Category: Reimagining Society

Michael Albert: Revolution?!

Activists aggressively confront current injustices. Shouldn’t we also advocate revolutionary changes and develop revolutionary vision to inform our acts?

Michael Albert: Beyond the Impasse

Major interview for German periodical Utopie: “There will be no successful movement to escape capitalism until there is widespread agreement that there is superior life beyond capitalism”

Nikos Raptis: Greece: The Beginning

This could be the beginning of Resistance of ordinary Greeks

Júlio do Carmo Gomes: Participatory Economics

The participatory theory sketches out a vision of what ought to come next – a social life free from mercantilism and authoritarian institutions

Marina Sitrin: Barter Networks – Lessons from Argentina for Greece

Millions of people in Argentina survived by exchanging what they already had, could do or could make

Vincent Emanuele: Reflections on Nationalism: Challenging Ideologies and Institutions

When political projects are imposed from the top-down, undesirable results will always take form

Florian Zollmann: Why We Need an International Movement for a Participatory Society

There is an earth and human emergency, and a global movement is needed to combat it

Şervan Dervîş: Syria: Arabs and Kurds fighting to rebuild a democratic and inclusive revolution

The following interview with Burkan al-Firat Command Center spokesperson Şervan Dervîş was conducted by Ersin Çaksu for Özgür Gündem. In the interview Dervîş speaks about the recent victories won against ISIS [also known as Islamic State] in Rojava, the current fighting in Aleppo and the larger trajectory of the Syrian civil war, as well as Read more…

Vincent Emanuele: Not Preaching to the Choir: Speaking to Friends about Politics

Activists often find themselves in circles of like-minded people. But how do we motivate people who aren’t involved?

Richard D. Wolff: Greece Needs Our Solidarity in Its Struggle Against Austerity

Real solidarity will help to mobilize the forces everywhere that are coming to realize the deepening costs and injustices of accepting capitalism’s continuation

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