Category: Reimagining Society

Preeti Kaur: From the Loneliness of Neo-Liberalism to Community Power and Coming Alive

Community revolutions taking place in Venezuela, Greece, Turkey, India, Mexico and beyond are powerful antidotes to the idea that there is no society

Marta Harnecker: 20th and 21st Century Socialism

Interview on the differences between 20th and 21st century socialism and key strategic issues posed for left-wing movements today

Michael Albert: Imagine

If we don’t decide to act on our imaginations now, when will be a better time?

Mark Engler: How did Gandhi win?

Gandhi accepted a settlement that had limited instrumental value but that allowed the movement to claim a symbolic win

Mumia Abu Jamal: Goddard Commencement Speech

Help be the change you’re seeking to make

Michael Albert: Marx This, Marx That, So What?

Let the “dead generations” rest in peace. Awake from “nightmarish” mimicry

John Holloway: Cracking Capitalism Vs. The State Option

With left parties on the rise in Spain and Greece, John Holloway reflects on his influential 2002 thesis: can we change the world without taking power?

Mark Evans: Economic Norms for Mental Health Promotion

We know that social exclusion is bad for people’s mental health. It follows therefore, that an economic system that is inclusive will help remove this social determinant of mental illness

Michael Albert: From Each to Each?

Parecon’s institutions instead not only get the allocative tasks accomplished justly, they also facilitate desirable personal and social commitments and habits

Rebecca Solnit: The Wheel Turns, the Boat Rocks, the Sea Rises

To make personal changes is to do too little. Only great movements, only collective action can save us now

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