues without the courts, police or jails

Michael Albert: Hypocrisy, Pathology, and Prospects in Inspiring Action

We need more effort going to motivating belief in the efficacy of overcoming our problems with positive gains

Rachael Boothroyd: Venezuela’s Transition to Democracy: Latin America’s Best Kept Secret

It’s only now, in direct democracy, that the people of Venezuela are starting to have the power and influence to demand justice and a history written in their own image

Michael Albert: A Rock and a Hard Place…

How do we conduct activism seeking limited gains and given the personalities and means we have, yet in ways that lead toward transformation?

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