Category: Reimagining Society

Cynthia Peters: This is How You Stay Focused

Recent news threatens to fragment our attention and make us numb. But we can refuse to get scattered and helpless

Tony Iltis: Rojava’s Democratic, Feminist Revolution a Source of Hope among Horror

In the Rojava region of Syria, despite the difficulties, people are organizing communes and women’s councils

Michael Albert: Students Unite

Go students! Go activists! Go and never stop!

Preeti Kaur: Revolution in Rojava: Democratic Confederalism, Gender justice, and Ecology

As a result of these new principles of justice, and new alternative conflict resolution commitments, women and girls are not automatically blamed

Jonathan Nack: Activists Meet to Plot a New Electoral Strategy for the Oakland Left

Over 100 activists met to seek a path to electoral success in Oakland on Saturday, Nov. 7, at a community forum at the First Congregational Church of Oakland

Various Contributors: Support VIOME

We are reaching out to you, to ask for help and mobilisation to put pressure on the government to satisfy the long-standing demands of the VIOME workers for legalisation of their activity

Linda Gordon: The New Sanctuary Movement’s Accompaniment Program

Accompaniment is a simple gesture, one human being offering a bit of support to another

George Lakey: Activists Need to Realize that Most Americans Actually Agree With Them

I admit to following the shenanigans of mainstream politicians, so much so that I sometimes slip into their assumptions even though I know I shouldn’t. One of their more seductive assumptions is that U.S. public attitudes over the years have moved to the right, an assumption I often hear echoed even among concerned people on Read more…

Arun Gupta: What Became of Occupy Wall Street?

Far from fizzling, the movement has a contested legacy that continues to shape the political landscape

Jonas Staal: New Lines: a parliament for the Rojava revolution

New World Summit recently started building a revolutionary public parliament in Derîk, open to all, and a true home for Rojava’s stateless democracy

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