Category: Reimagining Society

Jérôme Roos: Lessons from Syriza’s defeat

Far more than regaining state power to exit the euro, the challenge for the Greek left is to build the social power that can sustain a radical rupture

Marina Sitrin: Movement-to-Movement Solidarity with Greece: The Waiting is Over

It is time to deepen the construction of alternative power from below, in Greece, and with links globally

Kathy Kelly: Let It Shine

On walks like this we’ve been fortunate to imagine a better life, sharing moments of purpose and sanity with the many we’ve met along the road

David Marty: Is Podemos willing to break out of the European corset?

The Syriza debacle has forced some of the main actors in Europe’s economy and politics to drop their masks

Mehmet Ali Dogan: Communes, Counter-Hegemony, and the Kurdish Fight for the Middle Eastern Patria Grande

Interview on a variety of topics including the relation between the Venezuelan “communal state” and the democratic confederalist model being constructed in the autonomous region of northern Syria known as Rojava

Hilary Wainwright: From Greece to Brazil: the challenge of forging a socialist alternative

A debate on the fate of Brazil’s Workers’ Party draws some parallels with today’s Syriza

Robin D.G. Kelley: Watts: Remember what they built, not what they burned

The desire for a functional, free, even beautiful community existed well before the first Molotov cocktail was thrown and continued long after the last arrest

Michael Löwy: Greece and beyond: Capitalism versus Democracy in Europe

Our hope for the future is popular indignation, and the social movements, which have been on the rise, particularly among youth and women, in several countries

Michael Albert: Protesting Bernie and Attaining Broader Politics

To make their maximal contributions both BLM and the Sanders campaign need to support not only each other but the full gamut of priorities that people of good will pursue

Frederic Christie: #BlackLivesMatter, Bernie Sanders and Means vs. Ends

It is not a winning strategy to make people believe that they have to make a choice between race and class

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