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Mark Evans: Why “Utopian Socialism” Can Be More Scientific Than “Scientific Socialism” … Or, Why Engels Was Wrong!

“Utopian socialism” can be more scientific than so called “scientific socialism” and that the utopian socialist methodology should be used to inform revolutionary thinking and action in the 21st Century

Frances Fox Piven: Syriza and Greece’s Prospects for Fighting Austerity

Once Syriza is an established party with a firm majority, it will tend to turn away from the movements. That isn’t a criticism of Syriza, it’s an examination of the political dynamics over time

Marina Sitrin: With and Beyond Left Governments

Is there a way to think about left governments, autonomy, self organization, power from below, confederation and the forces of the State all together – in the same conversation?

Vincent Emanuele: Fight for $15: Moving Beyond Self-Interest

We must continue to support our brothers and sisters as they fight for $15, but we should also remain critical when discussing how these campaigns fit into a broader vision for the future

Carl Finamore: Getting Better Organized

The Fight for $15 & A Union

Vincent Emanuele: The Windy City Election Blues: Liberals, Leftists and Electoral Limitations

How much energy should we spend on elections? How can we actually build power at the local level?

Initiative for Democratic Socialism: Slovenia: Manifesto of the Initiative for Democratic Socialism

The following document is the program of Slovenia’s Initiative for Democratic Socialism

Meral Cicek: Kurdish liberation movement committed to ‘democratic socialism for the 21st century’

Meral Cicek interviewed by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s Florian Wilde during the World Social Forum in Tunis, translated by Leandros Fischer Meral Cicek (above) is from Cologne and is the chair of Kürt Kadın İlişkiler Merkezi, the Kurdish Centre for Women´s Affairs in Erbil. The “Arab Spring” has turned into an “Arab Winter” in many Read more…

Mark Evans: Talking to Dominic (and you) about Class Power

The design of these institutions can either create a class system within the economy or it can create classlessness

Michael Albert: Time Is Not On Our Side Yet

Movements could fight for a shorter workday and work week as a valuable aid

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