Category: Reimagining Society

Marina Sitrin: Do we know our power in the US?

In reflecting on the question of collective power in the United States I have begun to think that power is not so much in the knowing but in the doing.

Marta Harnecker: The challenges of advancing toward socialism via the institutional road

From Allende’s Chile to Chávez’s Venezuela

Vincent Emanuele: Reflections on Activism

It’s important for people to think for themselves, and to use their inherent creative abilities to approach topics in new, hopefully interesting and effective ways

Michael Albert: Garbage Rises

Our jail is the social institutions around us

Mark Evans: A Lazy Way of Explaining History?

A Reply to Ian Birchall (and his Trotskyist Comrades)

Dick Nichols: Lessons from Spain

Grassroots democracy and the movements against capitalism

Vicken Cheterian: The second battle for Kobane

After Kobane’s resistance, it is now time for reconstruction

Badri Raina: Widen the Circle, Broaden the Left

The Communist Party of India-Marxist has a new helmsman. Sitaram Yechury, a less forbidding man than his predecessor, carries with him the sunny goodwill of many inside and outside the Party. Many among the general middle classes, who view politics rather exclusively in terms of “leadership”, even those who are more familiar with the structures Read more…

Hector Navarro: I’m Encouraging a Rebellion at the Bases of the PSUV

The revolution is feasible, but it requires sacrifices

Cynthia Peters: Class War in the Spring, And It’s Time to Hold a Meeting?

A meeting may not seem like much, but there’s a lot we can accomplish. We can meet our neighbors, we can listen and be heard

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